My Time Of Year

I love this time of year. We’ve ridiculously altered our clocks so that it “stays lighter later” and when I wake up in the morning it’s chilly, but not cold (I know, cold weather returns once more this weekend, but we all know that it’s Winter’s last gasp in Spring).

Briefly I considered going to the gym this morning, but the lure of a quite office building for blog and code writing was too great. A glance at my calendar for today shows three hour-long meetings scheduled conveniently far apart to completely destroy any hope that I might have for writing code for an extended period today. Unless I wrap up this writing quickly.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Jerry Cheek” (Atlanta, GA, USA)
Jerry Cheek
There is no way for me to know whether Jerry Cheek scribbled his name on this wall inside Ponce City Market on March 6th, 1979 or some time thereafter. Regardless, this struck me as kinda neat even though I am wholly opposed to graffiti.

Much Laundry, And The Time Goes By Quickly
Because I arrived in the office early yesterday I was able to sneak out at a reasonable time in order to do laundry. My clothes were washed, dried, and folded by 6:30pm and I treated myself to dinner at Pollo Norteño, which sits directly behind the lavanderia.

With another delicious dinner of chicken in my belly I hit the traffic going around 285 (it looked even worse to try and go down the Connector) and I was home by 8:00pm.

I used to think that getting home that early was a blessing, and that it meant that I could change my little corner of the world. But instead I did some much-needed German studying, watched Monday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (which featured the strikingly-beautiful January Jones), then completed the task of putting linens back on the bed (I stripped the bed to wash them) and put my clean clothes away before nodding off to sleep.

Branching Out
I’ve felt a little constrained for the past six months. I don’t know if was the weather, the commitment of time for others, or a combination of each, but I just have not been satisfied.

A change is underfoot.

It started with going to the interview with Charles Brewer last Thursday night and was followed by going to the wireframe workshop on Monday night.

There are now two more events on my calendar. Next Monday night I’ll be attending the Apple WatchKit Hack Night at Big Nerd Ranch‘s headquarters. On the following Friday I will be headed to Technology Square in Midtown after work to attend the Harman Kardon SDK Battle Hack. I’m interested to see what’s going on during each of these events, as well as to see how my skills match up to those doing the hacking.

These changes will not mark a complete overhaul of my lifestyle as I still plan to do many of the things I’ve done in the past. For instance, I will be meeting up with ITP-Reader Stacy for trivia on Thursday night.

Storage Wars
I’m hoping that after a brief stop at IKEA tonight (must. go. on. weeknights.) that I can be productive again. My goal is to clean my den, including putting the small pile of “For Goodwill” stuff into the M6 so that I can make a drop off tomorrow. I’m hoping that if I can just keep making incremental progress that some day I will reach my goal.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to My Time Of Year

  1. Holy shit.

    After writing today’s blog post I went to look at what it would cost to live in the newly-renovated Ponce City Market Flats apartments. The smallest living space, a 575 square foot studio apartment, starts at $1375/month. Is this Manhattan or Ponce? Okay, you probably can’t get any apartment in Manhattan for $1375/month, but you get my point. To get an apartment that is of comparable size to the ITP Estate it would cost me $3575/month (!). True, it’ll have completely functioning plumbing but I’m sure that I can get mine fixed for no more than a half-year’s worth of rent.

    Doing the math on that last one comes out to $42,900/year. Four years’ worth of rent would be almost the same for what I paid for the ITP Estate in 1999.

    If you want to amuse yourself by seeing what the hipster elite will be paying to live in the Flats of Ponce City Market go to their floor plans page.

  2. Barb says:

    I personally LOVE daylight savings time, I’m NOT a morning person.
    Last night we got in a bike ride, over to Kennesaw Mtn (but not up) and back. Its about 16 miles or so, with a decent amount of hills.

    I had made a big pan of chicken enchiladas a while back that were in the freezer, so it cooked while we rode & dinner was almost ready when we returned.

    Another TV show everyone needs to watch is Justified. Its almost over forever, I think 3 more episodes, I will miss it so much.

  3. Steve says:

    Wow… while it may be convenient to a lot of stuff, they do think quite a bit of them- and I randomly pulled up one of the 1 bedroom floorplans and it said none were available… even more wow.

    The ride to the capitol was fun. I met the Roswell group at Abernathy Road, after having a problem finding parking at College Park MARTA. Bob managed to find me, along with Gaywatch (also in the Wheelhopper kit) and we cruised down Roswell, Piedmont, and Juniper to the Capitol. Lots of cops blocking every intersection and most large parking lots. Very cool.

    Met up with Bob’s neighbors, another Wheelhopper and Jackass, and went to the Highland Tap for lunch, then across to Atlanta Pro Bikes next to George’s for some oohing and aahing at new bikes (and drinking the bike shops’ beer).

    I rode back down to the beltline and over towards King station where I caught the train back to CPk. My cross bike needs a battery on the computer, so I have no idea how far I actually rode- I’m guessing about 20. A beautiful day to be on the bike.


  4. Barb says:

    I just had to get a new battery on my road bike computer too. So, this way I’ll know exactly how many miles I’ve ridden this year.

    Also Paulie – (& whoever else wants to come, Sarah will get over it) Easter morning (4/5) SCT ride & brunch after is on for Rambo Nursery start. Haven’t decided on a time, its usually 9:30-10. We all bring beverages & food to share, there is a picnic table right by the parking lot. Allan & I may bring the grill & cook bacon.
    Also – seriously considering the Tony Serrano ride on Saturday 4/11.

  5. Stacy says:

    And with the Magic that is The Trivia, in your off-week we managed to turn our $20 winning certificate into a $30 one — woo hoo! In other words, we spent your winnings (oops), but we made ya back almost 30% more. We’re a good investment. 😉

  6. SWEET! I wish making 30% were always that easy. 🙂

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