Ooof Dah

I never thought pulling off the double yesterday would be easy, but I wasn’t really prepared for it being so hard either. Perhaps what failed me the most however was my technology.

When I ride these days I have three, yes three, things keeping track of my ride. There’s the Wahoo Fitness (who I’m still trying to get to contact me) iPhone app; it records my ride as well as my heart rate but perhaps it’s biggest asset is that I can send my ride data to other services such as Strava, MapMyRide, or probably even Endomondo. There’s the Garmin bike computer; it records my ride and could also record my heart rate. And finally there’s my Apple Watch; it records my ride’s distance and the time I’ve been riding, perhaps its weakest feature is using the data once the ride has commenced.

Anyway, in one way or another each of these failed me to some degree last night; admittedly some because of user error. The Garmin computer didn’t reset the way I thought it had, so it never recorded any of the distance covered from my office to the bike store. The Apple Watch recorded all of my distance, but because it was running for the entire ten-fifteen minutes we waited at the bike store before riding again has an incorrect amount of time recorded. And finally, the Wahoo Fitness app, which I have set to go into pause mode when my speed decreases below 2 mph, when into pause mode as we waited for someone to rejoin our group, but then didn’t automatically go back into recording mode when the ride started again; I noticed it blinking “PAUSE” about five miles after restarting.

Three recording devices, all wrong. Dangen.

Even with these failures I managed to get in a second ride yesterday. I think my mileage for yesterday was about fifty miles. Yeah me!

My legs were trashed and I had a case of crankiness because I was hungry when I arrived home after 9pm last night. I emptied the M6 as quickly as I could, taking no fewer than five back-and-forth trips to do so, and then plopped down to eat my “dinner” of applesauce and Gatorade — those were the easiest and fastest things I could put into my stomach. After the initial hunger pangs were squelched I also ate a few pieces of cheese to finish off the evening. I was asleep before 10pm.

I’m Resting My Body Today, Will I Rest My Mind?
I’m on a self-imposed mandatory rest day today, unless of course we play trivia tonight and I can get to midtown early enough to walk down to Edgewood with ITP-Reader Stacy and Aron.

I’ve not heard discussion of trivia this week so I will be sending Stacy a text today for confirmation. On the one hand I really hope we play because I find it very enjoyable. On the other hand I could use a night at home. We’ll see.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Ooof Dah

  1. Steve says:

    What heart rate monitor connects to your phone. Mine is associated with a lovely Suunto watch Debbie gave me for Christmas many years ago and the belt is about on its last legs. I currently hold it closed with 2 safety pins and a velcro wire tie. I know my phone will let Endomondo track HR, but it takes a special sort of belt to talk to the phone.

    The loggers ain’t coming. The big boss said there wasn’t enought $$ left in the trees we didn’t mark, so they moved on. I think we might come back at them with a cash deal- it needs to be done and I nixed Debbies idea of pushing over and buring trees and all, instead of hauling the trunks to the mill. The carbon police would be after us for sure.

    As I won’t have a bike in Utah, I decided I better start running again and was pretty pleased with my run last night. I covered 3 miles and even with walk breaks felt pretty good. Barb, is TJ working? And for whom? I could borrow a neutral bike, but I’d never ask to borrow a team bike.


  2. I bought a Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitor; it connects to their app. I think some apps can also read Garmin and Polar HRMs.

    Today’s German Word of the Day is das Tranchiermesser — carving knife.

    Hey Barb, at what time will things get kicked off on Sunday?

  3. Barb says:

    TJ is definitely NOT going tto be in Utah – too much going on around here, plus Kevin, Katrina & the kids will be in Colorado, so we are all going out there to see them. (Allan & I fly out Friday evening 8/7, come home in hte morning Tuesday 8/11)

    So, our changing over to USAA has hit a slight snag, TJ has to be a member before we can. So, I’m trying to get him to give them a phone call, get his own account set up, so I can get our stuff all switched over. Hurry up & wait……..

    We are getting our country redneck on tonight – going to Toby Keith at Lakewood. I haven’t been to a concert at Lakewood in years & years, this should be fun!

  4. Barb says:

    ok – TJ just called, he’s got a USAA account, so we are good to go. Now I just need to find time to get it all set up.

  5. That’s definitely a stopper for me, my dad’s been dead for sixteen years so I doubt he could open an account anytime soon.

  6. Steve says:

    But your mom could…

  7. She might be too much of a skeptic. However I will discuss it with her.

  8. Barb says:

    oh, I’m pretty sure you can do it with a deceased relative that was in the military much easier, but if they are still alive, they have to have an account. Just like joining hte American legion, if we used my Dad or TJ, we had to have ppwk, if we used our grandparents name, there was nothing to do except put their name on the application.

    and, I still don’t want to ride my bike again yet.

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