Life Begins At 50?

Geez, I thought that I was ending mine yesterday…

If you remember back to Tuesday’s blog I mentioned going for a bike ride, going to the Braves game, and then going out to dinner with my boss and some of his friends. Two out three ain’t bad.

Fifty On My Fiftieth
Because I love ridiculous gimmick I decided that if I were going to ride then I should do fifty miles, and no fewer.

The first forty were fine, but the final ten were very difficult for me yesterday, having to stop momentarily no fewer than three times. I think that I went through more that four water bottles’ worth of water.

By the end I was spent.

Don’t Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Even before I arrived home I knew that going to the 12:10pm Braves game was out of the question. Had I arrived home, showered, and gotten into the M6 immediately I would have made it in time for the first pitch, but that was not going to happen.

Upon arriving home I plopped onto a towel I placed on my bed to allow my aching legs to recover. I proceeded to take a much-needed nap, and then just relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

What Soccer Games…
All along my plan for dinner was to go to Der Biergarten which is located downtown not far from CNN Center. It’s a German restaurant, I’ve obviously been taking German lessons since last year, and one of the people who was to join is from Germany so I was hoping to practice my German a little with her (turned out that she got stuck at work so she couldn’t make it.).

And then I started reading tweets about some soccer games that were going to be held at the Georgia Dome last night.

What the wha???

I called the restaurant to make a table reservation but was told that they weren’t taking reservations for the day.


In any other situation I would have pulled the plug on my plan to eat at Der Biergarten, but there were people I couldn’t contact so I decided to gamble and keep the plan.

Were it not for the stand-still traffic that I hit between Piedmont and the Georgia Aquarium the night went off with few hitches. The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived, we were sat immediately, and I ate a lovely German dinner with a few German beers.

Many Thanks To All Of You
Throughout the day I received texts and telephone calls wishing me a happy birthday. Thanks to each and every one of you!

And Before Turning Fifty
On Tuesday I wore my Black Sheep crew neck shirt to my German class. Before the class started the partner of one of my classmates stopped in our doorway and stared at me for a few seconds. And then he said “Are you a hasher?” to which I of course answered “Yes.” even though I’ve rarely hashed in the past four years. As I found out he is “Leaky Faucet” a mostly Pine Lake hasher.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Life Begins At 50?

  1. Steve says:

    I’m glad you survived your 50 for 50 ride. And until I got an email from the bus folks saying to expect delays due to basebal and soccer/football games downtown, I didn’t have a clue- at least until I got on the train south and met the folks who were carrying Mexican flags and had spray painted their hair rad, white, and green. Viva Mexico!

    While Debbie went out to dinner with friends, I watched the sad demise of TJ and his TdF dream. You know it has to suck to call it quits after over 2 weeks of racing. He tried to suck it up, but there is a limit to how much you can take. Chappeau!

    The rest of the stage was exciting as far as the descents, and Quintana wasn’t giving any quarter to the yellow jersey. Should be interesting today as well.

    Today, I’m taking a half day to go build a dance floor for a Highland Dance competition… oh joy.

    And happy birthday, plus one.


  2. Debbie says:

    Happy 50 and a day Paulie! To amuse myself I posted on your Facebook page yesterday. You had lots of nice messages you’ll probably never read …

    Went to dinner with some horse friends last night. It was an interesting group including Dr. Carole – media psychiatrist. I googled her this morning. Oy.if anyone has any paternity questions they want answered on tv, I can hook you up.

  3. Thanks.

    I never got around to watching yesterday’s stage. I arrived home from my ride a little after they finished theirs and just never got motivated to watch. I found out about TJ’s abandonment this morning when I looked at the standings.

    I just spoke with a coworker about people wishing me a happy birthday on FB. He asked “You’ll probably never see those, will you?” and all I could say was “Probably not.” In my delirious final ten miles I thought about resetting my FB password and blowing people’s minds by logging in. 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Clearly you were delirious.

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