A Step In The Right Direction

I took advantage of yesterday’s unseasonably warm weather and went for a walk after work. It has been far too long since I’ve exercised. Along the way I had a pleasant surprise by seeing “Lick-Hole-A” out running; more accurately she saw me since I walk without wearing my glasses. In the end I walked ~6.7 miles, at a leisurely pace, taking me nearly two hours. While I much enjoyed myself I need to return to exercises that burn a similar amount of calories (or more) in a shorter time period since I know that I’ll rarely have two hours to spare.

My walk was more than needed since I ate way too much food at lunch. Even with the two-hour walk under my ever-expanding belt I did not have any hunger last night so I skipped dinner. My only calorie intake at home last night was a large glass of cranberry “juice”.

I failed to mention in yesterday’s blog that it was my dad’s birthday, had he made it this far he would be 92 years old. Wow.

Knowing this significance of the day I made sure to call my mother last night, who I am happy to say is sounding much healthier than she was last week during her birthday.

Seven days from today I’ll be taking the M6 on its maiden voyage to Florida to visit her. It’s been a crazy world for me these past four or so months, I’m really looking to get away not matter how briefly.

Speaking Of The M6
I’ve somehow managed to clock 2400 miles in two months without taking it on any long drives.

Project: Transcribe Twenty A Day
In the process of cleaning up last night I rediscovered the box of 1000 German/English flashcards that I purchased last year. Purchased with all good intentions they’ve sat virtually untouched. Starting tonight I will be undertaking a daily routine of selecting twenty cards and transcribing them into a database that will source the flashcard app that I plan to write. If I can be a diligent soldier I can complete this effort in fifty days which, calculated by convertunits.com tells me is April 24th. Wunderbar!

Well, I better start getting some work done. A quick check of my calendar shows that starting at 1:00pm I will be in meetings until 5:30pm, with the exception of about two thirty-minute blocks. Weeeeee!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    JoAnna & I went over to Sope Creek to hike with the beagles – it was a lovely evening.
    Then we went & ruined it all by going to eat at Moxie Burger – their burger with a fried green tomato & pimento cheese is quite tasty. We sat outside on the patio with the dogs. If you want to meet new people, bring dogs to a restaurant. We also observed that families eat out a whole lot more than when we were young. That place is not cheap, was packed, how people(families) afford to eat out all the time just amazes me.

    Our RAGBRAI plan is coming together, my brother bought a small camper to be our air conditioned team vehicle, and has lined up his Father-in-law to be our driver & campsite & shower finder each night. His FIL used to be in charge of Team Wimpy, but dealing with 60 drunks for a week finally was too much for him, so he sold the team & bus. But, he misses it, so he is very excited to do this on a small scale. At some point we will ahve to figure out how much money we will need for this adventure.

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed that bars/restaurants are constantly filled with families. I’m never sure how they manage financially.

    Sounds great Barb. When details get figured out let me know. I will have the money available when it’s needed; next on the list will be training and details about travel dates and driving arrangements.

  3. Stacy says:

    Still up for one additional “meeting” at 8:30pm?

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Sure! I will see you tonight.

  5. Steve says:

    It was a frustrating day in the home purchase arena yesterday. We learned our mortgager wants another engineers inspection of the house before writing the note. This may be completed this week, but may not be in time to close Monday afternoon. Many things are based on the timing on the closing, so if this slides, I will be annoyed. And we’re still waiting on the appraisal.

    I cut the grass last night. I don’t know what it is about grass cutting that I find so peaceful. I also asked Debbie that when her horses go on a spree like the other day, she wander around behind them and replace their divots! When the ground is so wet, their hooves can easily create little holes.

    Cross your fingers for all the stars to align and we get done on Monday.


  6. Barb says:

    Paulie- The tenative plan for RAGBRAI is drive the 14 hours to Cedar Rapids on Thursday 7/16. (of course we are planning on you roadtripping with us, but if you’d rather fly, there is Delta direct flights & we could haul all your stuff. You just have to be there by Friday night). We’d have Friday to hang out with my parents, goof off, do yard work, get the camper ready. Then drive the 5 hours to Sioux City on Saturday. I plan to just do 6 days, finishing Friday night in Coralville, not doing the Saturday. (if you & Allan & Tom decide you want to ride Saturday, we can make that work). There is a good chance another brother will ride with us Friday, and maybe even my sister. They don’t have “road bikes” so that could be an interesting slow (drinking) day. Most likely drive back to Atlanta Sunday, so I can come back to work Monday.

    Steve & Debbie – sending good vibes your way……..

  7. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    ROAD TRIP!!!! 🙂 I’d love to travel with you and Allan.

    Sorry to hear about the bump I the road Steve. Best of luck to you and Debbie, all will resolve itself soon.

  8. Barb says:

    you be crazy, but it should be fun. And, we only stop for gas – you have to be dehydrated to ride with Allan, you have to beg for a pee break. LOL

  9. Stacy says:

    OMG remind me never to drive with Allan then. That’s the worst! You gotta go, you gotta go!

  10. Debbie says:

    Hahaha, the odds of me stomping divots aren’t great. I really tore up the yard today trying to get the trailer back in after dropping off a horse. I hate it, but the ground is so saturated that it is what it is.

    Fingers crossed for no delay. I’ve scheduled my House of Cards binge watching to be done by Monday. There will be no streaming at the new house.

  11. Barb says:

    its kind of a joke Stacy, but kind of not……

    Debbie- if you have free time Tuesday, you can come with me & my sister & niece to Senoia………

  12. Steve says:

    Free time? TUESDAY? Ummmm, no.

    Y’all could come by and see the new house, though.

  13. Barb says:

    I love how you answer for her Steve…….. and maybe on the new house, we can discuss it on Tuesday.

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