It Did Some Good

Last night’s ride, ~24 miles, was good but not transforming. It felt good to get some exercise, to the point where I was so exhausted that I slept through last night’s rain, but there was just enough anxiety with cars along the ride to lessen its mental restorative powers.

And That’s My Night!
Left work at 6pm (after being here for 11.5 hours), rode to the ride, did the ride, rode back to the office, drove home (arrive at 9:00pm), unloaded the car, hung my damp clothes to dry, ate a “dinner” of a hunk of bread smothered with butter and a 7.5oz Coke, and then passed out on the bed.

Showing My Support Through Spending
Did you know that Amazon, perhaps only to Prime Members?, offers the ability for you to choose a non-profit that will receive a tiny portion of many of the things you buy on Amazon? ‘Tis true. Two weeks ago I found out that I could select “Friends of Goethe” as my beneficiary and have done so toot-suite. The only catch to this plan is that you have to start your shopping using the URL instead of the normal I find this to be a small price to pay in order to divert a small portion of what I spend to the Goethe Zentrum in Atlanta.

Speaking of German, but not in it, I received the textbook for my next course in the mail yesterday. The USPS was more successful than UPS in locating my office apparently. Now all I have to do is shell out the registration fee for the next course.

If At First You Don’t Succeed
I’m going to try to leave early today, hell, I was in the office at 5:45am. I have some errands to run today (see yesterday’s post) as well as some new initiatives to launch (ooooh, fancy talk…).

Tonight I will be trivia playing with ITP-Reader Stacy and Aron. The plan is to walk from Stacy’s midtown abode to the Corner Tavern on Edgewood. Due to the nature of the hour at which we will finish playing trivia and the parts of town that lie between Corner Tavern and Stacy’s we’ll be using Lyft to return. This is set to be my first Lyft ride, mostly because I heard of Uber (the now-German-learner in my finds it hard not to type “Ãœber”) first and have always used its service in times of need.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to It Did Some Good

  1. Barb says:

    I went out to Kennesaw for a hike, should have ridden, but JoAnna wanted to take Mia for a walk. it was humid last night, we got a good sweat on.

    Then went to the Marietta Square to find an outside table for dinner so the dog could join us, people frown on leaving a dog in a car this time of year.
    Ended up at a fairly new place – KISH. A persian restaurant. Food was excellent, a little on the pricy side, but it was a lovely evening to sit outside.

    Tonight, if it doesn’t rain, we will be riding our bikes.

  2. Steve says:

    Even I got in a ride last night. Debbie was getting ready to ride and I hear a car horn- she wanted to get my attention so she could make up some medicine to treat the boys, who were covered in hives. Apparently, the rain brought up something tasty that they shouldn’t have eaten. No ride for Debbie either. And while I kept Gus company while Debbie whipped up her potion, the boy was hoovering up the grass as fast as he could. I guess the pasture doesn’t have much real tasty stuff and the backyard does. Go figure.

    My ride had a couple of fast sections and some attacks, I think it was 20 miles. Tonight there will be mower loading for an attack of the yard in EP tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain.

    I think a ride this weekend is in order- any ideas?


  3. bob says:

    A so-so ride is still better than no ride at all 🙂

    I had all intentions to ride last night but a small hiccup delayed me long enough that I could not get it in before a cub scout meeting. It is crazy how many rides I miss due to scheduling conflicts between scouts, Travis’s sports, and Laura’s running. I totally see how parents just give up and get fat and out of shape.
    Travis has his first swim meet tonight so I will try to hook up with the Thursday night ramble crew after the meet. I NEED to ride.
    65 miles on the Tour de Cure on Saturday and BRAG starts the following week. I guess I will just ride myself in to shape.

  4. Barb says:

    As for Riding this weekend –
    We are going to ride somewhere Sunday. not sure where yet. We had thought about going out to Rockmart or Cedartown & riding towards AL, Sarah, Sal & Mike Brogdon are going a double century this weekend, meeting up with them on their way back. If we don’t do that, maybe Sosabee, maybe Silk Sheets, maybe Arabia Mtn.

    Saturday I need to ride, Allan is working. I’m trying to come up with something.

  5. Steve says:

    I was just reminded of needing to be near my PC to test on Sunday morning at 10:00, so that screws up a lot of things…

  6. Unfortunately I will be working on Sunday. Saturday is a riding day for me, somewhere.

    Have I mentioned how much I’m tired of working weekends? Something needs to change.

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