Competing Desires

I really wanted to go for a bike ride this afternoon.
I really wanted to beat traffic this morning.

While these do not seem like competing desires, they were.

When I awoke this morning I was in no condition to get my cycling gear together and put the bicycle into the M6 and hit the road early enough to beat traffic. I suppose that I should have gotten my act together last night, but I was fairly whooped when I arrived home. Hell, I even fell asleep on the couch as I tried to study some German vocabulary.

The latter desire won out and I was in the office at 6:30am.

Walked Yesterday. Walk Today?
I did manage to get out and do a 5.5 mile walk yesterday after work. It was a semi-pleasurable journey that has left the entire lower half of my body hurting a bit today.

In an effort to be a little more cognizant of what I put into my body I actually eschewed going out to eat after my walk and returned to the office and ate some of the leftovers that I have in the office refrigerator.

Since I didn’t pack the bicycle this morning I may go for another long walk later today.

Or Mow Tonight?
However, as I pulled out of the ITP Estate this morning I was reminded that with rain showers and warmer weather grass grows much faster. So, if I abandon work early enough I may beat traffic back to East Atlanta and walk the lawnmower over the growing grass instead. It won’t be another long walk, but it would be a much more productive endeavor.

It’s Baseball Season Already?
Over the years I have admittedly become more apathetic toward baseball. The rules changes, the players’ attitudes and absurd salaries, the prices of games, have all driven me away from the sport that I used to love.

In the olden days, when the Cincinnati Reds traditionally played the first game of the season, I looked forward to Spring arriving because it meant that baseball was to arrive soon as well. Which is why I found it so interesting that I had literally no idea that the baseball season was starting last Monday.

As I do every year with good intentions I forked over the money, $20 again this year, to be able to listen to any baseball game played via an iOS device. In years past I’ve purchased the subscription and didn’t use it as much as I had hoped, let’s see if this year is any different.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Competing Desires

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see..

    Many anniversary wishes on the (social media that everyone but YOU participates in). We will go out to dinner this weekend to celebrate- maybe some sushi!!

    A run (!) from the house last night… not unpleasant, and I can mostly walk this morning. I have some ideas about rides from the house- wich are variations on rides from the old house, but want to look a little into some other options… new roads!

    Farley is again having trouble getting up and down. I wanted him to come back inside when I went for my run, but he decided he liked laying on his outside bed and not going up the steps. This may be getting serious, and that ain’t good.


  2. I was just early to recognize Facebook Usage Linked to Depression, that’s all.

    Hoping for the best for the Big Guy.

  3. Barb says:

    We didn’t do much last night, Allan did some yard work & met with a guy to pour concrete in the backyard for the shed & carport. (camper port someday)
    I see a bobcat in the backyard this morning, so I guess it is happening. I need to start re-arranging money.

    But – on the good side, our re-fi closing is this afternoon, and since we made our regular auto draft payment on the 1st, we are now getting about a payment amount back at the closing.

  4. Stacy says:

    Not only is it baseball season, but the Cubs have already been mathematically eliminated from the title!

    (Above joke is something my little brother likes to remind me of each year) 😉

  5. Steve says:

    I think the Braves really are eliminated.

  6. Stacy says:

    The Braves are 2-0! Woo hoo!

  7. Barb says:

    Speaking of the Braves- didn’t everyone see Moneyball? Give these no name people a chance. and I don’t even like baseball.

  8. Steve says:

    I don’t think the Braves are that smart.

  9. I’m hoping that when the Braves move to Cobb County they are cursed with fifty years of losing seasons.

  10. Steve says:

    I’m watching the Scheilderprijs race and there was an inflatable arch over the road that lost air. Te break and field made it through, but the spectators couldn’t hold it high enough for the team cars to get under. There just happened to be a driveway that the caravan could detour on. $hit happens, even on the continent.

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