Rough Riding

A little bit of a hiccup in my claim to complete health caused this morning’s ride to be a little more uncomfortable than a normal Monday morning ride, and this on top of riding forty yesterday…

The Power Of The Mention
Perhaps my hiccup this morning was because I so confidently declared that all was well last night at the sweet corn party held by ITP-Readers Barb and Allan.

This would not be the only time over the weekend that I was awestruck by the apparent power of the mention, however. Last week a coworker of mine mentioned the name of a very popular musical artist from the 1970s — Christopher Cross. Now I hadn’t thought of Christopher Cross in probably thirty years, but sure enough the mention of his name and a couple of his songs stuck in my head. Yesterday I watched last Friday night’s “The Tonight Show” in which Jimmy Fallon mentioned that this coming Thursday one of his guests will be none other than Christopher Cross. Weird.

Much Fun In Marietta
The Sweet Corn parties was much fun last night. All of the food was fantastic and I rather enjoyed the beers that I brought along with me.

Perhaps I had too much fun and that was another factor in my rough ride this morning? Nah!

Whoa, What Was That?
This morning’s ride also had something I hadn’t felt in some time, a chill in the air. After being stopped at a traffic light I started to pedal again only to have the sweat that accumulated while I waited to go instantly chilly. Normally this would feel really good but today it seemed to be a harbinger of what’s ahead.

There was also one other thing that I noticed for the first time today. Since riding with the Apple Watch I’ve figured out how to track my ride’s progress using it. I mentioned this last week when all of my technology failed on Wednesday night’s ride. Today whilst pedaling along I felt a double-buzz on my wrist. When I lifted my arm to see what it was all about I saw the message “Halfway There” on my wrist; I have to say that I thought that this was a nice message of encouragement.

Okay, time for me to prepare for meetings.

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3 Responses to Rough Riding

  1. Barb says:

    Glad you had a good time last night, and hope you feel better.

    Christopher Cross – now I have that damn Sailing song in my head.

  2. Yep, that’s been stuck in my head too.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry for the late entry on the blog. A long rainy day in beautiful Utah. Waking up to the prior champion Being popped for a doping violation was not a pleasant start.

    All in all a particularly uneventful time so far in Utah. Our accommodations are adequate, the crew has been good and except for the rain today’s racing was fairly exciting.

    I’ll try and be more timely and postings tomorrow. hope everyone has had a good day.


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