You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Yesterday I once again successfully fooled the dentist into believing that I have good oral hygiene. Okay, I do, but have to admit that I am not the most ardent of flossers. It was related to this that I received my only tsk, tsk, when the gums around one of my wisdom teeth seemed to be sensitive because I’d not gotten back there well enough with the floss.

The trip over to Circle 75 Parkway was very productive, eating too much food at Jade Palace and filling up the [unnamed vehicle] with gas at the nearby QT. I also got a front row seat for looking at the fog that covered the work being done for the Braves future stadium site, which is literally across the street from the dental office.

I was on my way home and very near Costco when I received the text “Where are you going to watch the game tonight?” from my boss. Given that I’ll be busy much of the remainder of this week I decided to pull into the Costco parking lot (which was packed, presumably because the LA Fitness was overcrowded with resolutioners) to hatch a plan. The plan consisted of shopping at Costco (where I some how managed to spend $82 on not much, though I did buy more dental floss) and then go into Lucky’s Burger and Brew (hmm, they have a new website that looks pretty amateurish) for dinner and to watch the first half of the football game.

The boos and I arrived at Lucky’s just as they were about to start Bar Bingo. Frequent readers of this space know that I am an old hand at Bingo so I decided to play, assuming that I was going to be lucky at Lucky’s and kick everyone’s ass. At this point the bar was fairly empty but there were probably ten or so people playing so the odds of winning weren’t too bad.

A pretty young lady at the bar one the first game.
And then she won the second.

Some little girl (or her mother) had the nerve to break the young lady’s winning streak by winning the third game.

Miraculously the pretty young lady at the bar won the fourth,
seventh games!

That’s right, one person won six out of the seven games of Bingo played. Keep in mind the way to win changed with each game as well, so it’s not like the same numbers were popping up constantly.


Neither she, nor her increasingly embarrassed friend, seemed interested in pursuing further relations with the two old geezers at the end of the bar (that’d be the boss and me) so the two of us turned our attention to the college football game that was about to start.

You might rightly guess that the opening Oregon drive was the highlight of the game for me when I tell you that I now despise Urban Meyer for leaving the Florida football program in a lurch. The football program at my alma mater has been shit since he left “to be with his family”. Here’s the now-hilarious beginning to this ESPN article published the day after Meyer resigned at Florida.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — With his wife and two of his three children sitting a few feet away, Urban Meyer didn’t have to look very far to be reminded why he’s leaving one of the premier jobs in college football.

It’s all about family.

Meyer resigned from Florida on Wednesday, stepping down for the second time in less than a year. His first attempt, which lasted just a day, was for health reasons. This time it’s to be a better husband and father.

“At the end of the day, I’m very convinced that you’re going to be judged on how you are as a husband and as a father and not on how many bowl games we won,” Meyer said at a campus news conference.

“I’ve not seen my two girls play high school sports. They’re both very talented Division I-A volleyball players, so I missed those four years. I missed two already with one away at college. I can’t get that time back,” he said.

Meyer spent whopping single year with his family (oh, and working as a football analyst at ESPN) before accepting the Ohio State coaching position.

My feelings toward Meyer should’t overshadow the inexplicably great play by a team having to start its third-string quarterback in the championship game.

Of course Ohio State football player Cardale Jones put it best in his tweet.

Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

Paulie [eat/ga]

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8 Responses to You Gotta Be Kidding Me

  1. Barb says:

    I’m confused by your route home.
    You were at Circle 75 – if you needed to go to Costco, there is one right there (by Cumberland). Wouldn’t you just drive down 75 to get home? (I would). Did you just miss the traffic near your office that you went back over that way?

    Is bar bingo different than regular bingo? I’ve never been to a bar that is playing bingo.

    and – was that tweet from last night?

  2. Oh, my dental appointment over at Circle 75 was at 1pm so my impromptu Costco stop happened much later.

    It’s essentially the same as regular Bingo but you win bar cash. The way you win each game is different, and is described by the announcer before each game.

    I’m not sure when that tweet went out, it was retweeted by a tech blogger this morning.

  3. Steve says:

    Congrats to a well played Ohio State team- I could care less about Urbane Meyer, but after he and his school skipping team beat Alabama, I certainly didn’t want to lose to the 2nd place team!

    Neither of us were feeling that great yesterday, so I picked up our favorite meal from Chaylaca’s Mexican and headed home to work on the Games field layout. Visio isn’t really condusive to this type of layout, but I guess it will work.

    And I started the day off right by spilling coffee down my leg as I left the house. After a quick change and some Spray and Wash, I was on the road.

    Off to the Games meeting tonight. It’s only 10 months away!!!


  4. Martha says:

    Steve you did good. Normally, I dump coffee on myself as I’m entering work…so its me in the bathroom trying to rinse out what I can, then trying to dry off…only to be left with the smell of coffee all day to remind me what a klutz I am…

    I didn’t really have a dog in last night’s game but slightly favored OSU since they are Big 10. Jerry’s brother was at the game (his wife went to OSU) looks like they had fun.

    The gym was ‘fun’, I taught my class then when the boot camp instructor didn’t show up, I quickly pulled something together out of mid-air. Funny thing, I offered to take over class last week but he already had a sub…that’s who didn’t show up today. All I is I better get paid 🙂 I’ve got lots of new workout clothes to pay for.

    I still haven’t mastered the art of shopping at Costco, I still get overwhelmed when I go there and never really get much accomplished.

  5. Barb says:

    the way I have mastered shopping at Sam’s (its more convenient than Costco) is to just go buy a few items. I am not their typical shopper. I can’t wander the whole store, I’d buy things I certainly don’t really need.

  6. Knowing that I’d be sitting in a bar for a few hours made shopping at Costco easier because it eliminated purchasing refrigerated/frozen items. It was cool last night but not really cool enough to warrant having these items sit in a car’s trunk.

  7. Stacy says:

    Ha! I know where you were….Brookhaven, yes? I sometimes go to that LAF but we’re supposed to park in the parking ramp and I hate that parking ramp, so I’m guilty of stealing the Costco spots.

    As for the fog: wasn’t it beautiful? I took city streets from work back to Midtown last night assuming the highways would be a mess from people bumping into each other like they do when there’s any sort of weather other than sunshine (and even then sometimes). Record speed time home. The fog really made everything so lovely! All the street lights and building lights made the city seem so warm and cozy.

  8. Yep, that’s the LAF. I initially tried to park in the garage but I had to go to the top floor in order to find a parking space! I’ve never had to drive that far up previously. LAF must have been mega-packed.

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