Miracles Can Happen

Is what I told Allan yesterday as he asked for a Jets victory over the Steelers. “If the Gators could beat Georgia this year then anything is possible.” I added. Who knew that I’d be right?

It was a lovely afternoon of football watching, beer drinking, and food consumption yesterday in Marietta. If not for the unseasonably-present and annoying yellow jackets it would have been perfect. I hung out on the Deck Mahal all afternoon before returning home and deciding to watch the Packers smack the everlasting crap out of the Bears.

Staying home also gave me the needed time to do some German studying. In case you are wondering, here are the six German prepositions that always require the accusative (direct object) case:

  1. bis – until, to, by
  2. durch – through, by
  3. für – for
  4. gegen – against, for
  5. ohne – without
  6. um – around, for, at (time)

The funny thing about (re)learning German is that it also forces me to (re)learn English.

I should have known that I was in for a weird weekend when on Saturday morning I arose, cooked and ate breakfast, performed some computer maintenance, and then returned to bed until 2pm! To say that I never sleep that late is an understatement. Hell, I wasn’t up for much after that either because I was back in bed resting a few hours later. I felt fine, but had no desire to do anything — so I didn’t. It probably goes without saying that I didn’t go out on Saturday night either, instead choosing to remain at home, doing some cleaning, and cooking myself dinner. This is not a routine that I would like to have become routine.

It wasn’t as if I was out partying late on Friday night either. I joined the boss, another coworker, and a Taco Mac friend of ours for a few beers at The Chapter House (nee “The Fred”) and was home by 10pm at latest.

One benefit of being a lump on a log was catching up on Top Chef and The Amazing Race. I meant to have some TAR talk with ITP-Reader Barb yesterday, but I forgot. This just in, I still dislike the dentists; while I do not like Jim I’ve known a lot of guys like Jim and suffice to say we are not birds of a feather.

I’m really nervous today because I once again have to make some major progress at work and I don’t feel as if I’m in the right mindset to do the work necessary. Sometimes I think my pessimistic attitude hurts my coding because I get entangled in all of the things that could go wrong in an app, and never get the product to the point where it needs to be on time; I’m constantly rewriting sections in order to handle, applicable, if not mainstream, use cases.

It would really have been a miracle had I taken a photo for today’s blog post…

Oh yeah, a pseudo-miracle occurred on Friday, I mailed Sharpened Stone’s termination paperwork to the State. Once delivered I’ll contact the City of Atlanta to ensure that there is no paperwork I need to file with them in order to inform them that the business is kaput.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Miracles Can Happen

  1. Steve says:

    This was somewhat of a lost weekend for us. Saturday was opening hunt, and Debbie wasn’t riding, so we followed on the “Tally Ho” wagon. Suffice to say, there was much drinking and many, many laughs. Unlike past years when opening hunt was more or less a parade, they actually got on a fox or 3! I took a bunch of pictures, but haven’t downloaded them yet. Saturday evening was a dinner at the Barry’s (the master of the hunt) and it is a beautiful home. Much good food and talk. Upon arriving home, I tried to watch the Tide beat those pesky tiggers from LSU but couldn’t keep my eyes open. Was happy to wake up to a victory.

    Sunday, we each rode our respective beasts then went to dinner at Nicoles (our vet). More good food and talk.

    Today this place is a ghost town with tomorrow being a holiday.

    Barb, what does the TC schedule look like this weekend?


  2. While I’ll grumble about not getting Veterans Day as a paid holiday I can take solace in the fact that traffic will be much lighter than normal.

  3. Barb says:

    We could do Tasty China this friday night?
    and Steve, I always wondered if they actually got anything on these “hunts”.

    Good times on the deck, except for those dame little bees. Must just be that time of year, because they aren’t usually a problem.

    As for Amazing Race, I like the bike messenger chicks, and of course who can’t like Bethany & whatever her boyfriend/husband name? the dentists are annoying, but they are good, so you can’t fault them for being cocky.

  4. Steve says:

    Friday might work…

    And hopefully today, we will get Micah “off the payroll”. We decided to sell him before we had to feed him all winter long. Mostly a fire sale, as Debbie was never able to get him working like she wanted. Oh well.

  5. I can block out Friday for Tasty China as well.

    Just because you are good there is no need to be cocky. I respect people who are good and humble about it.

    What is it about Bethany and what’shisname? I’m amazed at what she is accomplishing without an arm.

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