Operation: Get The Shit Off The Floor

You might think that by living alone the condition of my house (regarding cleanliness) is always how I want it. Wrong! Over time I have obtained a bad habit of leaving things out, mostly on the floors. My house looks as if a bunch of five year olds have been living there for awhile. So today starts “Operation: Get The Shit Off The Floor”.

The M6’s trunk is filled with boxes that will be going to Goodwill today, which is conveniently located next to REI where I will attempt to purchase a bike rack, most likely the Yakima HoldUp 1.25″ (and hoping that this is the only hold up that gets associated with this car). Sure, it’s the most expensive model that Yakima makes, but as I prepare to turn fifty this year (yikes!) I have to start enjoying the money I’ve saved while I can. Am I right!?!?!

Did You Know There Is A Junior Joey?
Since I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to wait until after German class to eat last night I decided to suck it up and eat at Moe’s.

Side Note: As I learned while bowling on New Year’s Day the restaurant Shout! in Colony Square has closed. Non-ITP-Reader Karen (aka “Fill My Cavity”) works in Colony Square and told me that the owners were getting divorced and that the restaurant would be a casualty of this. Obviously she was correct.

Anyway, back to my meal.

As I think I’ve mentioned previously there are really only three dinner-time fast food options inside Colony Square — Moe’s, Tin Drum, and Chick-fil-A. While I’ve relaxed my stance at eating at Chick-fil-A it wasn’t what I was craving, and Tin Drum was going to be too many calories, so I settled on Moe’s. In an attempt to eat somewhat healthy (as one can be eating this type of food) I found that Moe’s offers smaller burritos, so I ordered the “Joey Jr” which is the smaller version of their “Joey Bag of Donuts”. Of course this came with a copious amount of chips, so I chose to drink water instead of soda with my meal to offset some calorie intake. You know what? The smaller version was perfectly sating.

The more you know…

One thing that didn’t change last night is my realization that I need to perform higher-quality studying of German. The A1.3 class is larger than the previous two courses I’ve taken at Goethe Zentrum so it’s up to me to be prepared because I won’t have the opportunity to ask as many questions.

Speaking Of Spending Money…
I just ordered all-weather floor mats and an all-weather trunk liner for the M6 from WeatherTech. A coworker of mine has these in his Honda Civic and really likes them. WeatherTech offers mats designed for specific models of automobiles and since I expect to be taking the M6 into muddy/dirty environs (camping, hashing, etc) I think they will preserve the interior for as long as I own the car.

Jeez, I think I should have titled this post “It’s Only Money…”

I’m going so crazy with the money spending I might start considering house repairs!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Operation: Get The Shit Off The Floor

  1. bob says:

    I like the name M6, it sounds like a James Bond car.

    So you will have a hitch and rack, now you need to add bike rides to your schedule. Although, the weather is not great for any road rides.

    I have decided that my schedule is not busy enough and joined the neighborhood tennis team. We practice on Wednesday nights with a “meeting” following practice. Apparently this meeting and half of the practice is all about drinking beer. Should be fun!

  2. I can’t help but to read “joined the neighborhood tennis team” in a Thurston Howell, III accent. 🙂

  3. I suppose that I should also mention that the health issues I had last weekend into Monday seem to have gone away, therefore I am cherishing this day of good health.

    That is all.

  4. Steve says:

    Oh Buffy!! How’s your backhand?

    Bob, I thought the same thing about M6… I was thinking MI6, like MI5, the British equilivelent of the FBI.

    And SHOUT closed? I have been trying to eat lunch “closer to home” as the cafeteria here is pretty good (and cheap), but Colony is a regular destination and the all you can eat lunchtime sushi has beckoned me more than once.

    The new potential buyers were no-shows yesterday, but have told our agent that we are number one on their list and have gone away to make a list of the changes they want to make (smells like a lowball offer coming). We’ll see.

    The NTC is a month overdue making national assignments and I was working on that last night. The USAC Website is good, when it lets me do what I need to do, which isn’t very often!

    Debbie is playing horse chauffeur today, picking up a friends pony from the clinic near Birmingham. Nice day for a drive.


  5. Barb says:

    Went to the dermatologist this morning – still no skin cancer. I know that sounds strange, but as many sunburns as I have had over the years, I really feel it is just a matter of time. I do have an odd dry patch of skin on my calf, doctor can’t figure out why it didn’t go away with the steroid he prescribed previously, so they decided to biopsy it. I’m not worried, it is just strange.

    Tennis Bob, really?

    Road rides – we need to plan some.
    We are considering Wheels of Fire 4/4.
    BRAG Spring Tune Up is 4/17-4/19. Its a fun camping weekend in Madison, that isn’t at a campground. Hopefully a bunch of team Roadkill will be there. The optional Pimento cheese sandwich ride on Friday, going to see Oreo cows (& the famer giving away beer) on Saturday.

  6. Barb says:

    and I like Moe’s – why don’t you?

  7. At first I didn’t liked being yelled at when I entered — “WELCOME TO MOE’S!”, but they seemed to have calmed down on this. Now I just don’t find their food all that interesting, it seems to be the lowest common denominator of Mexican food.

    I see I’m going to have to start getting back into the road-riding frame of mind soon. 😉 If only I’d remembered to press Little Willie into returning my trainer.

  8. Barb says:

    ok – I forgot about the getting yelled at part.

  9. Steve says:

    Yeah, not a big fan of getting yelled at either.

    WoF on 4/4? Might have to put that on the calendar. That’s a good ride.

    I get in to see the dermo every couple of years. We both have the same fair skin and I won’t be surprised as well.

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