Double Hump Day?

Git yer minds out the gutter! This is me we’re talking about.

Today I might try something I have not done in ages. Is your mind still in the gutter? If the weather permits, I will ride my bike twice in one day. I have already completed 25 miles this morning, I’m planning to ride another 25 miles after work. Why? Why not?

Something Almost Clicked Last Night
I almost felt as if I understood what we were doing in German class last night. Almost. Perhaps it was because most of the material we discussed was material we learned in A1.4, or perhaps the pace wasn’t as fast and furious as it has been in the previous three classes. Either way, it almost felt good. Almost.

Last night was also good because I ran into (figuratively) one of the young women who I’ve not seen since A1.3. She is a high school Spanish teacher who is two weeks away from moving to Austria to be with her Panamanian boyfriend; he’s an Olympic swimmer training with an Austrian coach. Oh to be young and in love, or at least to be young or in love again.

Something Up My Sleeve
Which is hard to do when wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt…

Last night I started to plan Vacation (#1?) 2016. I have started looking into a bicycle tour across Germany. This is what we mid-lifers do, right? We plan trips to other countries to do things that sound fantastical. I have plenty of time to do the research, and of course have no idea what lifestyle changes will occur between now and then.

My admission of this plan should explain my the need to train more during this Winter that I mentioned the other day.

Whose Birthday Is It Not Today?
Man, for years I have been wishing ITP-Reader Lisa a happy birthday on the day before her actually birthday. I feel like such an idiot. Oh well, better early than never, right?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Double Hump Day?

  1. Barb says:

    Started watching a new TV show on Netflix last night – The Fall. Serial killer, cop trying to get him…….. 3 episodes in, so far I like it.

    Besides that – nothing new.
    Decided we are kicking State Farm to the curb (they keep raising our premiums for no real reason) & switching insurance, probably USAA. Found all of our current policies & got a copy of Allan’s Dad’s honorable discharge ppwk, now just to get it done.

  2. I’ve been a State Farm customer for more than thirty years and am often tempted to switch. I tried switching in the mid-1990s but was told by other companies that they could not match State Farm’s prices. I looked into USAA once but wasn’t sure I qualified; my dad was in the Coast Guard in WWII but for some reason that didn’t qualify me?

    I’m also on edge with ADT because they keep raising my rates. I desperately need to think about switching to a different service and getting all-new hardware in the process.

    btw- how is the cabin that Sharon and Sam are selling?

  3. Barb says:

    You need honorable discharge ppwk, but no idea about the Coast Guard. I’d think that would still apply, but I know nothing.

    The cabin might be sold, I need to ask her. Its the cutest little thing, like an efficiency apartment, only “privacy” is the little bathroom. I think she bought for $60,000 a few years ago. Nice plot of land. They are closing on the new (much bigger) place this week.

  4. Steve says:

    I don’t think the screening is that rigorous. I have it, because the ex had it, although I would certainly qualify through my dad. I think the bar is set pretty low to keep the riffraff out.

    The new blades on the mower cut so nice- I don’t think the Ben Hilton has looked as good since dad stopped cutting it with a reel type mower. Which reminded me last night- Barb, what kind of mower are you guys using to cut the new sod? There is an old reel mower at the Ben Hilton which would really do a nice job- I think dad stopped using it because he couldn’t keep up with the walking. It could be yours if you were interested.

    I’m impressed that you’re attempting a double today. I thought about riding after I got home from mowing last night and the couch just held on tight.

    And the loggers may have moved on to greener pastures/forests as we don’t see them working across the street anymore. If they weren’t going to do the job, it certainly would have been polite to at least tell us. Stay tuned.


  5. Barb says:

    we just use a regular mower on the sod – it looks like normal real grass now………

    I haven’t felt like getting back on a bike yet – 411 miles – that was plenty last week.

    and – Sharon has sold the cabin

  6. Poop. Oh well, when I am forced to resign because my app won’t be “Feature Complete” by next Monday as mandated then I will be happy to have the extra cash.

  7. Barb says:

    just to make you feel better – not sure how well the internet works up there at Sharon’s cabin. I know Verizon had no signal……….. I think AT&T does, but not sure.

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