Bad Paulie Has Returned

I skipped yesterday’s bike ride in order to work. I skipped this morning’s bike ride because I was too lazy to get out of bed.

To make matters worse I went to Taco Mac after work last night, and when I returned home it was so late that all I accomplished was reading a chapter in a book before falling asleep.

Maybe today will be better? Hope so, though I’m already knee-deep in work.

Haven’t found out about trivia tonight. If tonight’s gathering gets scrubbed I’ll try to convince myself to go out for an afternoon bike ride.

We’ll see.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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6 Responses to Bad Paulie Has Returned

  1. Steve says:

    And what was the news that was supposedly waiting at home yesterday?

    We are a definite maybe for trivia tonight. We made no allowances for hanging around here until it starts, and I’m not sure if I get home I will be too thrilled about driving back to town.

    And speaking of riding, I should have last night, but the couch had my name on it and after a little laundry, I was stuck in its vortex. Tonight should be a riding night.

    The barn plan is coming together… I have an $1100 material list, and that doesn’t count specialty pieces like doors and channel to form the walls. Or a roof!

    A contractor friend is hopefully coming down tomorrow to give me some guidance on connecting the wood headers to the metal building. That is the first step in this whole process.


  2. Still can’t divulge what’s going on.

    And trivia is on! We’re playing at Cameli’s in Little 5 Points, and it starts at 8pm.

  3. Steve says:

    Let me check with the mizzus after her fox hunt this morning. What’s the food like?

  4. Barb says:

    Good times Steve – building a barn! we have to get on the shed project when we get back from Oregon, that’s hte Sept project.
    And – speaking of a plan coming together, I think I have a tentative itinerary finally.

    Went to Tasty China with a group for Peter’s (aka GE) delayed 40th birthday. He was in the Czech Republic for a Internaltional Mtn Bike Orienteering thing for his actual birthday. He just ordered a whole bunch of food, nothing too new & different, all of course very tasty.

    Tonight – the in-laws are coming over for dinner- since we haven’t seen them since Colorado. and – I need to start packing, gotta find hash clothes as well as regular clothes for this trip. We decided with the 2 free bags from my Delta AmEx, we are going to take an empty wine box to fill to bring back……. save us $3 or whatever a good box will cost out there.

  5. Only been once. I had an enormous slice of pizza (think Adam’s from the old days) and enjoyed it.

  6. Steve says:

    Adam’s!! Ummmm…. now if they only had hand made potato chips..

    My contractor buddy should guide me on the header, so after that, I think we’ll be ready to go- I’ll start the framing and then order the roofing. The place we bought the roof for the Gordon Rd. barn has gone away, but there are a couple places over the border that are still working.

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