The Last Day In My Forties

Yesterday morning I went for another bike ride, this one around most of what had become my routine prior to the illness. I went a little more than twenty-one miles, cutting off the final four. I know that I am only cheating myself, but I just didn’t feel like pushing myself over the limits yesterday.

Today Will Be Busy
Tuesdays normally suck around the office these days, today is no different. I have (had) an 8:00am meeting and I need to crank out a release for a demo to be given tomorrow.

On top of that today I will have another German class, one for which I will be ill-prepared (I’m sure that there is a thirty-letter noun meaning “ill-prepared person” but I’m too busy to look it up).

And on top of that there is no Le Tour to distract me today.

Tomorrow Will Be Even Busier!
In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock you should know that tomorrow is my fiftieth birthday (“It’s all down hill from here!”)

I have decided to take tomorrow off from work and do some, if not all, of the items listed below:

  • Go on a fifty-mile bike ride. I should try to record my ride using my new Garmin Edge 500 computer. (I’d link to the computer on Garmin’s site but it’s an “older” model — didn’t get the 510 because deep down inside I’m cheap — and they choose to no longer show it.)
  • Go to the Braves game — it starts at 12:35pm!
  • Eat dinner at Der Biergarten (It’s my birthday choice, of course I would pick this place. Actually, I was going to go to dinner alone at a super-expensive restaurant, but this will be more fun.) downtown with my boss and some of his friends.

If I can’t be in Iowa having a great time I might as well make the best of being in Atlanta.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to The Last Day In My Forties

  1. Steve says:

    A very happy “last day of your 40’s”!! I hope you can get your bike ride in. Stacy and I are supposed to be meeting for lunch, perhaps you would like to join us?

    A fairly routine day yesterday. A tree fell somewhere and knocked out the power at the house- Ga Power was mostly quick on the trigger and we were back online in a couple hours. The only problem with the new house is when the power is off, so is the water- at least you will only get as much water as the pressure tank can push out from the well.

    Yesterdays Tour stage was very fun to watch, except because of the power outage, there was recording interruptus, so we were forced to watch “live” last night. The descent into Pau looked to be killer, as Garrant Thomas almost found out. A great quote from him yesterday:

    GAP, France (VN) — Moments after crossing the finish line, everyone was asking Geraint Thomas (Sky) if he was OK following his horrific crash on one of France’s most dangerous descents. A doctor asked him his name, and without batting an eye, Thomas replied, “Chris Froome.”

    Too F’n funny.


  2. I’ll have to pass on lunch. If it’s today, then I am too busy. If it’s tomorrow, I will be at the Braves game (weather permitting of course). Thanks though.

    I saw the crash that Thomas had and was certain that he’d probably be abandoning the race. When he finished I tweeted congratulations to his Twitter account. That is a brilliant response!

  3. bob says:

    Happy early birthday old man! 🙂

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

    i am becoming a huge Peter Sagan fan, that dude is just always having a good time. Check this out from yesterday.

    ‘In the mix zone after the podium protocols, an ebullient Sagan called out ‘Hello Froomey’, while the riders in the green and yellow jerseys enjoyed a brief moment of banter in between interviews, with Sagan telling Froome to flip his cap down before the duo went their separate ways.
    After the exchange, Sagan was asked why he went into the breakaway for a third straight day, replying because “I have big balls” leaving the interviewer stunned before letting out a nervous laugh and continuing on.’

  4. Steve says:

    You never want to see anyone crash and especially not off the road into god knows what. He was extremely lucky, and to only finish 40 seconds down to his group was nothing short of amazing. Adrenaline is a great accelerant!

  5. Oh to be Peter Sagan… young, athletic, well paid, and a fucking stud.

    Going off the road was bad enough, but hitting that telephone poll — especially with his head — is what concerned me most.

    I saw a photo from Barb of the pork chops I am missing out on in Iowa. (I’m sure she also posted it to the Facebooks) Man, they looked tasty.

  6. Steve says:

    “Pork chops…” (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound)

    Sagan genuinely looks like he’s having fun. He really is an “all rounder”.

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