Sorting It All Out

I’ve spent much of this morning going through my “Needs Action!” folder that I keep in my briefcase preparing for today’s activities. I’ve been remiss in keeping up with the things in this folder, but thankfully it has not cost me financially.

Today I have an appointment with my auto insurance provider. It’s time to renew, and I’ve finally realized that I should be saving myself a few hundred bucks a year by dropping Collision from the Jackmobile’s policy. Old Jack is now 12.5 years old, has 180k miles, has much of its front clearcoat missing, and has a nice scratch along the back from the time he was hit (and run) while parked in the lavanderia’s parking lot. There is no way I am going to spend money on repairing any of this, never mind and future body damage so I might as well drop that portion of the coverage.

While out and about I’ll be dropping by a local post office to mail my Sharpened Stone Dissolution paperwork, as well as a box to my brother containing something I hope he likes; I shan’t discuss the contents of the box here in case he’s still reading the blog, and I kind of want it to be a surprise.

ITP-Flickr Pic
“Breakfast Of Frustration” (Atlanta, GA, USA)
Breakfast Of Frustration
After voting the other morning I sat in such bad traffic, it took me nearly thirty minutes to travel from East Atlanta to Poncey-Highlands, that I pulled off the road and stopped at The Majestic for breakfast.

Last night I worked my down to Virginia-Highland in time to get my hair cut and then waddle over to George’s for dinner and a few beers. While the running crowd was rather scant I was able to spend so time chatting with some longtime hashing friends including ITP-Reader Steve.

Once again I was pooped when I arrived home, most likely a function of the bizarre sleeping pattern, specifically my bizarre non-sleeping pattern, and dropped into Slumberland rather early. Of course this meant that I was wide awake at 2:30am again.

Tonight it’s off to Buckhead where I’ll be hearing The New Pornographers perform for perhaps the fifth of sixth time, this time at The Buckhead Theatre (nee “The Roxy”). I’m also excited to hear fellow Canadians The Pains of Being Pure at Heart open the evening as well; I don’t recall ever being able to make it to one of their previous Atlanta appearances. As an added bonus I shouldn’t feel alone tonight as I’ve heard that ITP-Readers Terri and Betsy, along with much of their posse will be there as well. W00t!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Sorting It All Out

  1. Barb says:

    We went to a hasher party (on a Wed. night?) at Oops house. His son, 3 Finger Hole had a pretty bad accident & crushed both of his hands, He is recovering ok, so they threw a little party to let him know he is missed by his hashing friends. They also were the ending of the Full Moon hash. It was fun, catching up with some old friends, as well as talking to a few new ones. They were also serving some venison, that was less than a week old. I’d tell you were it was shot, but that might get someone in some trouble.

    I was also informed that the Friday hash happy hour is going to be at Rose & Crown (on Powers Ferry, not too far from the house). WHY does everything have to happen on the same night. I received a text to remind about the other conflict, that is up in Woodstock, that I had actually committed to (as in carpooling).

    So, I will NOT be able to go to Tasty China friday night.

    And – if any of y’all are hungry Sunday, we are going to smoke a pork butt. Let me know if you want to going us for some football watching, or just eating.

  2. I heard about 3 Finger at Hartwell. Man, that would suck big time.

    I’m waiting to hear from Steve & Debbie on whether or not TC is a go tomorrow night. Either way we can always schedule another outing…

    If you don’t mind me deck crashing on Sunday I will join you for football and pork If you shoot me a text with anything else you’d like me to bring with (in addition to my own alcohol of course) I’ll bring it. Are you targeting eating during the Falcons game? I shan’t be drinking too much however as I have a concert ticket for Sunday night as well and would like to be sober enough to drive to Terminal West.

  3. bets says:

    See you tonight Paulie! Can’t wait for this show.

  4. Barb says:

    I’m not sure what time the pork will be ready, I’d say early to mid afternoon. I’m guessing the Falcons are on at 1pm, but I don’t even know that. We don’t actually plan very well – do we?
    I’ll figure it all out & let you know later here or by text.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Falcons start at 1pm, I assume that the pork is to be eaten sometime during the game (read “whenever it’s goddamn ready”) 🙂

  6. Barb says:

    or, after….. as in – when it is ready!

  7. Fair enough. I’ll be there for the Falcons game, and if the pork is ready before I have to leave for the concert then for some pork eating as well. 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    Well Barb, aren’t you just so popular! Paulie, let’s see if we can’t arrange another outing that can include the Groves and maybe some other playa’s?

    Boner and I ran at 6 last night from Georges and picked up a nice lady along the way who ran with us for some time- she was keeping up and she was “almost 60”. After the run, I was stretching out front when one of the 7PM runners came and introduced herself as Mo. We chatted and P.E. showed up, and we were discussing her Miami Hurricanes shirt. Mo replied she was actually a Washington Husky. P.E. said he had seen them play the Badgers in Madison some 8 years ago and Mo said she remembered watching that game as she was still in school. I congratulated her for making both P.E. and myself feel very old!!

    Knots in my calves after the run and still this morning- more stretching!!


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