Third Ride Was Almost A Charm

On my ride this morning, yes, I rode again this morning, I hit a fucking roofing nail during mile 19 of 21. With a morning meeting to get to I had to quickly change the tube and get back to the office. With a quick shower, but no shave, I just made it in time.

The Only Difficulty I Had Yesterday Was User Error
I had a great ride yesterday with ITP-Readers Steve, Barb and Allan. It wasn’t until we returned to the new abode of Steve and Debbie that I realized that I had hit pause on the Wahoo Fitness app and only logged a little more than 19 miles instead of the 37.5 that we actually rode.

With the ride over we sat around drinking beer, snacking, and then the gracious hosts cooked up some hamburgers for our consumption.

I arrived home late yesterday afternoon and proceeded to crash on the bed after cleaning the bike and taking a shower. I’m sure that my warm house didn’t help, but I arose again at 9pm. After realizing that it was still Sunday night I did some work around the house before going back to sleep sometime after midnight.

An Unspectacular Ride On Saturday
I drove the bike up to the work area on Saturday morning and went for a 22-mile ride. I went for a non-spectacular ride around the Chastain Park area.

After eating Chinese Buffet (I Know, I KNOW!) I went home and relaxed for a little while. Later in the afternoon I mowed the laws of the ITP Estate. For the first time in nearly sixteen summers my lawnmower had a difficult time starting. While I don’t do the greatest maintenance on it I do run quality gas with stabilizer and ensure that the air filter is clean before starting. Perhaps it’s time for a new spark plug?

I wound up staying home again on Saturday night, knowing well and good that I’d be riding again on Sunday.

I think I did too good of job cleaning some parts of the bike; my rear brakes are squealing like a pig. Good thing there is a bike maintenance night this coming Wednesday.

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10 Responses to Third Ride Was Almost A Charm

  1. Barb says:

    Good ride yesterday.

    Went over to the BRAG camp, good to see everyone getting ready for the week.
    Was weird just visiting, but getting home to the A/C made me get over it. I think it is going to be a warm humid week for the gang.

    Next year it is official, Atlanta to Savannah, so we will most likely be back riding.

  2. Steve says:

    Great ride yesterday. My legs were completely trashed. So badly in fact they kept me up most of the night. I don’t think I realized how hot it was- but I still went through almost 1 bottle of water, and a complete large Poweraide. More carbo loading the night before.

    Sir Bradley beat the hour record like a drum- raising the bar by another click and a half. I believe the only one in the near future to be able to beat it will be HIM!

    Apparently there was a little problem in Philly yesterday as the head met the tail of the womens race. Can happen when you share pavement in both directions and don’t keep the caravan short. The video is scary, but no one crashed!


  3. Barb says:

    oh, and I think my chocolate milk helped, I was very tired, but actually felt ok last night & today.
    My legs are still tired today.

  4. Steve says:

    After cleaning up a bit, we crashed for a 2 hour nap and only woke up to watch the Dauphine.

    We also started watching “Defenders of the Galaxy” (that title doesn’t sound right- the one Allan was talking about) Very funny and lots of Cheesey ’80’s music. (sorry Allan).

  5. Barb says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Figured you’d like it – and some were 70s songs, weren’t they?

  6. Steve says:

    Yep. Some 70’s I guess. We stopped just before they launched their attack. Maybe it would make more sense if I knew the comic. Or not.

  7. Barb says:

    no……. I had no idea, but the movie jsut made me laugh.
    Allan of course knew everything that was going on. I just watched it.

  8. Glad I have a rest day tomorrow, my legs are starting to bark.

    Doing laundry tonight (including those new jerseys Barb), not sure that I’ll be able to stand while doing it. LOL

  9. Barb says:

    did you try them on?

  10. Of course not! If they don’t fit then I’ll just have to lose weight before I can wear them.

    I’m living the dream.

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