Ah Friday, you are supposed to be the third-happiest day of the week for me. And according to my calendar today is supposed to be a “good” Friday! However, I think the start of pollen season is going to bring about the start of allergy season for me this year as I’m feeling something already. Or, perhaps it’s a cold thanks to the inconsistent temperatures we’ve had this week. Who knows.

No Beer Left Behind?
Last night I made it to midtown early enough to enjoy a few beers and dinner. Except I never got hungry enough to order dinner, so I stuck with beer. Except shortly after ordering my second beer I noticed the waitstaff bringing in table umbrellas and overheard them talking about rain. I consulted my iPhone and they were right, rain was on its way.

While I admit the skies looked ominous when I walked from the Woodruff Arts Center to Tap I never considered rain, so I was sans umbrella (ohne Regenschirm). DANGEN! I found my waiter, after confusing someone else for him, paid my tab, and hoofed it back to the Woodruff Arts Center before the heavy stuff came down. I was in such a rush that I left behind a near-full glass of beer. In my healthier, hashier days I would have done a quick down-down, but these days I’m rotund and don’t drink the way I once did so I had no other choice than to leave the beer behind.

Columbo Live!
Only slightly damp I sat inside Woodruff Arts Center reading German grammar lessons and surfing the internet for about an hour until the doors were to open at Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre. Except they didn’t open on time, apparent a small SNAFU caused their fire alarms to trigger, but once all was deemed safe we were let inside.

The theater was constructed “in the round” or more accurately “square” last night. Consisting of an ensemble cast, some of whom I recognized from other performances, I thought the play “Edward Foote” was very well acted but as predictable as any I have seen in a long time. It really reminded me of an episode of Columbo. Admittedly there was one slight unpredictable moment that I will not spoil for anyone in the ITP Readership who may be considering supporting local theater by seeing this play.

More “Fashion” Don’ts
Men, if you are trying to be hip by wearing a hat please take it off when you enter a building for crissake! This may be another “Old Fashion Rule” but it’s one that I believe should be followed even if you are okay with wearing white shoes after Labor Day or black belts with blues shirts. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pork pie, fedora, newsboy, or baseball cap, just take the goddamn thing off when you are indoors.

If you are someone who suffers from really bad “hat hair”, as I do, then you should forgo wearing hats unless they are absolutely necessary like when playing sports.

Bring The Noise
Tonight I’ll add another experiment to my list of different things I try. A couple of weeks ago I heard about a different hackathon happening in town, this one to use the newly-published SDK from Harman Kardon; you know, the high-end stereo equipment people. Even though I realize that the combination of software development and stereo equipment will most like attract 100% male participants, I signed up, because I like software development and I like stereo equipment.

I downloaded the SDK yesterday and unfortunately for me their sample applications are written in Swift, Apple’s newest (and constantly changing) programming language; you might rightly assume that I’ve yet to jump onto the Swift bandwagon so I’ll be a little behind the 8-ball tonight.

Bring The Bike?
My original plan for Easter Sunday was to be a sack of shit kicking around the ITP Estate and slow-cooking the remainder of the pork butt, hehe I typed butt, that I cooked for Wednesday’s lunch. However, an opportunity to ride my bicycle has arisen, and even though the temps will be a little chillier than I care for them to be whilst riding I have committed to doing the BRAG Spring Tune Up ride in a few weeks so I best start working the legs and conditioning my butt, hehe I typed butt.

The only question left is how I plan to transport my bicycle since I’ve yet to install the trailer hitch under the M6 and I won’t feel like rushing around to do so tomorrow. I guess it’ll be time for me to see how well the bicycle fits into the M6’s trunk. Wish me luck.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to TGIWTF

  1. Steve says:

    I betcha the bike will fit quite nicely in the M6. I assume the seats lay/lie flat?

    Chores last night, the start of cleaning prior to the invasion on Sunday- maybe not full on cleaning, but at least clearing a path through the rubble.

    We also played with the cell phone booster, which I’m learning may not be sufficient for our needs. May have to look into Skype and see what it can do for us.

    Have a lovely Easter/Passover!


  2. I assume that with the rear seats folded down and the front wheel off I will have little problem. I’ve also installed a rubber cargo mat in the trunk so I shouldn’t have to worry too much about grease either.

  3. Stacy says:

    Totally agree with you on the hats! Women can leave them on, but men should take them off. Don’t even get me started about the folks who won’t take them off during the national anthem at sporting events either.

    The rains last night were funny. We had a steady stream of dry, then slightly wet, then dry, then really wet, then dry again patrons come in the door — my only indication there was even a storm. Thankfully by time I left it was a dry phase as, I, too, forgot to bring in an umbrella.

    We were pairing Peeps with various brews last night – ’tis the season! I can’t post a picture here, but I’ll text it to you. *grin* I just picked up a shift for tomorrow afternoon after a desperate plea went out (holiday weekends are hard to staff) so I’m considering bringing in Cadburry and Reese’s eggs to do the same. Woo, do we throw down t here or what? Now, where to find some bunny ears to wear….

  4. Nice! I currently have nothing more planned than getting my bicycle ready for Sunday and other assorted house chores. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me at Orpheus.

  5. bob says:

    Why are we not supposed to wear hats inside? I don’t understand that one.

    Last night for the first time the ramble was called off due to the rain. Not bad considering we have been rambling for quite some time. We still had 9 people show up so we just went in to the post ride bar and drank beer instead. We reminisced about our recent trip and cut up for a few hours, my belly hurt I laughed so much. Great times!

  6. I assume for the same reason that you are supposed to follow any social norm — “Because”.

    Here’s what Emily Post had to say on the matter.

    Related: It always saddens me slightly to find a blog that has gone dormant. I suppose I could blame Facebook and Twitter, but I really don’t.

  7. Barb says:

    Paulie – I sent you an email with the Sunday details.
    If there is room in the car, bring the hitch along, if we aren’t too drunk from our brunch, maybe Allan can help you install it later than afternoon.

    Went to a new to us pizza place in East Cobb last night. Brixx. Excellent beer selection, pizza was pretty tasty, waitstaff was not impressive. It was Allan’s birthday, so it was in between us & his parents (for once they weren’t across the street). I won’t say we won’t go back, but it would only be when it isn’t busy.

  8. bob says:

    Interesting, I wonder if anybody under 40 even knows that etiquette rule? Hell, kids these days won’t even look up from their phones or take ear buds out when having a conversation. I don’t know why but the ear bud thing drives me crazy.

    I need to get on my road bike, going to miss BRAG STU but may do BRAG. Need to get some miles in.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Message received, Barb. I will try to bring something that will complement the items already listed.

  10. Steve says:

    Here is a slight variation on the “hat” rule I run into… helmets. At some bigger races, someone will perform the National Anthem. If I’m chief, I will always remind riders to remove their helmets (off mike, of course) but what about non-Americans? Clearly Americans, but are foreigners also expected to respect our Anthem?

    And if we roll out of bed and head for breakfast- I leave my ball cap on.

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