Returning With Force Tomorrow

I have an incredibly hectic schedule today so I shan’t be able to spend time here recapping my weekend.
Short form: It was fun.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    I don’t think the weather could have been better, either here or at LEAF.

    Saturday had us up reasonably early for breakfast at the Huddle House, followed by errands and groceries. The evening was spent at a nice party around the corner at Nicole and Doug”s.

    Sunday, after loading the truck with all the frying stuff, I rode to the in-laws and commenced to frying up fish, french frys, gator bites and hush puppies. All went well and was well received.

    By the time we got back home, after 35 miles of riding and a full belly, it was nap time. The taped AToC followed that evening and an early night ensued.


  2. Barb says:

    We were pretty busy all weekend too.
    Friday night – Zac Brown concert, they just came out with a new album, played I think every song on it, plus a few of the old favorites. That band I think really would rather be a rock band than country, so it was a really fun concert.

    Saturday, I went to Super Sod to get 10 more rolls of sod, that place is one crazy place. Landscapers everywhere. finally got loaded up after being there atleast 45 minutes. Got it all finished at home, all by myself. Then went & cut the in-laws grass across the street, since their mower is on the fritz. I was exhausted after all that yard work, it was very warm.

    Sunday we did a 33 mile ride from the house over to Roswell & back, then much needed massages, and Mary came over for dinner. TJ is out working at the Tour of CA, as is Kevin. He facetimed his mom for Mother’s Day, so we all got to say Hi.

    I’m tired today.

  3. A few minutes before my next meeting.

    I wish I’d gotten a ride in this weekend, or had been able to stay up late enough to wish my mother a Happy Mother’s Day. I called at 7pm during my drive and she’d already gone to bingo. By the time she arrived home, 11:30pm by her account this morning, I was long asleep.

    Been catching up on the Giro which started on Saturday, the commentary has been my background “music” this morning.

    Also, SPF 30 is not enough for my Irish/German composition, even if I do slather it on every hour or so.

  4. Stacy says:

    Here’s my info for you this week Paulie: in case you haven’t heard, it’s Craft Beer Week! So get your drink on today through Sunday and report back not only that you drank beers with your boss, but which crafty ones you did. 🙂

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