More Of The Same, A Little Of The Different

Slept later than I wanted this morning causing me to skip any ride I could have done; pity, it’s turned into a great morning for riding.

My commute to work this morning was horrible. After ten years I really shouldn’t be surprised about this. I’m going to have figure out how to prepare myself for success at changing this, given that I’m currently 0-for-3.

ITP Flickr Pic
Yet another shot from Saturday’s East Atlanta Twilight Criterium.
East Atlanta Crit

And Now For Something Different
This afternoon and all day tomorrow I will be attending Plywood Presents. I really can’t describe what the conference is about, and unfortunately I’ve lost the email that contains a really good and concise description. This is par for my life’s course at the moment.

Thinking About A Sabbatical
Would love one, but can’t imagine the costs involved.

Okay, I need to work lest I get a sabbatical imposed upon me…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to More Of The Same, A Little Of The Different

  1. Steve says:

    The yard in EP looks like hell after I butchered it yesterday. Apparently the “straightened” blade isn’t quite right and the 2 blades are not cutting at the same height. I love making extra work for myself. Maybe a new blade will fix it.

    We had dinner at the Brake Pad in College Park then headed home. This was an unexpected dinner, as I wanted to work out last night but a conflicting plan was hatched to meet Debbie’s friend Jill for dinner, who stood us up!! Grrr….

    There will be exercise tonight. And then chili dogs!! 🙂 My trip to the V for lunch yesterday left me unsatisfied.


  2. Steve, how far is the New Day Spa from the Wilson 100 route?

  3. Steve says:

    Still on the route- if you recall, the route goes South on 54 and turns left in Luthersville. Unless they have changed the course- I haven’t seen any fresh markings.

  4. Barb says:

    We went out driving around to reccy last night – as it was raining, then not, raining then not. Last time we did a trail around the house it was winter -not the middle of summer with all the kudzu & other weeds & things are growing. We will have to do some work friday afternoon/evening, or there will be more street than we’d like.

    Steve – CX bike could be interesting, especially if it rains much more. But – it all depends on your confidence & skill level. It could be done.

  5. Barb says:

    BTW Steve – you went to the Varsity yesterday? To see Jeb Bush?
    are you thinking Skyline chili dogs? yum…….

    Maybe Sunday after the hash you guys can come over for some Iowa Brats?
    I don’t want to invite the whole hash, & as far as I know, Breaststroke doesn’t have her grill back in working order (since the move), so we won’t have food there besides hash snacks.

  6. Steve says:

    I had been jonesing for a chili dog and decided to walk down the the V. This was all before I heard Jeb would be there. The place was deserted- too early for field trips from schools and apparently everyone else knew it was about to pour- except me. When I got up from my lunch I looked out the window and it was coming down in buckets. A quick check of the radar showed it moving wuickly, so I just waited it out.

    I don’t know who left the spices out of the chili, but it was as bland as could be. And the onion rings weren’t very greasy, so they had little flavor. Skyline should fix that tonight!

    And you could twist my arm for brats!!

  7. I’ll be more than happy to consume some Iowa brats. 🙂

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