Hoping Tonight Is A BIG Night

Going for a ride after work, but the real important stuff begins when I arrive home tonight. Of course I can’t tell you what I’m planning…

I’m reminded of the saying “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” And that’s all I can say today.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Hoping Tonight Is A BIG Night

  1. Steve says:

    A good run at lunch yesterday over the same course as Friday- I felt much better.

    Dinner in Norcross with a smaller meeting of the Games playa’s. Since we’re now meeting almost weekly, no need to attend every meeting, but I thought I would at least meet beforehand. Then the lovely drive home- almost 2 hours for 75 miles. I flipped a coin and went through town, perhaps 285 would have been a better choice, but I thought by 7 most of the traffic would be gone. Hah!

    I pulled the trigger on an expanded sports package for Direct TV. For $14 we will now get a bunch more stations we’ll never watch just so we can have Universal Sports. Seems like a hellava way to run a railroad, but what can you do.


  2. Wait, you went back to satellite and didn’t get DISH?!?!? 😛

    The service providers will tell you that a la carte pricing is cost-prohibitive and that you will spend as much, if not more, with that structure.

    The shit that hit my fan this morning has been redirected. However this doesn’t make up for ruining what was going to be a relaxing and lovely breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen. Instead I wound up wolfing down my food so that I could come into the office sooner.

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah, I know all about that BS of ala carte pricing. What “they” don’t want you to know is they are completely capable of selling both packages and ala carte. That way, you still support the majority of the programming and pay extra for the one off’s, like Universal Sports. I might have been willing to pay $5 a month just for US, which is surely more that they pay per subscriber for it. Apparently, that model is too complicated…

    Don’t get me started… 🙂

  4. Barb says:

    I’ve realized today that I don’t think we’ve ever done a vacation where we have no place to be at all for 5 days. Trying to figure out where to do, what to see in Oregon is overwhelming. There are so many cool places I’d like to see.
    but – I’m slowly getting there……..

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