Really Good Weekend, Frustrating Monday

I’m short on time (again) because I failed to get out of bed this morning. And as always when I leave the house late traffic sucks.

After a weekend of working, getting my app passable for today, I celebrated with an early concert at Eddie’s Attic. As an added bonus I got a parking space in the square, which was free because it was Sunday. Woo Hoo!

The concert was performed by Chatham County Line, a Raleigh-based bluegrass band I’ve been following for about a decade now. Geez, where does the time go? I’ll spare the details other than to say the band put on a very entertaining ninety-minute set. I was home by 9:00pm.

The Value Of An Accurate Calendar
On my commute to work I was forced to use routes that are inefficient, but valuable when interstate traffic is fucked. Winding my way toward Dekalb Av I saw a sign for Ration & Dram. This connected some of the synapses in my brain “Huh, that’s where I was going to eat before seeing that play at the new playhouse around here. Hey, when is that play? Shit, it’s March 2nd? I bet I missed that play.”

And I did.
And there was much disappointment.

As I discovered by going into the archives of this blog I had a ticket for the January 24th performance of “Pizza Man”. Had I only thought to enter this into my calendar I might not have missed the play.


Okay, big day here at work so I have to go. What did you get into this weekend?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Really Good Weekend, Frustrating Monday

  1. Steve says:

    There was a little packing, a lot of waiting around on people to give them things they claim to want- like a non-working side by side fridge. The guy who took it away came from Powder Springs and was going to take it to scrap. I explained it was probably worth more repaired and sold and I think he got it. As he dealt in scrap anyway, I gave him a motor from a pool repair to take in as well. And I saved him a bunch by catching him before he tried to find us down I-75! Oops.

    Debbie was away at the hunt all weekend and almost had a great weekend, until a horse knocked a friend over as she was un-tacking him and then proceeded to step on her leg. SNAP! I believe she’s in surgery now to ave a couple pins put in. Ouch.

    And there was a little suffering on the bike yesterday. Riding season starts Sunday with the time change.


  2. I suppose I should consider riding again. It’s hard to do with the weather we’ve had and the lack of a trainer I’ve never recovered from Little Willie.

    ITP-Reader Stacy: My calendar is open for Thursday night if you and Aron plan a return to Midtown Tavern. Let me know and I will certainly put it on my calendar.

  3. Steve says:

    And Barb, I forgot to mention the Masters tickets arrived!!

  4. Barb says:

    Friday night we went & got some ribs at Dave Poe BBQ going out words West Cobb, that is the closest Kroger for fuel & I has some points that were exxpiring. Ribs were tasty.

    Saturday we ran some errands, one being a new TV for the garage, so we are ready to sit outside & watch TV again someday if the occasion arrises.
    Had some friends over for dinner who are getting married in Cancun, it was fun hearing all the ‘fun” they are having planning this, it doesn’t seem any simpler than just having a wedding here.

    Sunday went for a hike up at Red Top, they were/are filming a movie so they had the road blocked with no idea of when we would be able to pass. My guess is they were filming something on the bridge. So, went the long way out of the park (which really isn’t that much longer), but got stopped again, this time we could see what was going on. Now I know how they sometimes film people driving in cars, they put it on a flatbed & have the cameras right outside the windows.

  5. Barb says:

    Oh yeah – and Paulie – we need to talk RAGBRAI, my brother & I have a plan, that does NOT involve Team Wimpy, so we don’t have to register with them now.

    And Steve – yippie! Its going to be an awesome way to spend our anniversaries, just praying for beautiful weather.

  6. Sounds good Barb. Next time we get together we can discuss RAGBRAI.

    Now that it’s March I should also consider planning my Portland Hash trip as well.

  7. Stacy says:

    Sorry Paulie! I got all wrapped up in work yesterday I didn’t get to your blog (whaaaaa? Apparently I have my priorities totally messed up). Yes, we are definitely on for the Thursday trivia again!

    Though I can wait right here while you double-check your theater calendar just in case…. 😉

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