My Last Ride Of The “Summer”

I know that officially Summer doesn’t end until sometime in September but as far as I am concerned it ends on Labor Day. Pity, I rather enjoyed my summer — except for the whole parasite causing me to skip Iowa thing.

I rode this morning and could feel the chill in the air again even though the thermometer claimed that it was 69° F. Regardless, I had a fantastic ride to wrap up my Summer Season.

People Who Perform Music They Didn’t Create
On Friday night I joined ITP-Reader Terri and her friends for a double-shot of cover bands at The EARL. The opener was called “Zen Arcade”, a rather uncreative name for a Hüsker Dü cover band, but they performed the songs of my favorite band quite well. The headliner was called “Clashtinista”, obviously a Clash cover band; they too were really good.

I finished my night with one more beer at The Midway Pub and returned home some time around 1:30am.

I wonder why I overslept and didn’t ride my bike on Saturday?

People Who Perform Music They Did Create
What I did do on Saturday was a lot of vehicle washing, and some yard maintenance. I washed the mud from the Wheelhopper hash off my mountain bike, I washed the dirt and grime of my road bike, and then I washed the M6.

And then I did yard work.

Because I’m headed out of town on Wednesday I wanted to ensure that the grass isn’t too tall when I return, and because rain was in the forecast for yesterday I needed to do it on Saturday.

I mowed the lawn and edged the front curb. Unfortunately, near the end of the edging I noticed that my string trimmer was leaking gas; the gas line had cracked from old age.

I went to Lowes yesterday and left with a quandary. Do I spend $11 to buy a new gas line and fuel filter and hope that I can actually replace each, or should I spend $60 to buy a new electric string trimmer? I don’t use the string trimmer that often, so I don’t know if I need the power of the old Ryobi that I currently own, and I’d be doing the environment a favor by converting from gas to electric as well.

After my morning/afternoon of maintenance I took a shower and a little nap before heading over to Grant Park for the Summer Shade Festival. By the time I arrived most of the merchants had closed shop, which didn’t concern me all that much since I was there for one purpose — to see/hear Jason and the Scorchers perform.

As I mentioned on Friday I first saw the band perform thirty years ago on the campus of the University of South Florida. The crowd on Saturday night was much older (just as I am) and much smaller. However it did include some hashing friend Blue Ball Special and Bone Hole, so I wasn’t there alone.

The band put on a really fun show, playing songs from their entire catalog. During the show Jason Ringenberg, the lead singer, chatted with the audience, even making a joke that their 2015 tour started and ended on Saturday.

I left Grant Park pleased that I was able to see the band perform again. [side note: I’m certain that I saw them perform in the mid 1990s as well shortly after I moved to Atlanta. If memory serves me well they played at The Roxy.]

Ein Rat? Wirklich?
Upon returning home from the concert on Saturday night I was greeted by something I never hope to see near my house again — a rat! Yep. Two weeks ago it was an opossum, this week it was a rat. The feral cat that I allow to live in my yard has some ‘splaining to do…

I’m No Longer A Krog Street Market Virgin
Yesterday afternoon I made my first trip to Krog Street Market. My mission was to eat at Fred’s Meat and Bread. Though expensive ($11.50) the bacon cheeseburger I ordered was fantastic. Fred’s also has an eclectic variety of sodas — in case you didn’t know I am always on the lookout for sodas that I have never previously consumed — for the first time in my life I drank a Dang That’s Good Red Cream Soda. Oh snap, had Fred’s had the Dang That’s Good Italian Cherry Soda I so would have ordered that as well…

And that was my weekend. Hope yours was as equally entertaining, minus the rat of course.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to My Last Ride Of The “Summer”

  1. Steve says:

    I nice CX bike ride Friday which almost led to my demise- I was going down a 1 lane gravel road while a pickup truck was coming up way too fast. We were both surprised to see one another, but managed to avoid any intersecting of our respective vehicles.

    Saturday, I thought I would sleep in while Debbie went off to hunt the foxes. Unfortunately, Phinney lost a shoe, and another rider was also impaired in some manner. They both came to the house and Debbie woke me and asked me to drive to bring the trailer back so I could give the young lady and her horse a ride back while she drove the tractor over for some later trail maintenance. I hopped out of the bed and played hero to the cute redhead with the nice English accent and her horse. The trail maintenance was fun, right until is started pouring down on us. We were not in covered vehicles, so were quite soaked.

    Sunday, a slow start because of the rain- off to breakfast, then to Lowes for some ideas for the barn, as well as some other thing including a brand new palm nailer!! Happy early birthday, honey!! Yesterday also included 30 minutes of running and 15 minutes on the trainer!

    The schedule for the barn may preclude riding BBR, but we’ll see…


  2. Jenka says:

    We were at the SSF on Saturday, too. I don’t know who that band is, but we were at the main stage until about 10-10:30 and then we left. Laura and Jerry were there but they had to leave early for a party.

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Bummer, I wish I had run into y’all.

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