Still Fighting, Maybe Winning

Last night I was in a condition where going to the gym and doing any sort of exercise would have been bad news. I was tired, achey, and in a foul mood. Though it wasn’t the best thing for my body I waited out (most) traffic by having dinner at Tilted Kilt, and using up my $10 of soon-to-be-expired credit. With one beer I had a burger and a side salad (!), though I made the rookie mistake of not asking for the salad dressing on the side, so I’m not sure how “healthy” this salad was for me.

Upon arriving home I did a quick trip around the house picking up a couple of the (far too) many things on my floors before giving in to the call of the warm covers of my bed. In bed I watched Tuesday night’s “The Tonight Show” on my iPad before falling asleep.

Going to sleep early would have been a great thing had I not awoken at 3:00am, and then again at 4:00am, and then again at 5:45am. With my last awaking I decided to get out of bed, shower, and beat a little traffic.

Another Top Chef Is In The Books
Though I’m certain that the outcome of Top Chef Boston has been known for months, the final episode of this series aired last night. Because I no longer have a functioning satellite tv system, the dish is misprinted and I’m getting ready to oust the soon-to-be-obsoleted settop box from the house, I wasn’t able to watch the final episode in real time.

I could have done so had I gone to The Family Dog, which is owned by one of this season’s contestants Ron Eyester, because they were having a viewing party that also had another one of this season’s contestants in attendance. But I chose against this, assuming the place would be packed.

Instead, the finale was available on iTunes when I awoke at 4:00am, so I downloaded and watched the finale before falling back asleep.

Even though I doubt that any of you out there watched this season of Top Chef I won’t provide any spoilers.

>Read, Repeat
I have finally finished reading English Grammar for Students of German: The Study Guide for Those Learning German (English Grammar Series).

Now that I am done with this 167 page book, I will start reading it again today.

It is my goal to read three chapters a day, there are forty-nine in total, and continuing this seventeen-day cycle until I am completely comfortable with English Grammar and how those rules translate to German. In essence I will probably be reading this book the rest of my life…

Something Newish Tonight?
Depending on how I feel later today I might attend my first North Atlanta iOS Developers Meetup, which is conveniently held two blocks from my office. I’m not so keen on hearing about this month’s topic, SpriteKit, but am interested to see what sort of turnout these meetings get.

Tonight is also the monthly meetup night for CocoaHeads Atlanta, but that occurs down in Kirkwood at Big Nerd Ranch’s new office, and I doubt that I will be able to make it back down near my hood in time tonight.

Of course as of now all I feel like doing is taking a nap.

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13 Responses to Still Fighting, Maybe Winning

  1. Steve says:

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly. Always sucks when you feel bad AND can’t sleep.

    A quiet evening last night. A visit from our realtor to pickup some paperwork and then viewing of American Idol (man card will be turned in upon request.) I also got a ride in- for some reason, the last time I rode, I det up the rollers and have been riding them- more attention required, which means extra boring!! And I listened to my Pandora feed, which is perfect for background music for work, but isn’t inspiring for exercise!

    I heard a rumor of a MANDATORY meeting tomorrow (my day off) but so far it’s just a rumor. It better be a rumor as I have much to do and the clock is running- but as a bonus, I had not realized Monday is Presidents Day! Holiday!


  2. Holiday — for you. The only holiday I will get from Presidents Day is the reduced traffic.

  3. Steve says:

    And I assure you, my traffic doesn’t conflict with yours!

  4. Barb says:

    We used to get President’s Day as a holiday, but we never actually got it off (as in basically none of our customers stop shipping, so we get to work) so we basically got double pay. So, this year they finally changed it, and we now get a whole day Christmas Eve & NYE.

    I attempted to sort of kind of run a little last night, first time in forever. I decided to walk to the grocery store for my evening exercise, and it was going to be close enough to dark, so I thought I’d try to run part of it. It was ugly, and my back still doesn’t like me to do that running thing, I can really tell today.

  5. bob says:

    Why is it that you don’t sleep well when you feel like crap? You would think your body would jump at the chance to be idle for 8 or 10 hours.

    I felt like an army commercial this morning, more happened before 8am that what most do all day. Woke up with a sore neck from sleeping weird, got to the office to a server outage, while fighting the outage the school calls and Travis is sick. Oh and my boss decided to work from home so our 1 on 1 meeting was cancelled (the only reason I went to the office today). So fix the server, go pick up Travis at school, and now working from home. My neck still hurts though, hopefully the ramble tonight will straighten it all out 🙂

  6. Barb says:

    Bob – we might, just might come ramble tonight, where is the Lucky’s overflow lot? And – we don’t have lights (handy or ready), but I’m thinking we will be okay, since its really just a pub crawl.
    We will see how this day goes & if we can get over to Roswell tonight.

    Everyone else- another new GA brewery is “sponsoring” a pub crawl in Roswell – Gate City Brewery is doing some sort of introduction.

  7. bob says:

    That would be fun Barb, come on out. You should be fine with just a handlebar light if you have one. We really will just be riding from place to place with some shenanigans thrown in there.

  8. Barb says:

    Bob – it might be too cold for me tonight – and we still haven’t watched Justified. Such decisions……

  9. Huh, I guess I never finished typing my comment before reloading…

    I was saying how I never even consider riding in these temperatures and that you all are much braver than I am.

  10. bob says:

    Barb- Layer up and go have some fun or sit on the couch? Tough decision 🙂

    Paulie – Having a birthday in January I get all sorts of winter riding gear. I can ride down in to some very low temps and still be comfortable.

  11. Barb says:

    Bob – its really the getting the bikes loaded up, getting in the car & driving across town…… LOL.
    And, I’m trying to stop eating out & drinking so much. We will see what Allan feels like, he decided to get tangled up with a tree a few days ago, and I think the tree coming down won. He’s fine, just a little bruised.

  12. Steve says:

    Somewhere, boxed from a previous move, is all my winter riding gear. Maybe one day I’ll unpack everything I own and really be surprised!

    Allan took on a tree and the tree won?

  13. Barb says:

    well – he was trying to direct it away from the fence, it didn’t listen, and was stringer than he is.

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