caffeine + anxiousness = hours_of_sleep * 2

That’s right, by my calculation I got about two hours of quality sleep last night. Admittedly I rarely sleep well, but generally better than my mother or brother, but last night was worse than normal.

Perhaps it was the cup of Starbucks I had at 7:30pm last night (Prior to swearing off most caffeine coffee never affected my sleep). Perhaps it was the anxiousness about my current workload. Perhaps it was the short hour-long sleep I took around 11:00pm. Regardless I awoke around midnight and was awake until a little after 4:00am. Of course my scheduled alarms still went off at 5:00am and 5:30am, but my groggy body bid them adieu. I awoke again, without external provocation, around 6:10am.

This must be what it’s like to be a new parent. Fortunately for me Womanhood has deemed me ill-fit to be a partner, never mind a father, so I shall never find out.

Today’s German Word Of The Day
I subscribe to an email list that sends me one German word a day. Today’s word is:
traurig — sad
How apropos on this day in which I have gotten so little sleep.

The Bike Is In The M6 Again
The weather forecast looks good for a ride this evening, my sleep deprivation does not. I have agreed to ride a group ride, a different one than last Wednesday, with the coworker with whom I rode last week. I may decide to bail on him because the map shows this ride at 29 miles, and when you toss in the other four riding from work the the ride and back, makes for a long ride for a weeknight. Besides, I might wind up falling asleep on the bicycle if I try to ride that far tonight.

In lieu of that ride I may try to do the route I screwed up last Wednesday night, alone. I’m starting the day off with a large case of “I just want to be the fuck alone tonight”.

I Wish I Could Recall The Song I Started To Write This Morning
On my drive in I saw a beautiful woman walking a dog along Highland, in that section near the Beltline that has become so popular over the past decade. My lyrics had something to do with promising to drive at the same time just to see her walk her dog, all the time knowing that she’d always love it more than me.

Perhaps if I sleep on it I can recall the tune.


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8 Responses to caffeine + anxiousness = hours_of_sleep * 2

  1. Barb says:

    I’m back from Mexico! The wifi at the resort (that we paid extra for), was a bit lacking, so I spent very little time trying to see what’s going on in the rest of the world.

    It was fun, but I’ve decided I’m not real sure about this all inclusive resort thing. you drink too much weird shit that you never normally drink. My system didn’t seem to like that. I guess I need more liquor drink training before another one.

    And – you have no idea how much you depend on your cell phone until you don’t want to use it because of the potential costs involved. The resort was huge & trying to find people was interesting doing it the old fashion way – looking around for them.

    I’ll tell you more later – gotta go thru over 1000 emails.

  2. Steve says:

    Damn Barb, 1000 emails? How much penile enlargement can one woman need?

    I know at those all enclusive places you want to make sure you get/drink you monies worth, which is why they never really interested me. NOw if it was a place with lots of activities… that would be fun.

    We tried a “new” Mexican restaurant in Hogansville last night. Not bad, but the only real advantage is it’s closer than our normal haunt.

    Ther may be some actual horse riding by yours truly tonight!!


  3. Twice I’ve learned how much I rely on my cellphone — once when I traveled to Canada and last year when I traveled to Europe. On the latter trip I had an unlocked iPhone but never managed to find a SIM card while there.

    Once again I must comment that I am amused by the two commentators that are working the Giro. At least twice a broadcast I find myself chuckling or laughing aloud.

  4. Barb says:

    Steve – they are all work related, but most likely not for me, but I’m part of so many group email addresses. It really sucks to try to find the emails that are actually for me.

  5. Steve says:

    And regarding the Jury decision at the Giro- penalizing Richie Porte 2 minutes for using a replacment wheel from another team. This is a very old rule- you can share food and beverage, fine, but start sharing equipment, and essentially you are giving up your chance to win to another team. The penalty itself is spelled out in the rulebook, without a lot of options.

  6. “Here you can see a great steaming pile of man meat” — quote from one of the Giro commentators describing the peloton today.

  7. Stacy says:

    Your German word is right for me today too. Or how do you say “heartbroken” in German? Found out a friend of mine passed away this morning unexpectedly. A beautiful, funny loving soul (she actually ran the tasting room at the brewery; can’t imagine how it’s going to be without her now).

    Hug your friends and family, folks! Tell them that you love them. Never underestimate the little joys you share every day.

    And, you know, it’s bittersweet. We’re getting together to put together a memorial, so people are asking me for photos knowing that I’m “the photographer” of the group. It’s what I’ve said before: people may roll their eyes at me or be like, seriously?! ANOTHER photo? But there are times you’ll really want them. So take the damn pictures.

  8. Barb says:

    wow Stacy, that really stinks. Sorry to hear that.

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