It’s A Wonder We Survived This Morning

My first indication of today’s driving indiscretions should have been watching a shithead speed up while driving past me and blow straight through a hard red light on Moreland just so he/she could make the changing lights at Memorial and then Arkwright.

Not more than five minutes later I thought the M6 was done for as I watched the shithead traveling in the opposite direction from me start to stray into my lane. I was slow on the horn because I was (incorrectly) certain that he/she would right his/her course. Fortunately he/she did not stray far enough to make contact. Unfortunately I had also violated the “Always leave yourself an out.” rule I learned in driver’s education thirty-five years ago and would have been in a bad accident had things progressed further.

Not more than five minutes later I watched another shithead make an ill-advised right turn on red and nearly get t-boned by the driver who was legally making his/her way through the intersection on green. At least this time I had an out if I needed it.

Needless to say it was a stressful ten minutes, that was followed by another stressful twentyish minutes of driving around the crowded Connector and then up an equally-crowded 400. I dare say that I am almost glad to be sitting in the office now.

If Only I Had Worked Later On Monday?
During my drive to Colony Square last night, stuck waiting for the light at Lake Hearn and Peachtree-Dunwoody I saw them — hash marks. While not unusual to see hash marks in Atlanta, I think I’ve seen the remnants of three trails recently, these looked incredibly fresh. At first I thought that it was Monday night, but then remembering that I was driving to my German class I and recalled that it was Tuesday. Sitting at the light I looked up the start for the Two-For-Tuesday hash, only to see that it was starting near East Atlanta in the Edgewood Retail District’s parking lot, so this trail certainly was not laid (lain?) for that. And then I checked the start for Monday night’s Moonlight hash — BINGO! (foreshadowing) Wait a minute, according to the address of the start (if correct) the hash started in the parking lot of my office building? DANGEN! It doesn’t get any more convenient that that, and I missed it. DUPPEL DANGEN!

Shit, I just remembered that today is the Black Sheep Hash Founders Day. I wanted to do the hash tonight, but need to do laundry (I will reveal why tomorrow) and have not packed any hash clothes. Oh well.

It’s Your Throw, Mr. President
Apparently President Obama took some time out of his busy Atlanta schedule yesterday to stop by Manuel’s Tavern (pity, they took away the photo of the woman I used to know…). How cool (depending on your political bent) would it be to be sitting in Atlanta’s bastion of Democratic thinking and have a Democratic President come in? There are photos of the President throwing darts in Manuel’s, and to no surprise he throws left handed. (Get it? He’s a Democrat. A lefty. Oh, never mind.) I guess he wanted to visit the old joint before they fuck it all up by constructing a mixed-use development around it net year.

Lavanderia Y ???
It’s lavanderia noche (Washsalon Abend) and I have no idea where I will eat afterward. I only hope that my drive to the laundromat is far less stressful than the one I experienced this morning.

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9 Responses to It’s A Wonder We Survived This Morning

  1. Barb says:

    I’m back to the work world, and have way too many emails to wade thru, so I’m reading this blog instead.

    Jimmy Carter was on my brother’s flight in on Friday night, and he really does walk the whole plane & shake everyone’s hand that wants to greet him. It was pretty cool for everyone to actually meet a president.
    I don’t know if they saw Air Force One yesterday, as they were supposed to take off at the time he was landing.

    Family time was good, very action packed with activites & sightseeing, but we had a great time. Rode the street car monday, it doesn’t get anywhere fast, but it was fun to ride instead of walk from Centennial Park to the MLK Center.

    No Black Sheep Founders Day for us, I’ve got the boss’s boss in town, so I get to go out for dinner or something like that.

  2. Welcome back to the ITP World, Barb!

  3. steve says:

    The closing is done and we spent last night on the new property. Farley has a real problem with the floors so much so that we basically had to drag him into the bedroom. more moving and shaking today. Last night after we got home from the clothes and debbie was feeding the horses and looked over in the far side of the big pastor to see two large trees fall across the fence line. More farm chores.
    and there is no internet service or cell service inside the house without assistance.


  4. Steve, either autocorrect or voice dictation got the better of you today. I had to read your comment twice to complete get the gist. 🙂 Trees fell on the new property or the Day Spa? If the latter is it your responsibility or have you not closed on it yet?

  5. Stacy says:

    I’ve *gasp!* had to spend two nights in the past two weeks at Manuel’s Tavern due to outings friends had planned there. If you know me, you know that I’m of the other political persuasion than those who typically frequent the establishment. That being said, I still think it was pretty cool for the President to visit there, considering the history of the place with politics. Manuel was probably smiling from the beyond.

    Lavanderia day here too — but stealing away to do it AT LUNCH! Do you have that option? Lets you get the chore done you have your evening free for BS Founder’s if you want. There’s gotta be at least one hash shirt in your laundry, no?

  6. First, it’s not an option for me to do it at lunch. I have meetings that remove that option. Second, I’ve been so lazy that I have nothing like hashing clothes in my current batch of laundry.:( It’s alright, I really don’t need to spend the evening out drinking tonight anyway.

  7. Barb says:

    Glad to hear the closing is done Steve (& Debbie). What is the difference in the floors?

  8. steve says:

    Sorry, trees fell at the day spa- we haven’t moved horses over yet will do so on Friday.

  9. steve says:

    Floors are about the same as JEFDSDR . He’s just freaking out a bit.

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