No Matter What The Sport, There Are Fans Everywhere

On Saturday I joined some coworkers at Taco Mac for some NFL playoff action. Since I arrived early, one of my flaws, I got us a table and watched the NCAA North Dakota v Southern Illinois football game’s end. The game was entertaining, SPOILER: North Dakota won its fourth consecutive FBS championship, but what amazed me is that there were fans for both school cheering at different points during the game. Prior to heading to Taco Mac I took a sackful of now-irrelevant paperwork (much of it pertaining to the Jackmobile, and some from the previous car in my life!) into work and put the paper shredder in action. I have a good feeling of cleansing and accomplishment when I get to remove old documents from my life.

Yesterday I joined a handful of hearty souls up in Gwinnett for tailgating and Gladiators. We had great seats (thanks again ITP-Reader Laura!) and I was near a couple who were fans of the opponents, the Fort Wayne Komets (sp). I had never heard of the team before, nor did I expect to see fans of theirs in Georgia. I drank way too much beer, probably was “slightly” obnoxious, threw six lousy Chuck-A-Puck attempts, but overall had a great time. The only thing I wish that I had done differently was remember to stop for gas on my way home.

Yesterday I also realized that I have not attended a single event at Philips arena (at least not to my knowledge) since the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg at the end of the 2011 season.

The rest of my weekend was spent sleeping, trying to stay warm, pretending to clean house, and trying (rather unsuccessfully) to write software and get prepared for the start of my German course tomorrow night.

Today I have to go to the dentist for my semi-annual checkup. I’m hoping that all proves to be in good working order.

Since I have absolutely no interest in tonight’s NCAA Football Championship I will ignore the game and instead get home and do more of what I did this past weekend.

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6 Responses to No Matter What The Sport, There Are Fans Everywhere

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see… a check in with the urologist Friday shows no problems- should hear about the PSA today or tomorrow. We looked at a property around the corner that has much potential, and much work. No man cave or barn, and no fencing. 16 acres with a creek splitting it, pretty much back half and front half. We’ll have to set some priorities and see if things can work out. Still no offer for our buyers.

    Saturday was a 13 hour day upgrading a bunch of switches at the orafice, followed by the annual gathering of my high school at Manuels. My class was pretty well represented and nice to see everyone.

    Sunday we said goodbye to Micah, who is off to “greener pastures” and getting a job. His co-owner took him off to start working with a trainer with the goal of being sold. We were clear he was not coming back… Then a trip to Stone Mountain for a little Games work. Changes coming… maybe.


  2. Barb says:

    Saturday I went with JoAnna to get the beagles, meeting their sitter in Dalton & did a little hike. It was on part of the Snake Creek course, and I thought, this is too rocky for me to ride my mtn bike on. Maybe if I was actually on a bike it wouldn’t have seemed so bad.

    Saturday night we went to a friends 60th birthday party, had some live entertainment, the husband of the birthday girl & another friend (who is a musician for a living). It was a very fun time, though I realized I can’t dance to the Ramones like we used to, I’m way to out of shape for that.

    Sunday at the Gladiators was fun – what’s a little cold weather to get in our way?

    Allan is down in Forsyth, GA all week for a class, planning to sleep at the firehouse, so the commute isn’t so bad & he doesn’t have to get a hotel, so I’m single all week! And, he took my car, so I can drive the CRV (with no heat) or Felicia’s car. Today I opted for Felicia’s car.

  3. Steve says:

    Barb, is this the POST class?

    Sorry we couldn’t make it to hockey- I wanted to eyeball the changes we’re talking about on the field, and had already set the time for 2PM.

    Maybe another game this season?

    I saw another trip for JoAnna to take- a day trip to Antarctica! You never set foot, but just fly around in a 747. Could be fun.

  4. Barb says:

    POST? its an inspections class down there at that state training center.

    well – knowing JoAnna, she’d want to get out & set foot on the ground.

    Iceland sounded pretty cool, and it wasn’t that cold, low 30s for the most part. She said the lack of sun made it harder than the temps.

  5. Martha says:

    Fort Wayne has a hockey team?? Who knew?

    Yesterday’s Colts vs. Bronchos game was pretty exciting, even for a non-sports person. For the love of god, could someone please hold Luck down and shave of that mess on his face?

    I spent at least 8 hours this weekend working on employee reviews, so much fun.

    Jerry’s brother and wife took a trip to Antarctica last year, they ‘hiked’, kayaked, looks like they even camped. The pictures were beautiful.

  6. Steve says:

    I would want to get out and explore as well.

    POST is “Police Officer Standards and Training”- he said that was another certification he was looking to get. Then he can carry a weapon. Oh boy.

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