Area Man Has Boring Night

After leaving work I did laundry, ate at a Chinese buffet (because I obviously cannot think straight when I am hungry), went home, worked, talked to my mother on the phone briefly, worked some more, and then went to sleep.

That’s my night in a nutshell.

I’d have a far more interesting night had I the time to do so. A bunch of my Flickr friends are hiking up Stone Mountain tonight for the semi-annual “the sun sets behind downtown” trip. As an added bonus tonight there is supposed to be a partial solar eclipse at sunset as well. Since I woke up far too late and forgot to pack my camera gear I will be unable to join them. I look forward to seeing their photos when they publish them.

Speaking of photos, here’s another iPhone photo I took at LEAF:

“Another Beautiful Morning at LEAF” (Black Mountain, NC, US)
Another Beautiful Morning at LEAF
Of course I’ve edited the photo, punching up the colors and contrast, but other than that this was my view from the zip line platform.

Instead of hiking up the mountain I may treat myself to a night where I work late, and then go drink some beers at an area bar. We’ll see…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Area Man Has Boring Night

  1. Barb says:

    JoAnna & I are going to go to the Botanical Gardens tonight to watch Condo & some other chefs carve pumpkins. They have music & drinks on Thursday nights.
    Anyone- feel free to join us. Then we will go have dinner somewhere most likely afterwards.

  2. At what time is this happening?

  3. Barb says:

    the actual carving competition starts at 7pm. we are going to get there as soon as we can – hoping to leave Marietta at 5:30pm

  4. Steve says:

    That sounds like fun Barb- I wish we would have known all this was happening today, as Debbie will be coming through town on her way to a meeting this afternoon. Unfortunately, that is all happening too early for her to hang out.

    We’re dropping the price of the farm 1% so it pops back to the top of the realtors listing and not renewing the contract with the buyers. We’re hopeful they still are able to sell their place and buy ours, but our fear is the contract was keeping away any potential buyers. We have to get the place sold… unless someone has secretly won the lottery and would like to buy it for us!

    We bought another laptop Tuesday and I tried to recover the data from the old dead one to the new one without success. Perhaps it’s a problem between Windows 8 and 7, but maybe not. I am unable to ride to Sufferfest videos, as they were all on the dead lappy. I have one other shot before I throw myself on the mercy of the owner of the company and ask to have the videos replaced. He’s a small business, but I’m only asking for data I’ve already paid for…

    Stay tuned.


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