I’m Probably Too Late For Steve

Because I went out for a morning ride this morning I’m probably posting too late for Steve to read, even though he’s two time zones away.

A Bad First
This morning was the first time this Summer, while healthy, that I woke up on a scheduled-ride day and really didn’t want to go out. However, I did. The ride itself was good, if not unspectacular, but I finished my daily exercise before 9am again. I need to do this as many times as possible before the weather turns too cold for my weak mind to handle.

Of course I already know that I’ll have to skip next Monday’s scheduled ride because I’ll be getting my permanent crown installed (“installed” seems like a funny word for referencing something that’s body related).

A Bad First For A Good Reason
This morning I noticed that I’ve worn a hole in one of my pairs of cycling shorts. Given the location of the hole I wonder if the real culprit is the strap for my seat-pack that goes around the seat post. The only bright side to this is that it means I am riding enough to wear a hole in my shorts, even if they are one of the older pair of shorts in my collection.

A Good First
For the first time in ten years I will be getting a pleasure massage tonight. I know that it’s been ten years because the last time I got a massage strictly for pleasure was in Las Vegas on my fortieth birthday.

I’ve since had a few massages immediately after the bicycle accident four years ago, but they were only done on my legs and hips and were for therapeutic purposes.

I’m really looking forward to this tonight.

Okay, I’ve got stuff to work on in an attempt to hit my impossible schedule.

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3 Responses to I’m Probably Too Late For Steve

  1. Barb says:

    Now, saying you are getting a massage strictly for pleasure sounds almost like you are going to one of those places on Buford Hwy that will give you a happy ending. Just sayin………

  2. I’m aware of how it sounded, and specifically avoided using the terms “happy” and “ending” in my description. 😉

  3. Steve says:

    Fock, almost midnight there and I’m just getting to the blog.

    Matthew busche crashed out on a tough descent today. Nothing he can’t recover from before Worlds, but still not pretty.

    A longish transfer to the start through SLC morning rush tomorrow, so I should be asleep myself.


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