May Day

I think I am still waiting for March to go out like a lamb, and today marks the first day of May.

Today also marks another morning during which I decided not to get out early to beat the rat race, but rater to remain at home until the rats have finished racing. Consequently you can add the infamous Chinese Fortune Cookie suffix “between the sheets” to today’s blog post.

A Fun Thursday Night At Monday Night
Traffic was a bear, but I managed to get to Monday Night Brewing in time to be twenty minutes early.

I’d bet that we had the largest group of friends last night. Included in the crowd was my boss, who after I joked about passing my Georgia Ale Trail Passport to so that he could also save $2, was admitted for the discounted price as my “plus one”. I think we need to figure out how not to come off as a couple of old gay men since this is not the first time this has happened to us.

(ITP-Reader Stacy, I never received any of the photos)
Here’s a somewhat blurry photo of the crew. I bet the young lady who snapped the photo for us had been drinking. 😉
Tie One On

The evening was a blast, I consumed my fair share of free samples before the majority of our crowd headed to Six Feet Under on the westside for dinner. At Six Feet Under I won the “I guess the fattest guy bought all this food award again” as I was the recipient of an order of buffalo shrimp that was ordered by another person at our table. Had I noticed the gaff before having my credit card charged (shame on me) I would have disputed it; instead I informed the person who ordered the shrimp that his meal had been put on my check, just so that he wouldn’t get charged for it as well. I was tired and wanted to leave, the $8 I spent on the shrimp was not worth my time to correct the charges. And the good karma can’t hurt either…

I Want My Wit To Be Dry, Not My Skin
Today I start my routine of steroid treatment for that which ails my skin. This probably should have started last week, you know when I was trying to let my body fail at fighting it naturally, because the dryness is starting to spread to my cheeks. If I dry up much more I’m going to start looking like the fat version of The Thing

The Weekend Is Looking Great, I Need To Minimize How Much Of It I Spend In The Office
I need to figure out a way to stop being a workaholic. This weekend should have spectacular weather and I need to have fun during it. Hell, if I can’t have fun I should at least wash the M6 and mow the lawns of the ITP Estate.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to May Day

  1. Stacy says:

    D’oh! My bad! It helps to actually send them. You do now. 🙂

    What a fun night! And now it’s really cool because when you talk about your boss, I actually have a face to the name. Nice gentleman! We all should totally do that again, hitting up some of the other local breweries. But as for next week? Back to trivia!

    I should really think about getting a Georgia Ale Trail Passport. What would be really cool is if all the locations actually had passport stamps to add to the book.

  2. I just posted one of the photos.

    I wish the passport were more of a passport that took stamps, but instead it’s just a plastic card.

  3. Steve says:

    I really want to go to 6FU on the Westside. Actually, I’d like to go to any of the restaurants over there. Many many years ago, I helped a bike racing friend do a valve job on his Toyota- he built and installed personal fitness equipment and had an old industrial space that is either long gone or repurposed in that part of town.

    I was going to do “the double” last night, as I had run at lunch and was going to get on my bike in the evening. Plans changed when the equines escaped while Debbie was trying to get Phinney tacked up. Apparently, Gus has seperation anxiety and busted past Debbie while she was closing the gate. Fortunately the neighbors were out in their front yard and managed to capture the wild stallions (formerly stallions).

    Terri (Sleazy Rider) becomes the first house guest at AEFDSDR. She is running in one of those “run till you drop” deals at Bear Creek- where Debbie will be riding tomorrow morning, and we will be attending a Derby party tomorrow afternoon- a busy place.

    We are selling an extra bed/bedframe to Trish and will be delivering it Sunday afternoon- may be a TC opportunity!!


  4. Stacy says:

    Ah, bummer! I think they should get on it. I have a Bourbon passport for the greater Louisville area and I just remember how fun it was running from location to location just to get the stamp. I think they could really get a lot of interest in it.

  5. Steve says:

    I read that sign as Tie On On!! So I suppose that is a wall of neckties?

  6. It is indeed a wall of neckties — that’s Monday Night’s schtick.

  7. Have the Tour de Romandie on tv at the moment, it appears to be a wet and miserable day to ride there today.

  8. Steve says:

    Hey, at least the weather isn’t so bad they can’t get the helicopter up.

  9. Steve says:

    And the win, off the front of the break, goes to BMC!!

  10. Barb says:

    busy day at work, my co-worker partner is off, so I get to do all her work as well as mine. 9and trying to remember everything I haven’t done in a while is so fun!)

    Last night was fun – and i really liked the Monday night beers. SFU was packed, I don’t know why I’m always shocked by how busy restaurants are, but I always am.

    Sunday Allan is working, and I have some friends from NJ (formerly neighbors) stopping in for a quick overnight before they fly out on early Monday morning flight back home. They have requested a cheap mexican restaurant for dinner, as those types of places are few & far between up there I guess.

    We are heading to B’ham tonight, we’ve decided to attend a Talledega seafood fest at a friends. They have a party twice a year on Saturday of raceweekend. They will have way too many oysters, crawfish & shrimp to eat, I can’t wait. we will aslo fit ina mountain bike ride at Oak mountain tomorrow morning.

  11. Steve says:

    Sounds like fun Barb!

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