Another Boring Evening

I worked until 6:30pm before scooting out to do laundry in preparation of my departure tomorrow.

Oh, blogging will be a bit scant from tomorrow until next Wednesday. I will be tooling around Portland Wednesday and Thursday, and then playing hashing games from Friday through Monday. Monday’s return flight will be on the redeye so I doubt that I will be in a blogging condition on Tuesday morning.

It all seems so complicated at the moment.

You Can’t By Just One, Or Two Pair For That Matter
I went into Target yesterday afternoon to buy a pair of shorts to wear last night while doing laundry because I forgot to pack a pair. It’s a long story about my lifestyle, just go with this.

In addition to the shorts I also wanted to pick up a pair or two of black, ankle-length athletic socks.

You know what, you can’t buy just one or two pair of socks any longer, you have to buy a pack of at least four. Of course for the socks I wanted I could find packages containing no fewer than six pairs of socks, and the package I walked away with also contained two “bonus” pairs of socks.

I went in looking for two pair and walked out with eight pair. ‘merica!

“That’s A Nice Bike, It Looks Expensive”
I made an error in judgement last night by taking my bike out of the trunk and locking it to the bike rack before I started laundry last night. After putting clothes into the washer I sat outside and started reading “The Martian” on my Kindle. At one point a guy walked by me and asked “Is that your bike?” to which I said “Yes.” and he retorted “That’s a nice bike, it looks expensive.” to which I tried to cooly reply “Thanks, not really.” Having someone eye my bicycle and comment on how expensive it looks is not exactly the sentiment I was hoping to generate.

In the future I think that I will keep my bike in the trunk if I happen to ride on a laundry night.

Ich muss heute Abend meinen Koffer packen
(I must pack my suitcase tonight.)

But before I can pack tonight after German class I need to figure out what the heck I need to pack for this trip.

Since this will be a relatively short trip I have decided to stay in Portland for the entire trip, as opposed to travelling to other cities.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Another Boring Evening

  1. Steve says:

    “The bike is expensive, and so is the .45 in my hand for the first MF who I see eyeballing it.”

    We had left the tractor at Bear Creek Saturday, not wanting to drive it home in a pouring rain, so last night we went to pick it up- my running (I didn’t know the way) and Debbie riding Phinney. Phinney didn’t really understand what was going on, but wanted to be next to me as I ran. That really doesn’t work on trails where I have to pick my way sometimes, so he followed. Driving the tractor back made me realize just how rough a ride can be without suspension! We were on some poor trails and it was occasionally painful! I now feel better that the tractor is home.

    Another brontosaurus sized T-bone last night for dinner. TASTE-TEE! I might be a carnivor yet.

    Happy September!


  2. Just checked in for tomorrow’s flight — I guess I’m going. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    That’s a good plan, as I think you need some time away from the nuthouse that is work these days. Debbie has an aunt that we need to go visit. I hear Oregon is beautiful and have always wanted to go, so I’m a bit jealous.

  4. Barb says:

    Hi from just outside of Hood River. Did an awesome hike this morning in the Columbia River Gorge. Now to hopefully check in to the motel early & go find some breweries or wineries or both

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