Not Even One Drive Clean And Dry

I must have been desperate to be outside yesterday, though I didn’t maximize my time as I should have. However I did wash and vacuum the M6, and even installed the new all-weather floor and trunk mats. SHOCKING! By installing the mats I also received the added benefit of ridding my house of two large boxes sitting on its floors. Who am I?!?!

Had I not felt compelled to do more things around the house, sadly with mixed results, I would have taken the M6 out for a “Look how clean my car is!” drive. Alas, I stayed at home all Sunday so its first “clean” drive was in today’s rain.

I Was Responsible On Saturday
After waking early and putzing around the house I looked at the clock in shock to see that it was already noon. Fortunately I had showered but I still had to scurry around and get out the door in order to drive up to Fellini’s Pizza on Howell Mill to meet up with ITP-Reader Stacy and Aron for our scheduled 12:30pm pre-brewery lunch. With the exception of a few handful of peanuts I had not eaten anything so by that time I was hungry, and a Fellini’s salad and a slice of pizza did the trick of filling me up nicely.

After lunch we three met up with two other friends at Second Self Brewing, and as you can see in this photo we were not the only other hashers to taste Second Self’s offerings that day.

Our Gang

I was a good boy and limited my consumption so that I could drive home without concern. In all honesty I was also limiting my consumption in an effort to limit my calorie intake as well as the damage to my body. These two efforts must continue to stay front in my mind at all times.

I was home early on Saturday afternoon and should have done something productive or fun outside then, but I squandered the rest of the day by watching some videos on my iPad and napping. At least at that time I knew that I had a perfect weather day ahead of me on Sunday.

Had I remembered before 11:00pm that Cold War Kids were playing at Buckhead Theatre I might have hustled up there for their show, but I didn’t recall this until it was literally too late.

Not Even A Rerun Can Ruin My Favorite Music Show On The Radio
One thing I did remember on Saturday was to tune into WABE for “Jazz Classics” with H. Johnson; I love this show. I often hear this show when I return from a theatre show or dinner on Saturday night and think “I should remember to listen to this when I am at home!”.

And I did.
And there was much rejoicing.

Speaking of home audio, once I finally figure out “The Plan” there will be some overhauling performed at the homestead.

Speaking of homesteads, ITP-Readers Steve and Debbie — I hope you were able to use this gorgeous weekend to find a new homestead. The Moreland Day Spa will be missed, but I’m certain that your next homestead will be just as nice and I look forward to the day when I can head down for a bike ride and a beer again.

At some time during “Jazz Classics” H. Johnson had a guest on his show that talked about his Tuesday night Jazz Jam Session at Twain’s in Decatur. In the conversation he mentioned that the previous session would be the last at Twain’s because they were going to remodel and remove the stage. At this point I recalled trying to eat at Twain’s once and seeing them closed for remodeling, so I knew that I was listening to a rerun. Bummer. The interviewee went on to say that they were going to move the show to Eddie’s Attic. Apparently this didn’t fare well as it appears from my research that the Jazz Jam Session is no longer there. Dangen!

Monday Night Lavanderia
It’s that time again, lavanderia night. After work I will be fighting traffic into Chamblee in order to wash and dry my clothes. If at all possible I am also going to attempt to get in a short workout, probably cardio, after doing laundry. I must keep reminding myself “Work and Workout on a Daily Basis”, it’s the only way I am going to maximize my enjoyment during my remaining time.

Hope your weekend was awesome and that today’s rainy Monday doesn’t bring you down.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Not Even One Drive Clean And Dry

  1. Barb says:

    What is the girl’s name in the blue top? I can not place her.

    Also, I’ve got a picture from MC of you from Cheddarhead, I guess I’ll have to send it to you, I don’t think I can paste it in here.

    Friday we ventured to Northlake Mall to meet MC & others for H5. It seemed like a good idea until I checked the traffic, a fatality accident at 285 & Chamblee Tucker. We did ok, going 75S to 85N, but after exiting Shallowford, it took a while, though not quite as long as I thought it would. The fried chicken was good, but not the best ever (as I was told it would be). Reasonably priced though, and it was a good time.

    Saturday I went for a morning hike with a friend, thought it would be a shorter one (as she is just starting out), but we ended up going about 4 miles at Gold Branch, off Lower Roswell in East Cobb. Then we went to Pine Lake. Luckily that was only about a 4 mile trail, but there was some swamp & interesting terrain.

    Decided to skip Black Sheep, as GE & DumF*ck were hares, (and didn’t feel like bimboing) and from one map I saw on FB, that was a 7 mile trail? Not sure if that was true trail or not. I wanted to go road bike, but just couldn’t convince myself to go out to SCT by myself (too boring). Ended up at lunch with friends, then some grocery shopping. Forgot Allan’s bagels, so I walked back to the store (about 3.5 miles round trip), so I wasn’t a total slug on Sunday after all.

  2. Steve says:

    Back in the land of low altitude and sweet tea! Friday was another great day of skiing and warm tempratures- to the point of almost being hot.

    Satuday was a fairly long travel day- up at 06:30 for a 07:45 pickup by the shuttle, departed DIA 12:10 with a stop in KC. Bags slow to arrive in ATL, but the “new” skis survived the trip.

    Yesterday we visited 2 properties- the vet’s house which she rents and may be leaving, and the property around the corner. The vet’s is all ready for horses, but the house is fairly small with a minimum of storage. The house around the corner is well built, big enough, and has a giant man cave, but NO horse facilities and a wooded lot. The nieghbor would rent his pasture, but there would still be a large expense of building a barn. This is supposed to be easy!!!! Ugh.

    Co-worker and manager both out of the office means I get to recover from vacation at my speed today. That’s a good thing.


  3. Steve says:

    And the young lady in the pic appears to be “Head First”? (Julie??) She used to run with us at Georges every once and a while…

  4. Barb says:

    hey Steve – which has the better price?

  5. Stacy says:

    Yes, that is Julie aka Head First. She just happened to be there the same time with other friends, celebrating a birthday or something. I don’t recall ever meeting her before, though we both had heard OF each other. Nice lady!

    The beer was middle-of-the-road. I enjoyed a ginger thai one they had and then their bleeding heart one, which was a red ale, makes sense. But it was fun trying new ones and now I want to go beer sampling at other breweries too! There are a bunch in Decatur/Avondale that I’ve done before but not for a while now, and they change out seasonable beers. If anyone feels like doing that, I’d be up for planning something! (They’re all within a few blocks walk of the Avondale MARTA station which is a huge bonus.) Because whereas the beer was middle-of-the-road, the company and conversation was a lot of fun. Good peeps on a good Saturday afternoon.

  6. Barb says:

    hey Stacy – there is also Red Hare up here in Marietta, another reason to come OTP, and we could go to Tasty China after. (or the Big Chicken!)

  7. Stacy says:

    Oooh, sounds good to me Barb! Been a long time since I’ve had some Tasty China too. 🙂

  8. Since I have the technology to post a photo, here’s the one to which Barb referred.
    Party Animal

    I liked Second Self’s beer, but then for a beer “snob” I like a lot of beers, though you’d never be able to tell from that photo.

  9. Steve says:

    Barb, both priced about the same, at least the rumors of the vet’s house seem about the same since the house isn’t actually on the market. Rumors…

    Paulie, you have met Head First before at George’s, I’m quite sure of it. Sorry she didn’t make an impression on you- she’s very funny.

    Just caught up with an old high school friend who is on vacation from Austrailia- visiting relatives in NC and playing tourist in NYC. Nice to chat- she isn’t much on email- afraid the gub’ment may be tracking her…

  10. Oh I knew who Julie was. I never said that she didn’t make an impression on me, I think the opposite is quite true however. She ran to Second Self and met up with people for a birthday party. Of that group I recognized one other hasher whose name I cannot recall; her nerd-name is Gina but it was not “Cockpit”.

  11. Stacy says:

    Okay, LOVE the picture. And now think our next outing should be us all wearing our bowling shirts, like were some big gangsta club or something.

  12. Barb says:

    I have a Miller High Life delivery shirt, maybe I’ll start wearing it to tastings.
    Because if we wear the bowling shirts, we will HAVE to go bowling!

  13. Steve says:

    I don’t see a problem with that. Shame we only get to wear the shirts once a year. It just can’t be one of those cosmic bowling places!! Maybe we need to get over to Surburban Lanes before they close it.

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