Minor Annoyances

I could never live with most of my coworkers because their kitchen habits annoy the crap out of me. People constantly leave half-used packets of hot chocolate behind, and more than one of them fail to understand the concept of “If you took something out of a cabinet to use, you should return it to that cabinet when you are done with it.”. I know, this is all minor shit over which I have little control but I am a neat freak and have controlling issues; this is why I might never live with anyone again. Of course being constantly dismissed by the women in whom I have interest doesn’t help either…

Not Exactly What I Wanted
Last night’s wireframe workshop wasn’t as productive as I had hoped it would be. There were a lot of generalities spoken and each student had to reimagine an app that was present on their phone. I don’t think either of these techniques lend themselves to mental breakthroughs in a two-hour workshop. And by the time we realized that the teacher was not going to have a scheduled break for us to eat the “light dinner” promised by the organizers, the pizza was cold. Pooh.

Here’s one interesting tidbit on which you can chew. There were five men (one of whom left immediately after eating his pizza) and five women in the class. There were two rows of desks, one behind the other, each having eight chairs. In the comments I will tell you how we sat, but first I want you to imagine the classroom and come up with how you think we sat.

Bitten By The NCAA
No, I’m not watching the basketball but rather am cursing it for preempting the shows I watch. I was furious that Apple was dragging its feet in delivering last week’s The Amazing Race until I recalled that at the end of the one I watched in Florida the teaser said “On April 3rd…” now realizing that this was because of the NCAA tournament, which is going to preempt it again this Friday night. DANGEN! I guess that I could start binge-watching shows such as The Blacklist as was suggested by ITP-Reader Barb in a text message conversation last night.

Lavanderia Noche
Last night I came to the conclusion that today has to be laundry day. It’s a pretty easy conclusion to make when you are down to your last pair of clean pants and nearly your last pair of clean underwear. When I did the math I realized that the last time I did laundry was the Wednesday night before leaving for Florida, which was thirteen days ago. It’s time.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Minor Annoyances

  1. I’ll preface my answer by saying that the distribution of sexes entering the classroom was fairly random.

    As you can imagine from human nature, the first eight of us to take a chair sat one chair away from another person. It wasn’t until the last two students arrived that this pattern was broken for each row. Interestingly, at least to me, was that the first row was occupied by only women and the second row was occupied by only men.

  2. Barb says:

    I was going to guess, men in the back row, then the women in front of them.

    For all you other readers – I was telling Paulie to watch The Blacklist (not just because I really think it is a good show), but because the last 2 or maybe 3 episodes there were scenes in Germany, with German being spoken.
    I wonder if they actually fimed over there, I doubt it, but who knows.

    Also – a little Atlanta connection to last night’s episode – one of the Germans was a guy that used to be as regular at the Shakespeare Tavern in the early 2000s. Dikran Tulaine. Good to see he’s getting some acting work.

  3. steve says:

    On MARTA heading to North Springs and the Roswell train to the capitol. Had the parking lot not been jammed, I might be on time, but I think I may have to adjust my target intercept.

    A little grass mowing last night… therapeutic, but learner where there is work to be done.

    More later.


  4. Forgot about today’s ride to the capital, not that I would have been able to participate. Enjoy!

  5. Stacy says:

    I have to totally second Barb’s suggestion. Start at the beginning and binge watch away! It really is a great show. James Spader is spectacular. Who knew?

    I didn’t gender separate in my imagination of your seating chart: I imagined the first row completely full with the stranglers behind. I guess I just kind of assume that if someone’s paying for a class they want to be in, they’d want to sit up front to make sure to capture everything. (You know, as opposed to that horrid poli sci high school class where you tried to slink away the hour in the last row….)

  6. Barb says:

    James Spader is so awesome – not sure if he was even nominated for an Emmy, but he needs to be.

  7. steve says:

    And we’re drinking and it’s all good. Amazing crowd from Roswell… easily 500 . Popo escort all the way. Check local news for video as the news copters were out.

  8. Stacy says:

    A friend of mine is down there Instagramming some pictures right now — looks like a great turnout!

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