I went all in on optimist mode yesterday and my reward was a barrage of thunderstorms that occurred so frequently that I was unable to go for a bike ride. Further frustrating me yesterday was that the rain also caused series of accidents that caused me to stay at the office until 7:30pm.

Gutter Balls
The rain started again in earnest in East Atlanta shortly after I arrived home. As I stood talking to my mother on the telephone I saw that one inner-corner gutter was gushing over with water. I guess that it’s past time for me to get up and clean out the gutter screens. Poop. I’m sure that the screens are clogged with the dangly things (technical term) that have been falling for the past week from the trees that surround my house.

ITP Flickr Pic
“You Could’ve At Least Thrown A Bottle For A Quality Beer” (Atlanta, GA)
You Could've At Least Thrown A Bottle For A Quality Beer
I was going to give this the title “East Atlanta Beer Festival Fallout” but in reality I think it’s more of a throw-out from that event. The beer festival, which was held last Saturday, (remember a long time ago when we all used to do things like this?); I found this bottle in my front yard on Sunday.

It’s Been Awhile
Since I recommended a website to you.

On my drive in this morning I was listening to the latest GardenFork podcast. On this episode they were talking to one of the people behind the RootSimple blog/podcast. Both of these websites interest me.

Personal Business
Dear Brother, and ITP-Reader “Ronnie”,

Sorry to have missed your call on Sunday as I was in a loud bar and neither heard nor felt my phone vibrate. I got your message. I know exactly where Heirloom Market BBQ is and will post photos of my meal when I (finally) get around to going there for food.

Gotta run to an 8:00am meeting…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Floptimist

  1. On a different note, flights to Portland for the hash are really expensive.

  2. Steve says:

    BBQ? Sounds good to me! Of course since I am (unsucessfully) trying to shed a few pounds, that probably isn’t on the diet.

    Progress at work, a run when I got home last night, and an evening catching up on the season finale of “Scandal”. Debbie grilled a delicious piece of salmon which we ate over mixed greens- tasty.

    Many in the cycling officials community are mourning the loss of a USAC employee and extremely positive person to cancer yesterday. While I did not know her on a personal level, her posts and interactions with folks I do know made for a night of sadness as well as light, as that’s the kind of person she was.


  3. bob says:

    Sorry to hear that Steve, cancer sucks.

    I was also an optimist yesterday and rode my bike to work. I had the closest call ever with rain too. As I was going south and about to enter my neighborhood I saw cars going north with their wipers on. I turned in to the neighborhood and felt just a few drops going to my house. I got home punched in the code for the garage door then the bottom fell out. If I would have left the office 30 seconds later I would have been soaked!

    We talked about you this weekend Paulie, we camped at Sloppy Floyd state park and Laura ran the last Twisted Ankle trail race that will be held there. This race was not a half and full marathon but just one race and it was a 30K. Laura and her sister did great, both finishing with a smile on their face. Becky has moved to North Carolina, combine that with the problems she has had with the federal land the race will be moving. Where is yet to be determined…….

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    That’s a bummer about the race but completely understandable. I remember that one year I won my age group, oh wait, that was the year I got injured and gave my number to Jerry.

  5. Steve says:

    30 seconds is a slim margin, for sure. There was a spot shower Sunday afternoon that must have been pretty good, but I never heard it and was surprised to see the deck wet when I went outside later.

  6. Steve says:

    And congrats to Laura and sis for bringing home hardware!

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