Night Killer

It was a mildly stressful day at the 9-to-5 yesterday, so I gladly met up with the boss and a former coworker of ours at a local establishment for a few drinks and dinner. We chose the Olde Blind Dog in Brookhaven which afforded me to pop into Costco to get a 3-pound can of coffee for this weekend’s activities. If we use more than one pound I will be surprised, but at least I’ll have plenty of camping coffee and eventually a huge metal can for something as well.

For dinner I ate the short rib “sandwich” a pile of meat covered in coleslaw and onion strips, served atop a hunk of grilled (probably pan-fried) cornbread. OMG was it divine. Healthy? No. Divine? Absolutely.

We left the bar a little after 8pm and I drove home. For some reason I went into bed and before 9pm I was asleep. Of course I didn’t sleep continuously until this morning, but I do feel very well rested.

My camping gear is ready, hell as ITP-Reader Steve can attest it’s been on my kitchen floor since returning from Black Mountain two weeks ago. Ah the single life!

Although I’ve seen the weather forecast (low 30s for the lows tomorrow and Saturday) and I doubt seriously that I will be mounting my road bike down there for a ride, I will bring it nonetheless. Therefore I still have clothes, in addition to all of my hash/camping, clothes to pack tonight.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been learning while driving this weekend. See if you can suss out the English meaning.
Wo ist der Campingplatz? Ist es hier oder dort? Kann ich hier parken? Danke!

But before I commence to packing there will be some racquetball playing, most likely followed by a beer or two at a local establishment. The former is guaranteed, the latter is only partially-guaranteed.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Night Killer

  1. Barb says:

    I have done almost nothing to get ready for camping. Tonight will be the night, because it has to be! Need to make a list of food to take, see what we need to go buy. And, make sure I have enough warm clothes.

    Met a couple friends for dinner at The Chicken & the Egg -that place has some tasty food. And, it was half price bottles of wine on Wednesdays, can’t go wrong with that.

  2. With the exception of some milk I think that I have everything I need for camping — eggs, cheese, sausage links, water, coffee. Others will be bringing more food to share.

  3. Barb says:

    no bacon? that’s just wrong

  4. Agreed, but perhaps someone else will step up with that.

  5. Steve says:

    It was an odd night at Georges. Apparently a message about a GM meeting never left Sani’s computer, but enough folks heard about it that they all showed up- minus Sani who rescheduled for next week. I was able to talk to a bunch of folks I don’t normally see, like Tripod and Ouch, and Stupid (IASD) who I consider a generally nice guy. I almost didn’t recognize him as he has shaved as well as gotten a very short hair cut.

    Running wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I can certainly feel it this morning.

    Debbie “bought real estate” yesterday at the fox hunt. Phinney decided he wanted to buck and kick out some and apparently launched the mizzus onto her back and then proceeded to run off. She is a little bruised, but otherwise OK. And Phinney, having no idea where he was went and found a horse trailer and stood next to it, waiting on someone to come and rescue him.


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