Hello, My Name Is Carless

Nice to meet you Carlos.
No, I said “car-less”.
Oh, that’s very different.

Today I am without wheels, well, at least motorized ones.

I returned the Fiat yesterday and I’ve yet to hear back from Peach Auto about the Jackmobile so I am in auto limbo. The timing of being carless wasn’t too bad for yesterday because I needed to spend (the lovely Sunday) at work trying to get some shit working before I check out for the week on Wednesday; I only wish that it had gone better. I had prepared to spend the night in the office, packing a change of clothes in addition to my Therm-a-Rest and sleeping bag, and spend the night I did. My plan to walk up to LA Fitness early this morning to work out and shower never materialized, so I showered in the office’s fitness room in a shower lacking sufficient hot water.

On Friday I test drove a 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. On Friday I determined, because of its inability to get to highway speed in a jiffy, that this will not be the car I choose if I am going to replace the Jackmobile. I’m a man who requires acceleration and the Subaru’s just didn’t cut it for me.

I’m hoping that things around the office go much better today so that I can sneak away and test drive a Mazda 6 after (hopefully) picking up the Jackmobile.

I am mentally prepared to move on from the Jackmobile, at least until I see what my increased insurance rate will be.

A Lovely Time Was Had By All
It was fun hanging with the Raleigh Royalty over the Thanksgiving break. I spent most of Wednesday through Saturday with them, hence my need for a car to get me to Tucker and back on a daily basis.

On Saturday the gang headed out to Dave & Buster’s where I played many a game, watched Georgia Tech give away the game to Georgia and then take it back twice, and saw some of the game in which my beloved Florida Gators couldn’t make FSU pay for their sins.

My mission, in addition to getting as many tickets as possible for the four kids who split the booty, was to practice for my office Christmas party which will be held at the same Dave & Buster’s a week from Wednesday.

Okay, need to get back to work.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Hello, My Name Is Carless

  1. Steve says:

    Wow, what a great weekend. Thanksgiving was nice- good food at Debbie’s family- all those folks can cook. As far as my family- we only ate dessert, which we brought, as the hosts’ idea of cooking involves a microwave.

    Friday, since we hadn’t eaten enough on Thursday (!!) we had breakfast at Old Hickory House on the way to retrieve Micah from Saddle Sores barn. And now there are 3 at home.

    Saturday was a great day for football. While it’s nice to have both my teams win (GT and Alabama) had we lost both of those games, it was still great football. Debbie left the Georgia with :18 to play, figuring this was a done deal. So much for done deals!!

    Sunday there were chores and riding.

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Mazda. I love mine and it’s got some giddy-up.


  2. Barb says:

    Allan has never complained about the getting up to speed on the Crosstrek, and he is very picky about that sort of thing. (the CRV drives him nuts, but he deals with it) And, I think it is fine as well.

    We had 22 (or more) people Thursday, it was a good time. Lots & lots of food.

    Saturday we went down to Crabbys for 2nd ammendment day. (no hash). Just shoot guns. Allan has a new gun he needed to test out, & it was nice having folks around that actually knew something about guns. I learned a little, as I know nothing, so it was fun. Had a nice turkey dinner after, as Crabby didn’t do any turkey on Thursday.
    Headed over to Janie’s (yeast infection) after, as they live not too far away, & we hadn’t seen them in forever. It was a quick visit, they had dinner plans. They bought the property & house next door (forclosed), one crazy ass house, I have no idea what kind of architect could up up with that floor plan. But, it would work nice for a party. They are living in it now. Might have gotten Debbie a horse exerciser job if she wants it, they don’t ride their horses enough & need some help.

    Sunday – went to Black Sheep – it was entertaining……….

  3. Steve says:

    Wait, they have horses and a spare house???

  4. Barb says:

    yes & yes Steve…….. sounds like another deal that might be able to be made?
    We might all have to meet up for dinner sometime????

  5. Steve says:


  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Lam still not able to figure what’s wrong with Jackmobile. This can’t be good news. Related: Looks as if I am sleeping at the office again tonight.

  7. Martha says:

    I don’t know which email you check but I just sent a message to the ITP gmail account…

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