Optimism Has Failed Me Again

I was convinced to think positively, I dressed for the ride, we rode through a little rain on the ride over to the bike shop, and when we arrived all things looked as if they would proceed as planned. And then a little rain started to fall, and then the ride leader cancelled the ride.

Knowing the downhills that accompany the ride and a bike’s inability to brake well when wet I told my coworker that I didn’t feel comfortable going out on our own. So we rode back to the office.

It was during the return ride that the skies opened widely, drenching us to no end. A scary moment occurred no less than a quarter-mile from my destination when a car started to turn left in front of me. Even though I wasn’t going that fast I had no braking ability and started screaming “NO!” at the top of my lungs. Fortunately something worked and the drive stopped her turn in time for me to safely get through the intersection for which I had the right-of-way.

Of course driving home while wet, and in much traffic on 285, was no fun. It became additionally frustrating when I as soon as I hit Stone Mountain Freeway all signs of rain disappeared. The roads were bone-dry from that point all the way to East Atlanta.

Will I Be Spelling “T-R-I-V-I-A” Tonight?
We have $30 in bar cash so I assume that we’re on for tonight. I’ve yet to reach out to ITP-Reader Stacy or Aron, at least until now.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Optimism Has Failed Me Again

  1. Barb says:

    didn’t rain too bad in Cobb last night, we ate dinner on the deck.

    TJ & Mary & my cabinet maker friend Eddie joined us, and very late into the evening, the 2 HVAC installers finally finished for the night & had a beer with us.
    Hoping this way when they come back to finish up today, they will do an extra good job.

    tonight, if the weather cooperates, Allan & I will be out riding. Maybe even attempt to ride up Kennesaw Mtn, maybe.

  2. Steve says:

    It was a fairly quiet night around almost enough farm day spa and dude ranch. We drove to downtown Newnan to have dinner. We picked up dinner for our friends around the corner and delivered it, and spend time with them while they ate it.

    Debbie is working at the veterinary clinic today while one of the regular employees is out having surgery. I took today off to spend with her and she goes and finds a job!

    Bob, I was thinking about making suggestions for restaurants in Newnan while you’re at BRAG. I also remembered there is a growler shop on the Square.

    If the weather turns crappy this afternoon we may come up and join you to play trivia. Currently Debbie has a ride schedule this evening.


  3. Trivia is on. We’ll play at Corner Tavern on Edgewood, start time is 8:30pm; I will be there by 8pm in order eat and have a drink before it starts.

    I plan to ride tomorrow, perhaps tomorrow morning. This way I will have fresh(ish) legs for riding on Sunday morning.

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