Already In A Meeting

To be fair, I also overslept this morning.

I didn’t leave work until around 8pm last night, in part because traffic looked really shitty earlier and I also needed to get some stuff working at the office. Because of this I was too late to swing by George’s, and by the time I got home I pretty much cashed in my chips for the evening.

Good, Not Great
After much fussing with it my lunch, Paul’s “Americurry” Chicken, turned out good not great. In a future attempt I will cook the onions and peppers first in the oil with all of the spices, and then add them to the crockpot with the chicken and other liquids. People seemed to like it, but I wasn’t fooling any of the Indians working in the office.

For my next cooking effort I will be trying this Crockpot Cashew Chicken recipe.

It’s Now A Rental
Either my former neighbor has decided to rent her house, not out of the question, or it’s been sold and the new owners are going down that path. Last Saturday I noticed that the realtor sign was missing from the post; last night the post was gone as well. When I checked Zillow last night I saw it pop up on the map as a rental, for $1500/mo (!).

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Already In A Meeting

  1. Barb says:

    $1500 a month? that seems a little high.

  2. That’s what I think, but it is in a nice neighborhood. 😉

  3. Steve says:

    A renter at that price won’t be a fly by nighter.

    The good that came out of yesterday’s time at the vet was we’ve decided not to take off Farley’s toe. The problem is staying there and not spreading, and his life expectancy isn’t such that this will be a problem. Taking the toe would actually cause more problems with his gait than leaving it.

    Debbie and I enjoyed dinner at George’s along with a few 3rd Wednesday folks, but as she pointed out as we got home, it was a long way to go for a beer.


  4. Martha says:

    $1500/mo seems about right considering the size and location. We paid $900 to John and Kat, for a smaller place and they cut us a deal.

    Yesterday was a tough one, Dolores left us peacefully but Andy was a mess, I have to say it was rough holding it together for him. After I took him home, I had myself a good cry as well. But seeing how bad she had become in such a short amount of time, I know he did the right thing for her.

    Day 2 of being a ‘professional’ fitness instructor is in the books, now if I can only figure out when and how much I will be paid…the whole onboarding/new hire process has been pretty informal. That maybe the biggest understatement I make today.

    Good news about Farely, I wasn’t going to say anything but when we removed some growths from Toby’s foot, it really caused mobility issues…Farely’s is in much better overall health than Toby ever was but …

  5. Steve says:

    Martha, I agree, I think it was the right call. If we see it spreading, I’m sure we can do something then.

    Today’s plan was to ride to the in-laws and so I started off and was having a good ride and had just turned on a road that I would have a nice tailwind for 5 miles or so, when Debbie drove up and said they weren’t going to be home. Oh well, we decided to meet for lunch so I rode there instead. Rideous interrupts.

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