Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving

I took the Jackmobile to Peach Auto yesterday. Harry seemed less concerned about the error code than I was, but also informed me that they are slammed so I might not get resolution until Monday. I have to return the rental car on Sunday and I am not sure that I want to foot the bill for another week of rental costs; I am attending CocoaConf near the airport on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so I’ll need transportation to get to and from there next week.

By then I could be the owner of a new car, something that excites and frightens me (financially) at the same time. After all, I just lowered my auto insurance to a “reasonable” rate by removing collision from the Jackmobile’s coverage. Getting a new car will, in addition to a car payment, also increase my auto insurance again. If I do snap-purchase a car before Sunday I will have to figure out what the destiny of the Jackmobile will be, as I won’t have it available for trade-in. Meh.

Last night was as mundane as mundane gets. I drove the Fiat 500L to the laundromat, proceeded to do laundry, and then drove home. I’ve gotten really lazy with my time spent at home, last night (read “before I fell asleep early and from the hours of 2:00am to 4:30am when I was awake again”) I watched the final two episodes of the last season of The Taste. I admit that The Taste is far from “good” television, but I watch it regardless.

In addition to getting my laundry done I was slightly proud of myself for not eating out last night, instead waiting until I returned home where I ate some of the leftovers that were in my refrigerator. You know, with the potential return of a car payment I need to start watching my pennies more closely again.

I’m hoping that my day at work today goes smoothly; it will be yet another busy one, running about to try and put out a couple of fires. With any luck I’ll be able to sneak out a little early and beat some traffic over to Tucker where I’ll meet up with the Raleigh Royalty at Sanitary Not’s house.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all! And, if you are bored on Friday check this space because there may be a new blog post awaiting your arrival.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    A quiet evening on the farm last night. An hour spent with the Sufferfest ridden so hard I could barely stand getting off the bike. That’s a good feeling. Debbie made what I consider one of her specialities- pork loin, or as we like to say, pork lion. Oh so tender and tasty.

    No bus today- I’m sure with lots of people leaving early, even if they were running a bus, there wouldn’t be many riders.

    Tomorrow we’ll be joining the Burns clan and then have desert with lots of Brady’s at my brothers house.

    I try to be ever mindful of all the things I’m thankful for- not just at this time of year. Certainly my friends here are a big part and I am always thankful to keep up with you all in our own little corner of cyberspace.

    Love and Happy Thanksgiving everyone…


  2. Martha says:

    Get a new car, the peace of mind is worth twice the price. Now should be a good time to buy, even better next month when the dealers are clearing out for year end. I got a great deal on the Escape four years ago around this time (I signed the papers a couple of days before Christmas). Speaking of, I will be making my last payment next month, one year early!

    As for the Honda, have Lam reset the engine light and take it to the dealer and trade it in…problem solved.

    I’ve been awake since 4:30, its the latest I’ve slept in all week. Ugh, on the bright side I was able to pull together all the paper work and sign all the forms for the house refi. Its is with my current mortgage company, so I don’t have to pay for anything but the appraisal, I can drop PMI and the rate will by 0.5% lower. Other than adding a year back on, I don’t see the down side.

    No big plans for the long weekend, I’m going to take a little time off and try to recharge. Everyone be safe and have a happy holiday!

  3. I’m thinking of scheduling a test drive for Friday morning at the Subaru dealer in Gwinnett. Yes Barb, I may be copying you. 🙂 They have one 2014 Crosstrek, of the model I am seeking, in stock. If I like the way it drives I might bring up the Accord as a trade-in.

    Unlike when I was thinking about buying the Accord, I’m considering this next car as a “five year drive” to be turned over for a newer automobile as I turn over 55 years of living on this planet.

  4. Barb says:

    You can always sell the car to Carmax, it won’t be a great price, but it will be a fair one. Or, I’m serious, see if Lam will buy it.

    Ask Sani about the Friday family hash, I haven’t seen it posted anywhere. She said she & the grand kids were going to lay a trail.

    I finally counted, looks like 23 poeple at the GarageMahal tomorrow. A friends said it need to re-name it The Stragglers Ball.

    You could just Uber, Lyft or whatever other car services to the conference next week.

  5. Barb says:

    When you turn 55….. then you buy a Buick so you can drive like an old man?

  6. True. Given the condition of the Clear Coat I don’t expect to get too much in trade-in, I am a realist after all.

    I’ll ask Sani tonight.

    I suppose I should have mentioned that I have to work Monday and Tuesday, and am taking Wednesday off to run errands in addition to attending the conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so I’ll need a car all week. Uber/Lyft could get really expensive. I wonder how much ZipCar costs if they even still exist in Atlanta. Another option, weather permitting, is bicycle + MARTA.

  7. I was thinking Cadillac, but Buick would probably be more likely. 😉

  8. Barb says:

    ZipCar – I’m pretty sure they are still around. How much is the car for a week, anyway?

  9. From Hertz it’s $200 or more. This week’s rental is more than double that because I chose to get the insurance since there will be many more people on the road and on Sunday we were predicted to get cold rain / snow flurries.

    Not sure how much a ZipCar would cost.

  10. CRAP, I forgot to mention that while I was waiting for Uber to arrive at Lam’s I saw Debra, aka “House of Boobs”. She recognized me and was sweet to offer me a ride somewhere. Since I’d already dispatched Uber I declined her offer.

  11. Barb says:

    yeah – Debra (& Robin) see Lam & Harry a whole lot more than me. I’m thinking they are taking over my spot as favorite customer.

  12. Steve says:

    If Lam finds nothing serious, maybe he can get it back to you so you can have it with you Friday. Trying to haggle without the trade in gets a little sketchy.

    Stragglers Ball… I like it.

    I’m actually being productive today, except for posting here!! 🙂

  13. Barb says:

    BTW- are you thinking maybe a red one too? If you get the blue, I’ll be jealous. (I liked both colors, but the red was the first on coming into stock)

    Test drive the Forester too, it helped me with my decision. (& the Outback, and maybe even one of the sedans)

  14. I can’t remember what color the dealer had available. Darren said that I should test drive the Forester as well because it has a bigger engine.

  15. Martha says:

    I would recommend a Ford Escape but I HATE the new body design. Otherwise, I’ve been very happy with both of mine.

  16. Barb says:

    but Martha – he wants to be a cool kid with a Subaru. (or, as my brother calls it, the lesbian hippie car)

    Just had Allan come over to fix our office sink – it has backed up for some reason. We have plenty of guys that work here, that are completely worthless. (all in their 20s). So, now I need to figure out how to get him paid.
    Paulie said he paid $59 for the service call, but then I need a fix the sink price. He did have to go to Ace to get a part. Hmmmmmm

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