Tax On, Tax Off

With my initial meeting for personal taxes complete it was time for me to submit my delinquent tax information (in which I declared truthfully that Sharpened Stone again made no money) to the City. Now, if I can just get the City to recognize that I mailed them dissolution paperwork for Sharpened Stone at the end of last year I will never have to do this shit again. I am really looking forward to finally undoing the mistake I made about four years ago.

I Visited Harry And Lam Again
No, the M6 is fine.

Yesterday I drove a coworker to Peach Auto so that he could pick up his car. In doing so I stopped in to say hello to Harry and let them know that I’d abandoned them because I bought a new car, not because I didn’t like their service any longer. While there Harry mentioned that I should beware of a potential noise coming from the Mazda’s SkyDrive transmission and if I hear it act immediately while it’s still under warranty. I swear to Jeebus that if I have another car with a faulty transmission I will have to sue the auto industry. Seriously, I will, because I will not be paying to put a second transmission into this car.

I Had My Chance, And I Blew It
Sounds like a good recap of my loveless life. But no, this time I’m referring to a Spinning-style exercise bike.

When I was in Fry’s a few weeks ago returning some stuff I noticed that they were selling Spinning-style bikes, for a fairly reasonable price. I thought about it briefly, but then talked myself out of it. “You should use the ones at LA Fitness.”, “Why are you spending more money?”, “It’ll be warm outside soon, you won’t want to ride indoors then.” I conjured quickly. So I walked away.

Yesterday still having an abundance of body fat and no time to go anywhere to exercise I had a change of heart (before I have a heart attack) and it was too late. All of the exercise bikes from the Duluth store have been sold.

I value my methodical decision making in regards to purchases, though some may argue that I buy too many things regardless. But some times it does come back to bite me in my ever-widening ass.

ITP Flickr Pic
“I Didn’t Deserve A Break Today” (Decatur, GA, USA)
I Didn't Deserve A Break Today
I told you that I ate Burger King for breakfast yesterday.

You know what’s crazy? I love this photo.

Technologically Strong? Well….
One of the items I brought back from Florida was a television owned by my mother. A few weeks ago she declared that it had stopped working properly and I, with much bravado, believed that I could use it regardless.

Even without its remote, which she had never received from the original owner when the tv was gifted to her, I was certain that I could get the tv to recognize inputs other than the RF (cable) input that I was certain was being used by my mother. I hooked up some video sources, plugged the bad boy in, and watched in dismay as it repeatedly perform channel auto scan, then cycled through its HDMI, video, and composite inputs, never once recognizing my video sources. Next I tried in vain to get the tv to acknowledge that I was pressing its Menu button so that I could start fresh, but it refused to recognize.

I tried everything, including downloading the manual and reading it. Yes, I even RTFM! Nothing worked. I even hoped that the tv had a firmware upgrade that I could apply so that I could then reboot it cleanly to start it as if it were brand new again. But alas there was no firmware to be found.

I may have had a case of misplaced bravado.

I will try again once more before declaring defeat and adding it to America’s recycling pile.

My First Sight Of The New Ponce City Market
Tonight I will be stepping foot into the new Ponce City Market for the first time. I have had one encounter with the old Sears & Roebuck building previously, but that was when it served as City Hall East; at that time I had to go there to get the paperwork to reclaim the Jackmobile after it had been stolen from me.

The reason for tonight’s journey is to watch a live recording of a podcast to which I listen called On Doers. Tonight the host will be interviewing the founder of Mindspring (now a part of EarthLink; does EarthLink still exist?), and the mastermind behind Glenwood Park, Charles Brewer.

I’ll actually be returning to Ponce City Market next week, but I will wait until then to unveil why I will be doing so.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to Tax On, Tax Off

  1. Steve says:

    Have you tried turning the rabbit ears? Bang on the side a couple times… that usually works well.

    My partial fail last night was tring to reprogram the garage remote. The main garage door (there are 3) has a outside keypad opener. The code on that is known by all previous owners and any number of others. We decided to put our number in it, and so I too RTFD printed on the lid. Sadly, it is paired with an opener that does not have a button marked “learn” so I pushed and held the only button I could find. This completely FUBAR’d the opener, and now one must push the button on the inside of the shop/man cave/man castle (a name hasn’t stuck yet). I’ve already found all the manuals that should be required to fix it today.

    Farley is doing better. He actually got off the sofa on his own last night and “came to bed”. I did help him up the stairs into the house earlier in the evening.

    One pod gone, one to go! (ding ding ding ding)


  2. These tvs are so thin there is barely a side on which to bang! My next step will be to fashion a bowtie out of aluminum foil and use that in conjunction with the antenna.

    Barb/Steve: Do either of you know why the Wheels of Fire ride was canceled this year?

  3. Barb says:

    here’s what they posted on thier FB page


    It is with great disappointment that we announce the cancelation of the 14th Annual Wheels O’ Fire Cycle Tour event.

    This discussion was made and agreed upon by our full Board, and was based on a continued decline in interest and participation in the event over the past several years.

    It is not our plan to abandon this event, but to refresh and reinvent the event and bring a ride back in a bigger and better way. We plan to continue to hold a century ride in Harris County Georgia.

  4. Huh. Is the popularity of cycling in decline or are there too many events (or have they gotten too expensive)?

  5. Barb says:

    My guess is they have pushed the date back (for better weather) and it probably conflicts with other events. it used to be in March with nothing else on the calendar. And, its isn’t an easy ride, there are quite a few hills.

  6. Steve says:

    Lot’s of rides around as well… too much competition.

  7. bob says:

    Instead of buying a new spin bike why not shop those places that sell used gym equipment? When gyms go out of business they buy up all the equipment and sell it off real cheap. There is one in Roswell and I think one right by Barb and Allan.

  8. Barb says:

    what place is by us? not that I’m shopping, I don’t need something to get dusty & hang clothes on, but I’m curious.
    I know how not motivated I am to work out at home.

  9. Jenka says:

    I’d like to know, too. Not in the market right now, but we’ve already decided to get a treadmill if we ever manage to buy a house. (Which isn’t looking good right now: not a SINGLE thing on the market in our price range!) With me being lazy and him training for a full IM, we’ll definitely use it.

  10. bob says:

    The place is called Fitness Depot, there is one right at 120 and lower Roswell. Across 120 from the Quick Trip. Another location is on Mansell just West of 400 next to the fedex office.

  11. Barb says:

    oh, I’ve seen that place, just never thought about it.

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