Breaking Legs

Oh, thankfully I have not broken any of mine. Instead today’s title refers to the much-needed break from exercise that I am giving my legs today. Apparently three days of riding was enough to tire them out. That’s okay though, for today is a natural break day for me given that I have German class tonight.

WWDC Has Begun
And once again I am not a participant.

Unless you are a Mac / iOS / watchOS developer you probably don’t care much about Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference held annually in San Francisco. Obviously I do, and watched yesterday’s Keynote with much anticipation. as expected OS 10.12, iOS 9, and watchOS 2 were announced; this year’s versions of the first two contain fewer we features and hopefully more stability than their counterparts that we use today.

The A/C Has Won
After returning home from the lavanderia last night I had to break down and put on the air conditioning. As I feared it remains underpowered, I think that I will have to call someone out to check the “freon” lines for leaks. Georgia is no place to live without air conditioning.

Of course I could pony-up and buy one of those portable units and learn to live in one or two rooms during these hot months.

And who knows, maybe this will be the nude I need to make the basement livable again since it usually stays about 5-10 degrees cooler down there during the summer.

First Time In A While
After German class I will be headed to The Loft for tonight’s Courtney Barnett concert. I am really looking forward to the show, though not the crowd that has finally caught on to her music. Unlike the nearly-empty room that existed when I chose to see her show instead of The War on Drugs (having tickets to both) last November, tonight’s show is sold out and I am expecting it to be a bit crowded up in the room. Perhaps because of the first turnout the concert was initially scheduled for the smaller venue, Vinyl, but ticket sales convinced them to move the show to The Loft.

Anyone want to guess how much I will have to pay for parking in Midtown tonight?

Okay, have to run to an 8am meeting…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Breaking Legs

  1. Steve says:

    I pay 7 dollars when I park, but I’m sure the going rate is more for the evening.

    I was all set to spin my legs out for 15 minutes or so, but saw that the rear tire was flat!! I had circled at the main road waiting for Barb at the end of our ride and saw a small pile of glass, and I remember a rock pinging off my rim on Wilson, so that might have been it as well.

    A quick swap of the tube, repair the old tube and hope back on and ride. My legs were much happier.

    I’m not a big steak eater, but Debbie found some nice cuts at the Ingles in Hogansville and I threw them on the grill… quite tasty!

    Finished watching Gurdians of the Galaxy last night… cute movie. Groot steal the show.

    Apparently, Martha got rear ended last night near home- her hitch saved her car but she still felt the bump.


  2. I tried to repair the tube that picked up the nail yesterday only to find out the tube of rubber cement that was in the patch kit was empty. I’d not used it all, it apparently evaporated because the tube appeared as if it were full.

    Tomorrow I shall make a Target run (probably right before the Kroger run that I’ll make in order to buy beer and food for maintenance night).

    Man, that sucks for Martha. I hope she’s doing okay.

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