Wrapping Up The Week

It’s been a weird week in my life.

The week has had some positives, I received both my $100 iTunes gift card from my rewards points, an a $157.50 Amazon credit from the sale of my iPad 3. I’m trying to decide what to do with all of this “found” money. Of course what goes up usually comes down, and this week I think that I found out that in addition to the LLC termination paperwork I filed with the State, I have to file similar paperwork, which includes documentation that I may not have, with the City; I’ll be trying to call someone at the City today in order to get clarification. What a dumb idea I had lo those many years ago to start a LLC, it’s cost me nearly $1000 and has provided nothing but frustration.

Things That Make Me Go “Ow”
I played racquetball again last night and it’s become clear to me that at my advanced age this sport is tearing apart my right elbow. It’s probably tendonitis like what I suffered in my foot a few years back. This revelation disappoints me as running around a racquetball court is perhaps the only exercising I am doing these days, and with the weather getting cold again the likelihood that I will ride, or even walk, outside diminishes drastically.

After racquetball the boss and I headed to Lucky’s in Brookhaven, where we found out that another of our favorite employees will be moving away. While sitting at the bar two young women sat near us, one had a distinctive “European” look about her. I swear at one point they were talking about Germany. Oh to be fluent, and to be twenty years younger… 😉

I likened the situation to walking into a hotel lobby and seeing a grand piano sitting there. If you had the skills to play you could sit down and impress everyone! My German is at the “I can play Chopsticks” level, so I just keep on walking by.

A Weekend Of Uncertainty
I know that I’ll be joining the boss and a former coworker for beverages tonight and tomorrow night I’ll be at ITP-Reader Betsy’s house to celebrate her birthday that occurred this week. Sadly, the most likely outcome for the predicted rainy Sunday is coming into the office to attempt to play catch up; I find myself sitting in meetings most of the week and unable to carve out time to do actual coding.

What’s on your pre-Thanksgiving weekend agenda?

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8 Responses to Wrapping Up The Week

  1. Steve says:

    The in-laws doctor appointment which was supposedly on Thursday turned out in fact to be on Friday so I suppose I could’ve written over there and actually seeing them. Debbie is off later this morning for a ride with her friend Megan south of Callaway Gardens. Friends coming over for dinner tonight and we’re going out to dinner with friends Saturday night.

    Maybe a movie this weekend.


  2. Barb says:

    weekend should be interesting.
    I”m going to a Parrothead Thanksgiving party on Saturday afternoon/evening. Haven’t done it for a few years, so I”m sure it will be a bunch of people I know & don’t know.

    BROWNS / FALCONS is Sunday.
    Allan decided he’d rather watch at home.
    So, we may invite people over, we may not.
    If you want to come over, let me know.
    Maybe cooking some wings on the Egg. or ribs, or who knows.

  3. Jenka says:

    Much like knee problems, if you did some targeted strength training on the arms and core, that would probably help your elbow problem. Either Martha or I could probably help you with that if you want to do it.

  4. bob says:

    Sucks getting old doesn’t it? Random pains keep creeping up.

    Saturday is a free day (not sure how that happened), will probably take Travis for a bike ride. Sunday I will be racing at Serenbe, should be cold wet and nasty, can’t wait!!

    What time is the game Barb? I may be able to swing by after the race for a frosty beverage.

  5. Barb says:

    game starts at 1pm Bob. what time do you usually get done?

  6. Martha says:

    So once every week or two you wack the ball around, no other working out, no conditioning and you’re disappointed your elbow hurts? Here’s my ‘professional’ advice (I won’t even charge you 🙂 ) If you don’t do some strength and conditioning (along with a healthy dose of stretching) soon you wont be able to do anything.

    Not much going on this weekend, I need to do some yard work tomorrow, pull the plants the frost killed, mow up some leaves…Rain on Sunday, so I *might* head up to EAV for a crafting get together…I’m not crafty, really all I can do is crochet (and not very well) but I might be nice for some girl time. I finally got my trainer set up, so maybe I’ll get on the bike for a bit as well.

  7. bob says:

    Barb, I race at 1 and the Cat 1 guys race at 2 so will stick around for that. The game may be over by the time I would swing by. I’ll shoot you a message to see if you are still around.

  8. Well, I assumed that I got tendinitis in my foot from overuse, so whacking a racquetball once a week for no more than minutes should give my elbow sufficient time to recover. I am only somewhat serious about this statement. Somewhat.

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