Out With The Old

Again with the repeated title? I guess that after ten years I’ve used up all of my original thoughts.

I mentioned the other day that I’ve purchased myself a new iPad. In doing so I was left with the conundrum of what to do with my “old” iPad 3, admittedly one of the most underpowered devices ever released by Apple. In the past I’ve sold unneeded devices to Gazelle, but I was a little off put when I was only offered $185 for my iPhone 5c that I purchased six months ago for over $500, so my initial thought was to keep the iPad 3 as a “home” iPad. Even as I typed that I realized what a stupid idea it was.

Last night I went to Apple’s website to see what their trade-in value for an iPad 3 was, it turned out to be $125. And then I went to Gazelle’s website to see what their offer was; it turned out to be $150, which turned into $157.50 if I chose the Amazon gift card option. Good enough for me, so I committed to selling my iPad 3 to Gazelle. Gazelle will send me a box in which to pack up the iPad, and presumably cable and wall wort, and I will ship it off to them toot sweet. I’m sure that I will be able to figure out how to spend $157.50 at Amazon at some point.

It’s All About The Benjamins
Money seemed to be a common thread in my afterwork activities yesterday. At one point I logged onto my credit card company’s website and converted 10,000 “reward points” into a $100 Apple iTunes gift card. And because traffic was so shitty last night the boss and I decided to walk over to Taco Mac where in addition to my bar tab I purchased a $50 Taco Mac gift card which came with an accompanying $10 gift card. I’m sure that I’ll be able to make it to Taco Mac again at some time to use the “free” $10.

I also attempted a hostile financial takeover of a small, unnamed, third-world country, but that didn’t work out so well.

One House Sold, One Still For Sale, One Set To Go On The Market
None of which are mine.

The house across the street and two houses down from the ITP Estate is sporting a “SOLD” banner today. My former next-door neighbor’s house is still up for sale (though I cannot find out the asking price on the internet no matter what service I try). And the one on the other side of that house is still in the process of being reconstructed so that it can be put on the market. All this activity as I still while away the time doing little to mine.

I am seriously considering buying into one of the latest Angie’s List offers to get some time with an electrician. I’ve long-since given up on the notion that I will install the ceiling fan in my den, a project I started by removing the overhead light, probably ten years ago. I also need someone to fix or replace the ceiling fan in my bedroom because the light fixture portion of it hasn’t worked in more than a decade. I know people scoff and laugh at me when they hear how much is wrong with my house and how long it takes me to get things done, but I’m alone, more than adaptable, and except for the weekends I am physically in the house and awake for no more than three hours a day on average; I sleep, I shower, I dress, I leave for work early, I arrive home late, I undress, I go to sleep.

Giving Until It Hurts (A Little)
Today is Georgia Gives Day, which I honestly don’t understand very well. Regardless I will be kicking a few bucks toward the charities of my choice today, nothing earth shattering but it might help them in some small way. If you have a charity you like to support and you can afford to do so you might want to consider doing so today.

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7 Responses to Out With The Old

  1. Steve says:

    If I didn’t have more stuff to do around JEFDSDR, I’d help you out- it really doesn’t take an electrician. I’m sure Little Willie or Stupid would do it for a beer or 3.

    We are on for the pre-lube at Red Hare tomorrow. I expect sometime around 5:30. Last night was more suffering, followed by a bit of dinner and good TV. Is anyone else watching Madam Secretary? And The Newsroom started its final season on HBO… well worth your time especially if you like Arron Sorkin’s writing.


  2. In a normal house I’d agree with you Steve, but this is the ITP Estate, where no home improvement task goes easily.

    Case in point — replacing the light fixture with a ceiling fan in the den:

    1. I learned that my den has two ceilings! A second one was installed over (or under if you think about it) in order, I assume, to cover up cracks in the first. When I took the light fixture down I noticed that the hole through which it was wired is oval, not circular, because of the two holes didn’t align properly.

    2. The light fixture was attached to a brace, which I found out when investigated further up in the attic was nailed to the ceiling joists from underneath (so the nail heads are covered by the ceiling). I assume that this brace will need to be cut out in order to install a modern-day brace to support a ceiling fan.

    3. And then there’s the suspect nature of some of the electrical work that was performed in the house prior to my ownership…

    I’ll see you all at Red Hare tomorrow.

  3. Barb says:

    See everyone at Red Hare tomorrow, not sure what time they open the doors, but they start pouring at 5:30. A couple or more co-workers may join us too, it is super close to the office.

    I HATE lights on ceiling fans, so that not working wouldn’t bother me.

    Steve- we love The Newsroom, but no movie channels on our TV, we will have to wait for it to be on Netflix. And, I’m watching Madam Secretary, Allan decided to pass. I like it ok, not thinking its the best show, but its entertaining.
    Blacklist is our favorite at the moment, I kind of like Scorpion, but I think it will get old soon enough.

  4. Jenka says:

    The house next door is not showing up on any of the for-sale websites. Which realtor is on the sign out front? And what’s the street number? I’m reeeeeeeeeally good at finding stuff like this.

  5. The house is listed with Origins. I *think* the number is 1350 (something) since mine is 1360.

  6. Steve says:

    There was a place on Hwy 54, about a mile south, that was a FSBO, and then it was suddenly listed and under contract. We could never find the price and believe it was an “inside job”. We have also noticed that some realtors don’t share their listings with the MLS and all the search sites, which makes no sense to us.

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