Maybe I’m Broken Inside?

I started today with the same disappointment I’ve had the past nine days. I’ve completed the anti-biotics prescribed to me on Monday, and have five pills (how I wound up with an odd number I don’t know since I’ve been taking these two at a time) of the anti-diaherrea medication. If I take these as prescribed I will complete this prescription today. I don’t know what it’s going to take to return my body back to normal. I’d really like to have a few full days of normal bowel movements under my belt again before going on a long car trip to Iowa and then riding my all-day long for the next six/seven days.

Chewing On The Right
With my new temporary crown in place I have been instructed to chew only on the right side of my mouth, obviously the crown is on the left. While this is far from a hardship it does provide a challenge that I’d previously not had to consider, especially when consuming harder-to-chew foods. Try it today, see how you do.

No Trivia For Me Last Night
Even though ITP-Reader bailed on us, Aron informed me that he was going to play in Marietta. I briefly considered joining him, but I worked late (had to make up for the time I lost at the dentist’s) and was tired (a side effect of the medication I’ve been taking).

A Weekend Of Planning, And Working
This weekend I will be getting things ready for Iowa. On the home-front I will be packing up all of the goods that I plan to take with me, assuming that my body allows me to go. On the work-front I will be attempting to get enough work done to leave the project comfortably for nearly two weeks.

Hope that you have a great weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Maybe I’m Broken Inside?

  1. Barb says:

    Having to think about what side to chew on is hard. I remember that well from my gum surgery.

    My parents do have wi-fi, so if you want to do anything “work” wise at their house, you can. It isn’t always that exciting there, if you know what I mean. Or I’m sure there is a coffee shop or someplace not too far away, if you want to get out of that place.

    I hope to get the majority of my things packed Saturday (before Felicia arrives & takes my staging area). I have enough clothes that is isn’t a hardship to do, its just a matter of deciding what all I “need” to take. I have to have some “normal” clothes for a day or 2 of non-biking, plus all the RAGBRAI clothes. BTW – I am going to bring my arm warmers, just to ensure the weather will be 90s everyday. I need a weather forecast, but its too early for that.

  2. Steve says:

    Debbie has survived a day of my care- at least she answered her email this morning, reporting she was “as stiff as can be”. She actually had to care for me late last night. My vertigo came back just as I went to bed- aggrivated by the new perscription for my glasses I picked up yesterday. I late down and thought I had been drinking, as the bed was most certainly spinning. Ugh.

    The good news from yesterdays bout with the flat tire- I have 4 new shoes at a bargain price. I went to my normal repair place, the service writer came out to look at the flat tire, for which I could not find any damage and appeared to be holding air, mostly. He found the nail, but told me the tire was too far gone for him to work on it. Liability and all that. I said lets talk about new, and he lead me into the garage area where he had taken a set of Continentals off an employees Mazda. Exactly my size… $200, mounted and all. Oh. Hell. Yeah. An hour later I was driving happy.

    Have a great weekend everyone..


  3. If I make the trip I am leaving work in Georgia — it’ll be my vacation. I am still iffy because of the bodily condition I’ve been in since ten days ago. I really need to be confident in my body before I can commit to making the journey.

    Good fortunes for you Steve!

  4. bob says:

    Hope you feel better dude, would really suck to miss that bike ride due to illness.

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