Last Friday Of The Month

I am at Callanwolde, an enclave on Briarcliff that I have passed hundreds of times in my twenty years of Atlant residence but have never entered until today. I am here for this month’s Creative Mornings Atlanta, and will finish this blog post later today.

I have much more to say today.

The Rest Of The Story
Last night I joined ITP-Reader Stacy and Aron for trivia at Midtown Tavern. This was my first trip to this bar so I wasn’t sure what to order, but the french fries covered with chili seemed like a good thing on a cold night. I was right. I also consumed two pints of beer, but not enough water, and am suffering the consequences today.

I used to feel as if I were a great trivia component but as the years have gone on my contributions have been lessened. Last night I didn’t add too much to the team’s effort, though I was the one who knew the four symbols present on the buttons of a Playstation controller, and I added one country to the list of seven countries that border Ukraine for the night’s final question. Spending a year working with Ksenija should have provided me with the knowledge of all seven, but I’m not so keen on geography.

Oh, did I mention that we won?
Yep, we sure did.

Creative Mornings
As I mentioned earlier I attended the Atlanta Chapter of Creative Mornings’ monthly meetup. This month’s theme was “Climate” and the presentation was done by a local paleoclimatologist. The presentation was interesting, and much like last month’s was surprisingly short, perhaps thirty-five minutes.

Here’s the ceiling of the room at Callanwolde in which today’s meeting was held.
It was much prettier than my photo captures.

Nest month’s theme is “Ink” and it was relieved that it was going to be presented by a local tattoo artist. If you are aware of my dislike of the proliferation of tattoos you will understand while I will not be making an effort to attend next month’s presentation.

It’s Going To Be An Interesting, Yet Lackluster “The Amazing Race”
This morning, rather than blogging, I watched the first episode of this season’s The Amazing Race. As I mentioned on Wednesday this time five of the teams consist of people on an extended “blind date”, having met for the first time at the start of the first leg of the race. Perhaps it’s my own lack of luck in the love area I can’t understand why the producers of The Amazing Race though that this would be a good idea, or that people could actually find “love” in such an environment, though I am sure that there was much vetting of partners before pairing them on this “blind” date.

Have a great weekend, all.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Last Friday Of The Month

  1. Steve says:

    Tick tock….

  2. Stacy says:

    Srsly! How long does he expect us to go without our morning blog?

  3. Barb says:

    I haven’t watched Amazing Race yet -probably tonight. I did watch Survivor (since Allan gave up in it long ago).

    I (or shall I say we) are going to attempt Beef bourguignon for dinner Saturday night. I was looking at some beef broth in my fridge a few days ago & thought I needed to cook something with it. I’ll let you know monday if it is any good. I also realized I didn’t own a dutch oven to cook it in, so Bed Bath & Beyond was more than happy to sell me one.

    Sorry I missed trivia, but Sue & I went for a quick hike before dark & had some dinner & caught up on all our mutual crazy parrothead friends & their crap.

  4. Stacy says:

    I watched TAR, yeah…this whole “date” thing is pretty stupid. I like the concept of trying to compare strangers as a team vs. already established relationships. It’s intriguing to see who works better together in some cases. (For example, I fully expect the “newly met” to become less polite as the race goes on: still on their best behavior right out of the gate) But why do they have to call it a DATE? That part is just stupid.

    So much fun at trivia last night! Sorry you missed, Barb, but sounds like you had a nice evening too. 🙂

    I had some colleagues at Creative Mornings this morning, too. I keep forgetting about it and need to start putting it on my calendar!

  5. Steve says:

    Debbie had all the work done on the truck prior to heading off to hunt in Middle Ga today and the tire pressure sensor was still on. A quick trip back to Tires Plus got it fixed. While she was over there, I was at the verizon store talking about internet access and it seems the new house is within the 4G world, and their internet solution might work. They come and install the antenna and the whole nine yards. Worth a shot.

    Packing continues. Need to go ride outdoors!


  6. Busy day thus far. I should probably stop spending money today as well…

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