It’s Like Riding A New Bike!

As the temperature rises in my office, it’s gone up one degree to 76.5° F in the past ten minutes, I’ll pen this post quickly.

Fifty Miles Is Hard
You’d think that adding eight miles to a normal forty-two mile ride wouldn’t be that bad, but I’m here to tell you it’s not that easy, at least for me. I suppose it didn’t help that I altered my Stone Mountain loop to finish up via Virginia-Highland but that’s what I did. It was part of my sinister plan to get my free King of Pops popsicle (Delta SkyMiles card holders were offered this) but unfortunately by the time I hit the Corner of North and North Highland the KoP had yet to set up shop. Dangen!

When I turned onto my penultimate street the Wahoo Fitness app said I’d gone ~49 miles. I’d be damned if I turned the corner and finished shy of fifty, so I did one more circle to get in the necessary mileage.

I celebrated with a nice bath.

And then I went and got my hair cut later in the afternoon.

And then after a nap at home I returned to Little Five Points where I ate a brisket dinner before walking back down to Variety Playhouse to see “Vanya, Masha, Sonia, and Spike” or whatever the actual title of the play was.

Speaking Of The Play
The play itself was good, could have used about thirty-minutes worth of editing IMHO.

The real theater happened in the seats. Two of the rear seats were labeled with “Special Guest” signs. I think we were all hoping that they’d get occupied by famous movie stars. Alas, we were disappointed. But what we did get was a side-show as the young couple cuddled and sucked face like teenagers at prom.

I was getting a little more attention from the man seated next to me as well. I suppose I can feel good about being desired, I just wist the desire had come from the attractive woman seated in front of me instead of a guy…

There’s Always A Hitch
I had inklings of riding yesterday but they were quickly dashed by the weariness of my legs after riding fifty on Saturday.

With dinner plans at ITP-Reader Barb’s house in place I went to put the new bike rack into the new hitch receiver. Only I couldn’t. There was a metal bulb, apparently purposely placed that was keeping me from inserting the bike rack in far enough to align the holes. Frustrated I packed up my bike in the trunk again and went to work.

I did my tour of duty at the office, spending some time to watch what I thought was an exciting end to the Tour de Suisse, and then drove to Barb’s.

Master mechanic Allan put on new tires and tubes, handlebar tape, swapped out my pedals so that I have SPDs so that I can wear my mountain bike shoes in Iowa, gave the bike (which may soon get a name) a big washing, and then made some adjustments to the headstock and brakes. It rode like a new bicycle this morning!

At the end of the evening Allan drilled out the nub inside the hitch. Sometime this week I’m going to see how well the new bike rack fits. If you read that I have a bike rack for sale in this space you’ll know things didn’t go very well.

Okay, time to get to work. Hope you had a great Father’s Day Weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to It’s Like Riding A New Bike!

  1. Steve says:

    Let’s see… Friday started at 8 AM or so and ended at 11:45 PM. Saturday, we started back at 08:00 and finished at 7PM, mostly spent fixing problems we “really” didn’t create.

    Yesterday I found Jacksonville’s version of the Silver Comet, which actually has an active train crossing on the far end. I know it was active as I heard the train coming, hustled across, realized I was at the turn around point (I knew I was close) and hustled back across for the return trip. The whole trail was dead flat- if there was 5 feet of elevation change across the whole 12.5 miles, I’d be surprised. This means there was no coasting, almost like riding the trainer but with some changing scenery. The other nice thing was it was 90% shady. I was done with my 25 by 9:30 and was glad.

    Killed more time by driving out to find the beach, take a picture and return to town. I drove a long way south… so far in fact I saw the “St. Augustine 2 miles” sign. Oops. It isn’t really that far, but I didn’t realize how far I had gone.

    Today we’re picking up the pieces and trying to fix what we didn’t break. Yippee.


  2. Barb says:

    it was fairly uneventful weekend.
    Saturday I went for a hike with JoAnna to the East Palisades Chattahoochee Park, inside the perimeter off Northside Drive. Nice park, probably about 4-5 miles of trail, all shaded. Looking down on the ‘hooch from one spot I had to take a picture – it looked so muddy! I don’t think I’d have wanted to be out tubing or kayaking Saturday.
    Went to an early dinner at Cowtippers to meet up with an old Parrothead friend & his daughter & so other friends. That restuarant does ahve decent food & the waiters are always entertaining.

    Sunday Allan got home & needed sleep, so the morning bike ride didn’t happen. Then a few hours later, we decided it was too hot. Attempted to go see The Avengers – it was sold out?? its been out for well over a month.
    So, we decided to bail on the movie idea, ran a couple errands and just watched a movie at home.

    Then dinner…… with TJ & Mary & Paulie. Good times.

  3. Barb says:

    and- Allan was wondering, how were the different shoes & pedals??

  4. They were good, though I might want to tighten up the pedals a bit. When I wore those cleats previously I got knee problems, I want to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

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