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Had I known that there were two classes of 1.25″ hitch receivers I would have ensured that I purchased a compatible bike rack. All of this information is available on the websites for the hitch receiver and bike rack, but is not very accessible for a noob such as myself. Therefore I cannot blame Hidden Hitch, nor eTrailer, nor Yakima, nor REI; the burden of error lays (lies?) strictly on myself. I do regret drilling out the stop knob in the hitch the other night now, that was a decision made with alcohol involved — a poor decision that I take responsibility for as well.

Even with the stop-nob drilled out the rack is not compatible with the M6’s bumper, so it’s time to cut my losses. I will be purchasing a new bike rack, one that is definitely compatible with a Class 1 1.25″ hitch receiver. (I have done the extensive research this time.) There’s a part of me that also thinks I should suck up the $135 and buy a pristine hitch receiver as well, on this I will have to think more.

What of the nearly-brand-new Yakima HoldUp 1.25″ bike rack? I’m willing to sell it to any of the ITP Readership, or friends of the ITP Readership, in the metro Atlanta area (i.e. no shipping) for $300, a 33% discount off of the retail price of $449 that I paid in January. All parts that I received in the box will be included, meaning there will be no flat wrench nor allen wrench, but that should not be a deterrent. Had I not assembled the bike rack, tearing apart most of the box in the process, I’d probably attempt to return it to REI, but that’s not the way I live my life so I shan’t. Please spread the word, because if the rack doesn’t sell by the end of July I will most likely donate it to Goodwill and take the tax write off.

Live and learn.

Better News
After a pressure-filled day at the 9-to-7 I had a lovely dinner at El Pollo Norteño off of Buford Highway (near Lam’s). As I always do I ordered the 1/4 chicken platter. I must have been especially hungry given my morning bike ride and fairly-sensible lunch because I ate the entire plate and nearly two baskets of chips.

Oh, Monday morning weigh-ins start next Monday. I probably should have started weighing myself regularly again to see if my bike riding is helping me lose weight, even if those damn shorts I tried on at Target last week told me otherwise.

Last night I was also able to chat with my mother on the phone for a little while. She was in good spirits in part because I sent her a little money to support her bingo habit.

I must have been pretty pooped from my long day as well because I fell asleep before 10pm as I attempted to study some German while lying in bed.

No German Classes For Another Two Weeks
I decided that I needed some time away from the rigors of German classes so I chose not to sign up for the German A1 review class that will occur Tuesday and Thursday nights for the next two weeks.

Somehow an entire week has passed since the end of my German A1.4 class and I have done little studying. Starting tonight I am going to dedicate the time necessary to review each of the chapters in the A1 text book, as well as return to doing my daily vocabulary tests. If I can be diligent about this then I should be ready for action when German A2.1 starts two weeks from tonight.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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9 Responses to Bike Rack For Sale

  1. Barb says:

    Well- that sure does suck about the rack. I had no idea there are 2 classes of racks. Feel free to call Allan about the hitch, I’m sure it is fine. We marked our rack so I know exactly how far to push it in when putting it on the car, makes it a whole lot easier to put the pin in to lock it in place.

    I’d still attempt to return it to REI – they may just give you an in store credit – but how bad would that be?????

    We finally went & saw the newest Avengers movie last night – the AMC at Parkway Pointe is all recliners now – much more comfortable than the traditional seats. But – they assign you seats – and if it was busy this might be an issue, but it wasn’t, so everyone spread out thru the theatre.

  2. I’m sure that the hitch will be fine, especially since the rack I am going to buy is twenty pounds lighter than the one I currently have. I’m just being my nervous self.

    I might talk to someone at REI today and see what can be done. I just hate being “that guy” who expects to be able to return something, even when he is the one that made the mistake.

  3. Barb says:

    Be that guy………. 95% of people are that guy. Plus, REI can sell that rack, at the scratch & dent sale for almost what you paid.

  4. Allan says:

    Does it need an extension to work? We can get one at Northern Tool just up the street.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Think I am going to talk to REI first. I may feel more comfortable getting a different rack instead of making another alteration to use this one.

  6. Steve says:

    Wait! Who was that?

    So the problem with the rack is it doesn’t go all the way into the hitch, or it goes too far? (insert 12 year old boy laughter)

    After putting out a few fires in Jacksonville (only one of our doing) I fired up the company wheels and put the Fed in my rear view mirror. It isn’t a straight shot home, it’s just pretty easy driving- set the cruise at about 75 and steer around the idiots. Just north of Macon, the google had me get off and head west, through Forsyth and Barnesville (where I waved at my tractors dealer/birthplace). At that point, I told the google I had it from there and cruised through Zebulon, Hollonville and Alvaton to home.

    We celebrated my return with a little Mexican for dinner and an early evening.

    Now if I can only remember to drive my car home instead of getting on the bus, it will all be good.


  7. Welcome to the ITP comment world, Allan!

    Initial problem: Class II bike rack did not insert far enough into Class I hitch receiver in order to align holes. Class I hitch receiver has a bump inside of it in order to restrict use to Class I bike rack.

    On Sunday night Allan drilled out bump from the outside.

    Additional problem: HoldUp 1.25″ inserts too closely to the Mazda’s bumper.

    Solution (that I think I am going to make): Purchase Class I bike rack, hopefully returning Class II bike rack in which I am in possession. The new bike rack will be lighter and easier to manipulate, which will lessen my concerns about using a modified hitch receiver.

  8. Barb says:

    and – just FYI – Allan was telling me what to type & I said NO, you can comment yourself. LOL

    And – that modification wasn’t really any big deal to the rack. Allan will tell you that. You just mark the rack so you know how far to push it in……….

  9. Here’s what Yakima said when I inquired to them:

    “Hello Paul,

    The fits listed for our hitch racks are hitch size and class specific, not vehicle specific. While our hitch products fit the majority of 1-1/4″ and 2” hitch receivers, there are a few that are not compatible. To keep users from overloading a Class I hitch, some hitch manufacturers place a “stop” in the back of their Class I hitch receivers so the tongue can only slide into the receiver only so far. This can cause misalignment of the hitch bolt holes on the receiver and tongue. If you have a “stop” on your receiver, it may not be compatible with our hitch racks

    The use of a hitch extender is not recommended as it increases leverage and lacks anti-wobble features. Should you decide to use one anyway, please be advised that stability and capacity will be reduced. In addition it would void your warranty.”

    I suppose drilling out the stop bump also validated the Hidden Hitch warranty. 😉

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