Odds And Sods

Just a quick blog post this morning as I’m already well behind schedule fore getting out of town today. I’m taking the M6 on its second road trip, this time to Black Mountain, NC for its first LEAF. If my old Flickr friend Carissa, who was another of my blogging inspirations, still read this space she might be proud of me for my continuing patronage of the festival. It’s fun, but more importantly it’s another opportunity for me to hang with the Raleigh Royalty.

Who You Calling An Old Sod?
I arrived at ITP-Reader Barb’s house in time to see that a good 2/3 of the sod laying was complete. It was not my intention to arrive so late but even escaping the office at 4pm meant that I had to contend with shitty traffic to go from Perimeter Mall to Marietta (just think how great traffic will be when the Braves play there!)

I did my best to help finish the project, which unfortunately for them happened before when we ran out of sod before cleared dirt area. Best of luck on finishing the rest, Barb.

For our efforts we were fed a spectacular Mexican meal, complete with lettuce picked freshly from their garden!

I’ve clearly forgotten how to take photos, but thankfully ITP-Reader Stacy has not. She supplied this shot of the spread we were given.
To The Laborers Go The Spoils

Thanks for the meal, Barb, and the good times hanging with friends.

Sadness In The ITP Community
It’s bad enough when you here one set of friends having to put down a member of their family — RIP Farley, but two in as many weeks?

Last night while communicating plans for meeting up today I was informed that the Raleigh Royalty had to say good-bye to Bacchus, ITP-Reader Lisa’s long-time companion. Over the years Bacchus and I became close buddies, often sleeping on the pullout couch at the same time.

Here’s a shot of the old guy that I took at the end of January.
Look In To My Eyes
Gonna miss seeing him on my trips to Raleigh.

As always my condolences go out to anyone having to deal with this reality.

Sorry to end on a downer. Have a great weekend everyone! Remember, Sunday is Mother’s Day, do what you need to do. I’ll be placing a call on Sunday, probably late in the evening just in case my mother has gone to play bingo that night.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Odds And Sods

  1. Barb says:

    Thanks for coming out to help everyone – I have to say, the rolls of sod were a whole lot easier than the pieces. & much faster. And even though you don’t think you helped much, you helped enough that my back isn’t totally killing me today.

    I called Super Sod this morning, asking if anyone had cancelled their order at the last minute & they had left over Zenith Zoysia sod. No such luck, but she said to call back this afternoon, & again tomorrow morning to check back. If not, it will be Tuesday, as they have to order it.

    We are off to the Zac Brown Band concert up in Alpharetta tonight, we rarely go to concerts because of the ridiculous cost of tickets, but I really like his music & the tickets weren’t super bad ($70 plus ticketbastard charges). My friend Gloria literally lives across the street from the show, so we will pre-party there, if I can get there with fun friday afternoon traffic in time.
    Allan is over at Cycleworks today, so we will have 2 cars – yuck. But, beers are too high priced inside the ampitheatre, so I know I won’t be getting drunk.

  2. Steve says:

    Always a fun time at the Garage Mahal, and soon to be croquet/bocce court. The meal was outstanding and the redneck margaritas were just the right touch.

    As I wasn’t sure if they were working on 285 like last weekend, I took the predictable way home by heading through town. Still a bit over an hour.

    This evening we will experiment with the deep fryer and our fish recipe.

    Tomorrow, a gathering with friends and live music just around the corner and Sunday will be a ride to Debbie’s folks to celebrate MD and try out our fryer on the unsuspecting guinea pigs!

    Our best to the Raleigh Royalty- have fun at LEAF.


  3. Barb says:

    I hope you’ve left town Paulie – cuz traffic will be totally fubar!
    Stacy – you may be stuck.
    (plane crash on 285 & Peachtree Ind. if you aren’t watching/reading any news)

  4. Steve says:

    Holy $hit.

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