I’m pecking out a short post today on my iPhone because I am currently at the lavanderia.

“In the morning?” you ask?

Yes, we have bigwigs coming to the office this afternoon so I might have to work late tonight. Therefore in order to have clean clothes to pack for my Raleigh trip at week’s end I had to come to the laundromat now.

“What about tomorrow?” you ask?

Well, the bigwigs will be at the office all day, and then tomorrow night I will be getting a haircut (want to look on the recruiting trip — huh, probably should have dropped twenty pounds too then) and then after that I will be going to The EARL for the sold out Parquet Courts show.

It’s all so complicated…

Last night I went to Colony Square for my weekly German class that I will be missing next week because of the Raleigh trip. Rather than go the fast food route last night I made myself a mortadella sandwich at the office and brought it with me. Down at Colony Square I bought a bottle of Coke (a bad habit I must kick) and ate my sandwich in the court before going to class. This proved to be a good compromise for future classes, I didn’t over-eat, nor did I spend much money.

My Floormats Are Here!
Well that was fast, the floor and trunk mats for the M6 arrived yesterday. Now it’s up to me to get the car washed and vacuumed before I can install them, as well as affix the new license plate.

If only I had more free time. Speaking of time, it’s time for me to tend to one of my dryers.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    What is this mortadella of which you speak?

    Debbie and I managed to completely wreck the kitchen last night- she in preparation of todays “hunt breakfast”-apparently breakfast is a misnomer, as she prepared pork shoulder, mac n cheese, baked beans and brownies. My share of the wreckage was attributed to schnitzel!! I took a whole pork lion (smallish) and prepared it. Didn’t have all the ingredients to make the reccomended sauce, but Debbie remembered a mustard based sauce she does with pork medallions. We made it up as we went along and it turned out pretty well.

    I was mentioning my pending ski trip to a co-worker and he said he was getting out of the ski business as his knees couldn’t handle it any more and asked if I would like his skis and boots- for FREE! Hell yeah, as I’ve already made a rental reservation to the tune of $300 ! We’ll see what they look like today.

    Enjoy your meeting with the bigs.


  2. Barb says:

    So, when are you going skiing Steve??? and where? I think I missed that. I’m very jealous. But, what does it cost to transport skis on the airlines? Just a checked bag fee? Good deal that he has the same size shoe as you.

    I’m all about making up recipes as we go. We made a version of dan dan noodles down in FL, didn’t have all the ingredients, but it came out pretty freakin good.

    Allan ordered me some seat covers for the Subaru, its been almost a month. No idea what he ordered, but we decided the tan leather interior will be wrecked eventually if we don’t get some covered.

  3. Steve says:

    Afterbirth, Bubbette, Sleazy Rider, Super Dooper Pooper Scooper (Frank) and myself are leaving for Breck on Saturday. We’re flying Southwest, where you still get 2 bags free, so I think this will all work out. The boots are always the issue, so we’ll just have to see. In all my skiing days, I think I can recall 1 set of boots that wasn’t “that” painful.

  4. Mortadella is a bologna/soft-sausage, with chunks of fat. (Wikipedia)

    Now I know what everyone is thinking. “Jeez Paulie, I thought you want lose weight, not gain it!” True, but I don’t eat a lot of this on a sandwich and I think the sum total of calories from the sandwich and soda is less than what I’d consume at Moe’s, Chick-fil-A, or Tin Drum.

    I’m glad I never got into skiing.

  5. Steve says:

    I only got into it “late”, and it took 3 trips to really enjoy it- 2 of those to Europe!!

  6. Steve says:

    And Paulie, no mention of Apple’s record profit? Up 7% just yesterday? Holy fck.

  7. I was trying not to think about it because I “only” own about 1/3 of the stock I bought all those moons ago. Actually, I didn’t know about the stock price until now. I heard the good news about Apple that was announced yesterday but The Street doesn’t always follow the news.

    Other good news for the Atlanta metro (and Raleigh-Durham) was Google’s announcement yesterday that they plan to lay Google Fiber there (and in two other metropolitan areas). I have mixed feelings about Google but see this as a good thing for Atlanta.

  8. Barb says:

    I love skiing, but its been forever since we’ve gone. the cost is just insane these days. I heard lift tickets at Vail are around $150 if you don’t get a discount? then eqpt on top of that? We really need to go see Uncle Dan & Aunt Lois over in Vail one of these winters.

  9. Barb says:

    BTW – BRAG Spring Tune Up in Madison is discounted ($75 instead of $100) until 2/15/15. Dates of the event are 4/17-4/19. I have paid for the 2 of us, guess I need to get start riding. Pimento Cheese sandwich ride on Friday afternoon (I think its about 15-20 miles to Rutledge) There are official rides that day, but we don’t plan to go out there Thursday night. Probably do the 57 mile route Saturday (unless I’m hungover, LOL, then it will be the 32). Sunday it says 62 or 56 or 19, those are strange options.

  10. So you will go out on Friday to ride, then ride Saturday and Sunday as well? Do I read this correctly?

  11. Steve says:

    Expensive indeed. My “4 of 6 day” lift ticket- $480. Skis on top of that, another $350 for a week. If these hand-me-down’s work, that will be sweet.

  12. Barb says:

    yes – get out there by noon at the latest on friday – set up the tent, go ride for lunch, come back for happy hour & dinner in town & drinking at the “campsite”. its a park, not a campground.
    You don’t have to ride all 3 days, but we plan to, unless the weather is bad of course. Some people just show up friday evening.
    go to to see the details.

  13. bob says:

    Schedule may actually allow me to do spring tune up this year! Every other weekend is already booked in April though (sheesh!).

    Barb, is there room at the park for my camper? Or should I just tent camp?

    Will be nice to see everybody again since I may not do BRAG this year.

  14. Barb says:

    oh Bob, you should know the Brag (old) people, there is plenty of room for a campers. This a a huge ride almost compared to regular BRAG. I think Stan brings his usually. You can just set up where we park our cars, & walk up the hill a little way to hang out.

  15. Steve says:

    I just got the skis and boots. Wow! What a deal and they fit perfectly.

  16. Jenka says:

    I’ve said it before, but I guess I’ll try again: not all calories are the same. The sugar calories in the bread and Coke were a million times worse than if you had gotten a burrito bowl (no tortilla, just all the fixings in a bowl) at Moe’s or, better yet, a stirfry at Tin Drum (easy on the sauce). Processed and starchy sugars like that are going to be converted to fat immediately, while protein- and veggie-based foods are going to have a lower glycemic index and will therefore be used more for fuel immediately. Your meal would’ve been healthier if you had *just* eaten the mortadella and nothing else. Not healthy, but healthier. But you’re right about it being cheaper!

    Here’s an article that explains it more:

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