Fighting The Crud

While I don’t officially feel “sick” I have been fighting something these past two days.

Wurst. German. Ever.
Not since that A1.1 class where we were introduced to the simple past tense have I had a night like last night. Missing one week, even with multiple efforts to study ahead, killed me. I didn’t know the vocabulary. I had a hard time understanding the instructor’s instructions. Everything was just off, and I don’t think that I can blame the crud.

Between now and next Tuesday I am going to dedicate time each day to memorize vocabulary, and try to understand the grammar rules that have been presented in class thus far. It’s going to be a continuous, long battle, but it’s still one that I wish to fight.

Last night I also found out about an iOS app that accompanies our text book. The app is a vocabulary builder, think “flash cards”, and out of desperation I forked over $6 to use it. If this app helps me learn it will be money well spent and it may also kick me in the ass to finally develop my own flash card app as I’ve contemplated for over a year now.

The user interface and experience for flash card apps are dead simple, the hardship is finding a free (or very low cost), extensive and reliable source of vocabulary words that can be stored into a database accessed by the app.

Home Late, Feeling Uninspired
Getting home around 9:15pm doesn’t make for a good start toward being productive. After dragging in my garbage and recycling cans I got into bed and watched Monday night’s “The Tonight Show” on my iPad. I wasn’t away too much longer than the duration of the show, and I think getting as much sleep as I possible can while experiencing the crud is a good thing.

Using My $10 Tonight
Last December I purchased two, $25 gift cards at Tilted Kilt, which each came with an additional $5 credit that had to be used in January or February of this year. Time’s running out for that $10 so I may treat myself to a dinner out tonight. Perhaps I’ll even hit up LA Fitness beforehand in order to minimize the caloric damage done.

Got a late start today, so I have to run…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Fighting The Crud

  1. Steve says:

    So the flash card app is associated with your current textbook and you’re just now finding out about it? verrückt! (crazy)

    Yesterday’s 10:00 conference call went until just past 2:30, so a sandwich was grabbed from our coffee shop and was very unremarkable.

    Since we have a formal occasion Saturday night and I was in need of new dress shoes, I went to DSW or as Debbie says, “Mecca”, and bought shoes before the Games meeting. Oh What. Fun.

    There needs to be exercise tonight (for me anyway) as I have already gained back what I lost on vacation. Amazing what just being a little active will do for you- can’t say skiing is at all aerobic, but I still lost a couple pounds.


  2. Yeah, I was surprised when another student told me about it. You’d think that they teachers would have mentioned it, I wonder if Goethe even knows about the app.

    I ain’t got the gay but I love buying shoes. I think it’s because my feet are two of the few parts of my body that haven’t gotten larger (or smaller) over the years so I know what size to try on and won’t be disappointed. In fact, I ordered a new pair of day-weay, hiking-style shoes from Zappos this morning! The ones I am wearing today are severely compromised near the toes of my right foot; as in there is a two-inch separation of the sole from the top portion that cannot be repaired. These are not Hi-Tec shoes and are not very old, needless to say I’m trying a different brand, Keen, this time.

    I would think that skiing is very aerobic since I’d imagine, since I’ve never skied, that you are constantly trying to fight the mountain to keep yourself upright.

    Currently I am reading about Internationalization/Localization of iOS apps. While it intrigues me, especially given my current German-learning status, I’m struggling to stay awake.

  3. Steve says:

    Skiing at “my” level isn’t aerobic, but there was a fair amount of burning muscles- quads being held firmly in the same position causing cramps. And if you are fighting the mountain, grasshopper, you will lose. You must become one with the mountain! Ohm.

  4. Barb says:

    All this shoe talk, maybe I’ll go to DSW today for lunch, I have a $20 credit burning a hole in my pocket……….
    Also – any of you male ITP readers know of anyone that wears a size 13 shoe? Someone gave them to Allan & he wears a 14, so they are too small. Its a hiking/walking type of shoe.

    I’ve decided the in-laws across the street right now might mean way too much time spent with them. I got home from work, Allan was over there helping get the nasty old double ovens out. We ended up going out to dinner with them. (Rocco’s has half priced wings of Tuesdays we found out, very tasty).

  5. Barb, if I wore a size 13 I don’t think that I’d be single. 😉

  6. Barb says:

    And – I just bought some new running (well for me really walking) shoes at DSW. thanks for making me go spend money!

  7. Steve says:

    You’re welcome.

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