I Should Be Taking Russian

Because all I seem to do these days is rush around. HEEEEY YOOOOOOOO!

It was another busy day at the 9-to-5 yesterday. I expect the same today.

Yesterday afternoon I was stuck in a meeting until 4:45pm proving that it is not my code that has caused everything to grind to a halt over the last three weeks, and then was cornered to answer more questions for another ten minutes, before I could get down to my car and drive to midtown for my 6pm German class. With traffic being as horrendous as it has been for me lately I feared that I wouldn’t make it in time. Fortunately I was wrong, though I did not make it in time to eat dinner beforehand.

As I drove I prepared myself for class by continuing to listen and practice German using the Paul Noble audiobooks I’ve purchased from Audible this week. In years past I’d fear looking like a fool speaking back to these audiobooks, but in this age of hands-free phoning I look like all of the other lunatics on the road.

Class was good, though we covered a lot of the same ground as we did last week. I have realized however that I need to spend a lot more time thinking and speaking in German if I really want to be able to pull this off before I die.

Getting home from class at 9:15pm doesn’t leave much time to do anything else, especially in this case where anything else involved making and eating dinner. Given my time constraint I microwaved a few frozen Jamaican meat patties that I purchased at Costco the other night and then performed a few rudimentary chores before turning in for the evening.

Friday can’t get here soon enough…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to I Should Be Taking Russian

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the message about trail. I have to see what Debbie has in mind for Saturday. I heard it supposed to be cold and windy this weekend, so camping may be tough.

    Last night waws a half hour of suffering on the trainer followed by vegetation on the sofa. A little World Series pounding of the Giants and my night was over.

    I’m planning on being at Georges tonight- since I haven’t been running anywhere, much less Wednesday nights, I thought I might show my face.


  2. That is the weather forecast I am seeing as well. Ironically I think, in addition to avoiding the time-changing weekend, the campout was moved up a week from previous years in hopes of getting warming weather. Oh well, as long as we have plenty of firewood…

    I might try to stop into George’s tonight. I just might need a drink after all of the nonsense I am going through at work.

  3. Barb says:

    We had our massage therapist friend over last night for massages & dinner. It turned into a small dinner party, as 3 others joined us for the dinner portion of the evening. Gorgeous evening on the deck, drank a little too much wine, but not way too much fortunately. The fire in the chiminea was too inviting………

    Tonight I need to think about our camping trip to Oak Mtn & start figuring out clothes, food etc. I think I’ll have Allan bring an extra tarp, in case the wind gets to be too much, see if we can make a wind break. At least I know we have plenty of firewood, just need to be sure we have enouogh room in the truck fora ll of it.

  4. I’ll have three ground tarps with me, two of which can be repurposed for wind breaks. I need to ensure I bring some rope as well.

  5. Steve says:

    And Barb, Debbie and I need a TC fix. Maybe Thursday or Friday next week?

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    For me Friday of next week would be better.

  7. Barb says:

    Allan works Friday 11/7.

  8. Steve says:

    I’d hate to go without him… but I would!!

  9. Barb says:

    just let me know if you guys will be in the neighborhood. he will have to get over it!

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