Another Busy Day

Oh boy, I do not enjoy having people bully me to get things done. I’m in the office early, hoping to get some things working today, and leave the office equally early.

I Accomplished Half Of My Desires Last Night
I went for my massage last night. Though it wasn’t the best one I have ever received it was nice to have an hour during which someone doted on me.

The second half of my evening didn’t go as planned because I had my bicycle with me yesterday and decided that I didn’t want to go to the west side of town with it. I wanted to try the popup restaurant called “Oddbird” that inhabits West Egg Cafe on Wednesday-Saturday nights. If I decide that I don’t want to cook tonight I will go there tonight.

Instead of going to Oddbird I headed back to East Atlanta where I ate a humungous burrito with some chips and salsa at Tomatillos. I’m still a bit uncertain about the change from order-at-the-register and have someone deliver your food to complete table service, but the guy who served me last night did an outstanding job, knowing when to come over to the table as well as brining be a second Coke without me having to ask for one, and I tipped him accordingly.

Even with the stress relief of getting a massage I decided upon arriving home that I was going to relax for the remainder of the evening. I laid on my bed and watched videos, I read a chapter of “Oliver Twist” as well as three of the chapters in my “English Grammar for Students of German” books.

Cooking Tonight?
If I get out of work when I hope to today I will be stopping at Kroger (or maybe even the East Atlanta Farmers Market) to pick up the vegetables I need to make jambalaya. I have chicken and sausage thawed, and I’m in the mood to eat some of my jambalaya.

Of course I say this now at almost 8:00am; by the time I leave the office I might need a drink instead.

One of the other things I hope to accomplish tonight is getting some personal coding done and ready for uploading to a website that can be seen by others. In this age of software development you have to get some of your work “out there” in order to be noticed. I want to be noticed.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    I need another massage really bad, my neck & left side is still not right after our trip to Iowa. Luckily, we have it scheduled for nesxt Wed. 8/12.

    We went over to check out Donna’s (aka Breaststroke) new house last night. She lives in the ‘hood now. She has a pool……….. We have 6 houses of hashers in the area, it is looking like the Halloween House Crawl can really happen up this way now. Might be a little long, but with the beer stops, does it really matter?

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